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Why The Pentacle Is The Strongest Pagan Symbol In The World

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For those who have never been part of a witch community, or never had a witchy friend, the pentacle might seem scary.

Through popular media and religious discrimination, this ancient symbol has been twisted into a symbol of evil.

What does the pentacle stand for or symbolize?

The pentacle represents the elements, manifestation, the divine feminine, the human form, celestial power, and protection.

How the pentacle represents the elements: Each point of the star represents one of the major elements in nature: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

How the pentacle represents manifestation: The circle around the pentagram is a manifesting tool that acts as a portal for spirits and divine energy. It also helps to manifest things you desire, such as love and wealth.

How the pentacle represents the divine feminine: Some say the pentacle represents the womb because of the open center.

How the pentacle represents the human form: Two legs. Two arms. One head. The star looks like the human body, and thus can be used to represent a person in spells.

How the pentacle represents celestial power: A star within a circle can be seen as a star within the shape of a moon. Because of this, it can invoke the energy of the universe and the stars.

How the pentacle represents protection: All of the energies and symbols of the pentacle come together to represent powers that can be used to protect you from outside influences and even yourself.

Pentacle candle holder surrounded by tarot cards on a light blue background

The pentacle is a pentagram, or five pointed star, that is surrounded by a circle.

The pentagram itself has 5 points, and is thus tied to our 5 fingers and toes, our 5 main senses, and the 5 main stages of life (birth, childhood, adolescence, parenthood / adulthood, and death).

The circle represents unification, infinity, and oneness with everything.

It can also represent the Earth or any of the planets, the sun, the moon, or even the wheel of the year.

The pentacle packs so much symbolism into such a simple shape, which is why it is such a powerful symbol that has endured through the ages.

How Can A Pentacle Protect You?

When worn, a pentacle can protect you from psychic vampires, curses, hexes, and negativity.

It’s also a must-have symbol to protect empaths or anyone that may have a psychic sense.

It allows such people to control their abilities and bind themselves to reality instead of floating off into the lives and emotions of others.

Conjuring the dead, spirits, or deities can be frought with peril. Casting a circle and then a pentagram within it can protect you from any malevolent spirits or the wrath of a deity.

In this way, it can also help you to exert more power over that which you are summoning, so if you summon a demon it is less likely to backfire on you.

For constant protection, you can do what the Winchester brothers did and get a pentacle tattoo!

This will protect your body in life and in death, though it may make some spirit work difficult.

Where you put pentacles for protection depends on your needs.

The power of your pentacles will change based on the materials it is made from.

A pentacle made from sticks from the forest will conjure more Earth elemental power than one made from silver.

If you want to learn how to make pentacle jewelry, these charms on Etsy are a great place to start.

With just some string or a chain, you’ll have an easy protection charm.

Wooden handmade pentagram on a witch's book of shadows on a table surrounded by an egg shell, norse runes, an amethyst crystal ball, candles, a quartz crystal ball, plants, feathers, healing crystals, and lavender

What Does The Reversed Pentacle Represent?

You may be thinking to yourself, “If the upright pentacle represents all of those good things, then the reversed symbol must be evil!”

Life would be easier if everything were so simple, but the reversed pentacle isn’t necessarily evil.

While the symbol has been adopted by those that would like it to represent evil, the true value of any symbol is how you personally use it.

In my experience, the reversed pentacle is simply different from the upright version.

Instead of protection, it symbolizes chaos and wild abandon.

It’s useful in spells where you need things to go a little out of control.

For instance, if you wanted to generate a huge pile of money, would you want that to happen in a trickle of $1 a day?

You’d spend it easily!

But if you use a reversed pentacle in that spell, it will rev the universe’s engines and tell it that you’re ready to break some eggs to make an omelet.

Essentially, a reversed pentacle behaves like rocket fuel.

It gives a huge, dangerous burst of energy that might burn some stuff, but you’ll get to the moon in the end!

But this is just how the symbol behaves for me.

I like to work with chaos, but some people don’t.

How the reversed pentacle will work for you will depend on how you see the world.

If you see the reversed pentacle as dangerous or evil, then you should avoid it, because it is such a powerful symbol that it will powerfully represent danger and evil!

A feather upon a witch's book of shadows with hebrew letters and a pentagram on top of a wooden table with occult symbols scratched into it.

The Quick History of Pentacles

Pentacles were first depicted in the 1500s within grimoires called the Heptaméron and the Key of Solomon.

Pentacles as a symbol of paganism were popularized by Gerald Gardner, who took his concept of pentacles in large part from the 1909 Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck.

Of course, he made the common error of assuming a pentacle and a pentagram are the same thing, but that inaccuracy isn’t relevant in the modern world.

The word was first used in 1561, and comes from a French word that meant “talisman”.

In its original etymological form, it came from words that denoted a pendant or charm worn around the neck.

The star within the circle, the pentagram, dates back much farther than the star within the circle.

In fact, it dates as far back as 8000 years ago.

It was a symbol used in many religions, from Christianity to Islam, and many nations, like Ethiopia and Jerusalem.

Even the golden ratio was influenced by the pentagram.

The Pythagoreans saw the pentagram as a form of mathematical perfection and used the pentagram to identify themselves while they were in hiding.

And yes, you read right: the pentagram was a symbol found on jewelry, amulets, and battle attire that belonged to the early Christians.

Why Do Witches Wear A Pentacle?

Witches wear a pentacle to protect themselves from outside energies, to have more power in their magick, and because it is recognized as a symbol of witchcraft.

Is the pentacle bad? Is it good? It’s neither.

The pentacle is a neutral symbol that can be used to curse or to bless, to protect or to harm.

It is a powerful symbol in magick that can be used to enhance any spell, or to protect the person casting the spell.

If you need to call upon the elements or perform a dangerous spell, wearing a pentacle talisman or drawing a protective pentacle around you can help.

Before you go, I do sell a really beautiful pentacle necklace.

It’s the perfect way to start wearing pentacles for protection!

A red and blue reversed pentagram on a black background

Wearing Pentacles As Necklaces

When you need to banish negative energy, your pentacle amulet should be the first thing you try.

There’s a reason it is the most recognizable symbol for witches, pagans, and Wiccans.

A pentacle necklace will absorb negative thoughts and energies, and effectively raises your vibrations.

Pentacles represent abundance in tarot card decks, which makes pentacle amulets a great choice for anyone who practices the law of attraction or is trying to manifest wealth.

Your pentacle amulet can be on a soft leather cord or a chain of the same color as the amulet.

Leather and metal are both durable materials that will last a long time if properly cared for.

You don’t want your protection talisman to fall off your neck because of a broken chain or cord, so make sure it is hanging on a material that is in good condition.

It’s best if your pentacle necklace lands on or near your heart, so that it can protect your emotions and feelings from negativity.

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