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Willow: The Healing Tree in Magic and Folklore

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Willow is a tree that has been revered in many cultures and traditions for its healing properties and its association with lunar energy and feminine power. It is often used in rituals and spells related to love, healing, and protection, and it is considered to be a powerful tool for divination and prophecy.

In ancient Egypt, willow was used to make wands for healing rituals. In traditional Chinese medicine, willow bark is used to relieve pain and fever. In European folklore, willow is often associated with love and protection. In some Native American cultures, willow is used in rituals for healing and protection.

Willow has a long history of use in healing and medicine. The ancient Egyptians used willow bark to treat headaches and other ailments. The ancient Greeks used willow bark to treat fever and pain. In the 19th century, willow bark was used as a natural source of salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient in aspirin. Today, willow bark is still used in some alternative medicine practices to relieve pain and inflammation.

The Healing Properties of Willow

Willow bark contains salicin, which is converted into salicylic acid in the body. This compound is believed to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Willow bark is often used to relieve headaches, muscle pain, and menstrual cramps. It is also used to reduce fever and to treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the medicinal benefits of willow bark. One study found that willow bark was as effective as aspirin in relieving pain and reducing fever. Another study found that willow bark was effective in reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis. While more research is needed, these studies suggest that willow bark may be a useful natural remedy for pain and inflammation.

Many people have reported experiencing the healing benefits of willow. Some people have used willow bark to relieve headaches and muscle pain, while others have used it to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Some women have used willow to relieve menstrual cramps and other menstrual symptoms. While these personal anecdotes should be taken with a grain of salt, they do suggest that willow may be a powerful healing tool.

White willow bark has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief. It is the original technique used before aspirin became available to the public, and some people still choose to use it today.

The Black Willow tree has also been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, including gonorrhoea, ovarian pain, and nocturnal emissions. In addition to its medicinal properties, Black Willow is also known for its ability to act as a sexual sedative. Its calming effects can help reduce stress and anxiety, allowing people to relax and enjoy more fulfilling intimate experiences.

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Willow in Magic and Folklore

In many traditions, willow trees are associated with lunar energy and feminine power. The tree’s ability to bend and sway with the wind is seen as a symbol of the fluidity and flexibility of the feminine. Its association with water is also seen as a representation of the emotional and intuitive aspects of femininity. Additionally, the willow’s connection to the moon is often used in lunar magic and rituals.

Willow is often used in divination and prophecy, particularly in relation to love and relationships. Its branches can be used as divining rods, and its leaves can be used to make a tea for scrying. Some cultures believe that if you sleep with a willow branch under your pillow, you will dream of your true love.

Willow trees are often used in rituals and spells related to love, healing, and protection. In many cultures, willow is believed to have powerful protective properties and is often used in spells and rituals to ward off negative energy and harm. The tree is also associated with the lunar energy and feminine power, making it a popular choice for rituals and spells related to love and relationships.

In divination and prophecy, willow is often used as a tool for scrying, a method of divination where a person looks into a reflective surface to gain insight and foretelling. The flexibility and pliability of willow branches make them ideal for creating divination tools such as wands or besoms (a broom used for ritual cleaning).

Native Americans have long used willow in their Sacred Pipes and tobacco blends due to its believed ability to send messages to the Great Spirit.

Willow wands are used by witches to direct energy and cast spells. The wand is believed to be a powerful tool for connecting with the spiritual realm, and its flexibility allows it to absorb and direct energy more easily than other materials.

Willow trees are known to be tied to moon magic and feminine power. 

Using Willow in Your Practice

Tips for incorporating willow into your magical or spiritual practice:

  • If you are looking to use willow in your magical practice, it is important to approach the tree with respect and reverence. Take the time to connect with the tree and ask for its permission before harvesting any branches or leaves.
  • One way to incorporate willow into your practice is by creating a wand or besom using the branches. These tools can be used in rituals and spells for protection, divination, and purification.
  • Willow bark and leaves can also be used to create infusions and decoctions, which can be used in rituals and spells related to healing, love, and protection.
  • Additionally, carrying a small piece of willow wood or wearing jewelry made from willow can serve as a reminder of the tree’s protective energy and can serve as a talisman.

Information on where to find willow and how to prepare it for use:

  • Willow can be found growing near bodies of water, such as rivers and streams. It is also commonly found in wetland areas.
  • When harvesting willow branches, it is important to do so in a sustainable way and to only take what is needed. It is also important to only harvest branches that are already fallen or prune branches in a way that does not harm the tree.
  • To prepare willow for use, the branches can be dried and then used in various ways such as weaving or carving. The bark can also be stripped and dried for later use in infusions and decoctions.

Suggestions for willow-based sympathetic magic for various intentions:

  • For protection: Create a wand or besom using willow branches and use it to clear negative energy from your home or sacred space.
  • For love and relationships: Soak willow leaves in water overnight and use the infused water to anoint yourself or your partner before performing a love spell or ritual.
  • For healing: Create an infusion or decoction using willow bark and leaves and use it to cleanse and purify your body and spirit.


Willow is a tree with a rich history and significance in magic and folklore. Its healing properties, associations with lunar energy and feminine power, and role in divination and prophecy make it a valuable addition to any magical or spiritual practice.

Willow is a versatile tree that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your practice. From creating divination tools to using its medicinal properties, the tree offers many benefits that can aid in healing, protection, and love.

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