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10 Herbs For The New Moon: Summoning New Beginnings With Herbal Magic

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The new moon is a powerful time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and setting intentions. It is the perfect time to create a sacred space and perform new moon rituals to connect with the lunar cycle and the energy of the moon.

One of the most beautiful ways to do this is by using herbs, both fresh and dried, to infuse your space with positive energy and promote emotional healing. Herbs can be used in a variety of ways, including teas, essential oils, flower essences, and even lip balms.

New moon energy reflects the energy of the waxing moon, which is associated with growth, fertility, and abundance. It is also about new beginnings and leaving the past behind, when we plant new seeds. This is a good time to manifest a new job, a new project or hobby, a new relationship, or a new life.

Using plant allies in this process, such as herbs, can help to bring your intentions to life.

In this post, we will explore 10 herbs for the new moon and how you can use them in your own rituals to summon new beginnings and bring positive changes into your life.

Chamomile for Promoting Inner Peace

Chamomile is a calming and restorative herb that can be a great help when promoting inner peace and relaxation during difficult times. It is especially effective during the new moon, when its soothing nature helps to soothe the nervous system, reduce stress levels, and create mental stillness. Chamomile can be enjoyed as a soothing and comforting tea, added to an aromatic bath for added relaxation effects, or incorporated into an essential oil blend.

When feeling anxious or overwhelmed, chamomile can be a great support in finding moments of tranquility throughout the day. Unwinding with a cup of chamomile tea or adding it to your bath routine allows you to tap into its calming influences, enabling the body and mind to relax and find balance once more. Taking time out for some quiet self-reflection through meditation with chamomile as your companion can be an incredibly nourishing experience that sets you up for success on all levels.

In summary, chamomile is an gentle yet powerful herb that holds extraordinary potential in helping us find inner peace and balance. Whether enjoyed in its natural form or through aromatherapy blends, chamomile’s calming qualities serve to relax both body and mind at any given moment of need.

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Rosemary for Protection

Rosemary is an all-powerful herb that can be employed in a variety of ways to benefit your life. Commonly used for purification and protection, as well as to increase mental clarity, rosemary makes an especially beneficial addition to any new moon ritual. Burning the aromatic herb as incense or using it to craft your own ritual oil blend adds a special something to your magical recipe. Additionally, including it in your tarot card readings can provide you with more insightful, accurate results.

Not only does rosemary have powerful spiritual qualities, but it also acts as a shield against negative energy and evil spirits – making it a must-have element of your new moon rituals if you’re starting something new or embarking on a journey. So when the next new moon approaches, remember to leave room for rosemary in your practice and let its protective nature help guide and guide you forward!

Sage for Purification

The new moon is a time of fresh beginnings, and what better way to embrace this than by using the purifying properties of sage? This popular herb has long been known to cleanse negative energies and restore emotional balance.

For your ritual, you can burn sage incense, incorporate it into a ritual bath or brew a tea with this powerful herb. Using sage during your new moon ritual will help clear away any lingering negativity and infuse your space with positive energy.

Use the cleansing properties of sage to make a spiritual reset and start anew. This ancient herb will gently transform any dark energy that lingers in your space, preparing you for the wonderful intentions you have set for yourself under the light of the new moon.

Lavender for Relaxation

Lavender is a must-have for those engaging in new moon rituals and work with witchcraft. This calming herb has a long history of providing its user with mental, psychological and physical relaxation – making it the ideal accompaniment during this time of intention setting. Lavender can be brewed into comforting tea, added to a luxurious bath or used as an essential oil blend – all which are perfect for alleviating stress and creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Moreover, lavender provides deep sleep for those experiencing restlessness or fatigue – empowering its user with deep restoration that only this gentle herb can offer. Whether used bare or incorporated into ritual practices, lavender contributes to a much needed sense of peace and balance both spiritually and physically. This is why it has been used throughout the ages in enchanting rituals and will continue to be integral in magical workings around the world.

Mint for Clear Intention Setting

Mint is an herb associated with new moon rituals, especially in the practice of witchcraft. It is said to bring clarity to intentions and enhance creativity. When you need fresh ideas and energy to face upcoming projects, mint can be an excellent addition to your ritual.

Mint can come in many forms that make it great for any kind of ritual. You might add it as a tea before starting your new moon intentions; draw a warm bath using its essential oils to breathe in its refreshing scent; or utilize it through a blend of essential oils that can give further oomph to your power spell. All of these methods offer natural ways to nurture your physical body as well as energize creativity.

Whichever way you choose, mint’s ability to awaken intention setting during the new moon will keep you on track and inspired throughout the entire lunar cycle.

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Thyme for Mindfulness and Meditation

Using herbs in witchcraft and new moon rituals is a great way to encourage introspection and focus. Thyme is a particularly wonderful herb for this purpose. This fragrant herb is said to stimulate mental clarity and help you stay dedicated to your intentions. It can be brewed into a calming tea, added to a relaxing bath, or used in an essential oil blend for its soothing effects.

Whether you’re casting new moon spells or simply wishing upon the stars, including thyme in your rituals can bring about positive results. Taking just a few moments of mindful meditation with thyme can provide clarity and focus as it encourages self-reflection. The presence of this aromatic herb helps promote an atmosphere that allows you to create whatever reality you wish to manifest during the new moon cycle.

Oregano: Used to Promote Joy and Optimism

Oregano is a versatile herb with a long history of use in witchcraft and performing rituals; it is especially potent during new moon ceremonies. If you are looking to bring more joy and optimism into your life, integrating oregano into the ceremony can help you release negative thoughts and emotions while encouraging happiness and hope.

When using oregano in your new moon rituals, there are many ways to harness its potential power; consider brewing it into a tea or diffusing an essential oil with oregano as the main ingredient. Additionally, you have the option of placing a sprig of oregano in your sacred space or creating an oil specifically for ritual use incorporating oregano.

To obtain the most benefit from this herb’s power, take some moments before commencing any ritual to focus on your intentions for the month ahead while taking deep breaths and inviting the energy of the oregano to surround yourself.

Sweetgrass: Used to Enhance Creativity and Positivity

Sweetgrass is an excellent herb to include in new moon rituals and witchcraft. It is said to increase creativity, positivity, and draw in positive energy while warding off any negative vibes or evil spirits. To bring the herb’s power into your new moon rituals, you can weave a sweetgrass braid or smudge stick to use for cleansing your sacred space. You can also add sweetgrass to a tea infusion or make it into a ritual oil.

In order to make the most of this herb’s magical properties, focus on its scent as you center yourself and call upon the energy of the new moon. Take deep breaths and feel the sweetgrass energies fill your body with its calming aroma as you think about what goals and intentions you want to manifest over the following weeks ahead.

Let the sweetgrass carry these intentions with it as you move through your ritual practice or simply use it as a powerful reminder whenever unsure of which directions to take. This herb is a valuable asset that can help guide many aspects of your spiritual journey.

Peppermint for Vitality and Renewal

Using peppermint in your rituals during the new moon phase is a beautiful way to absorb the lunar energy and learn from it. The new moon’s energy can be powerful and can help you evoke change in everyday life. Plant material, such as peppermint, has traditionally been used as part of this process for centuries to bring about renewal of vitality.

Peppermint is known for its refreshing and invigorating properties, making it a perfect choice when seeking balance in your emotional body. When using peppermint in your rituals during the new moon phase, consider adding it to a tea, diffusing it via essential oil or including it into a lip balm. You could also craft a ritual oil featuring peppermint as its main component or place some sprigs of peppermint into your sacred space – take deep breaths and let the scent lift up your energies as you merge with new moon’s energy and focus on setting intentions that will last throughout the month until moving into waxing moon phase.

It is an excellent opportunity to reflect upon yourself while embracing good times. Make the most of this quiet time by engineering positive waves around you with the help of plant material like peppermint – letting its vibrant energy fill you so that it carries along with you in everyday life!

Mugwort for Dreams and Visions

The new moon is a great time to focus on self-reflection and dreaming. One particular herb that can help aid this journey is Mugwort, which has a long history of use in magic rituals and plant medicine. For those looking for guidance and clarity, Mugwort is the perfect herb to use with its powerful tools of stimulating the subconscious mind and promoting intuition.

When performing new moon rituals, there are many ways to incorporate Mugwort into your practice. Try making tea or smudging with the dried leaves as an act of cleansing your sacred space, or adding a few drops of mugwort essential oil to a carrier oil for ritual anointing. You can also place a piece of Mugwort under your pillow for further dream enhancement. As you perform the ritual, remember to set your intentions and focus on the energy of the new moon, allowing yourself to be open to any good news or insights that come through in your dreams.

Mugwort is one of our favorite herbs to use when engaging in new moon rituals and witchcraft as it provides powerful tools for dreaming and connecting with our intuitive selves. Incorporating different herbs during our practices can help us deepen our connection with nature and understand ourselves more deeply.


The new moon is a powerful time for setting intentions and creating the life you want. Incorporating herbs into your rituals and witchcraft is a great way to tap into this energy and create positive changes in your life. Whether it’s chamomile to help find inner peace, rosemary to bring protection, or mugwort to improve dream clarity; there’s an herb out there that can be beneficial for any intention.

Creating a sacred space for your rituals and focusing on your intentions is key for manifesting what you truly desire.

If herbal teas are more up your alley, during the dark moon phase it’s recommended to drink chamomile tea to enhance relaxation and increase spirit-awareness. This helps one connect with their higher self while allowing lightness of heart to come in.

Rosemary tea can provide protection against any negativity that may try to interfere with one’s dreams or desires while bringing clarity of thought as well as courage when needed. Lastly, drinking mugwort tea during the waning moon cycle can help us better interpret our dreams during this time by increasing lucidity.

Using fresh herbs like these during the waxing phase of the moon cycles may increase their potency if procured from the wild or a reliable source and added into sacred space rituals timely.

Incorporating herbs into witch craft ceremonies not only allows for energy transformation but also aids in connecting us to nature at its most potent level thus opening up new pathways of understanding infinite possibilities available within ourselves when we seek supernatural guidance from beyond traditional ways of being through herbalism practices and metaphysical sciences alike.

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