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10 Essential Herbs and Plants for the Sea Witch

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A sea witch knows the hidden powers dwelling within ocean plants and shoreline foliage. From marine algaes to coastal wildflowers, these herbs and plants perfectly enhance spells and rituals for the water-aligned practitioner.

The domain of the sea witch extends beyond the waves to the rocky shores and coastal habitats near the ocean’s edge. Here a bounty of magical herbs and plants dwell, from shoreline grasses to bluffs dotted with wildflowers. The sea witch incorporates these oceanic botanicals into rituals, spellcrafting, potion-making and sacred decor.

Let’s dive into 10 top options for the sea witch’s herbal arsenal!

1. Kelp

  • A type of brown algae that grows in cool, shallow ocean waters
  • Often used dried in spells, potions, sachets and incense
  • Magical properties: protection, money attraction, luck

Kelp features heavily in sea witch spellcraft for good reason. It enhances intuition and perception while warding against negative energies. Useful in:

  • Money attraction spells – Add to wallet or cash registers
  • Luck charms – Place in jar spells with green candles
  • Protection sachets – Mix into satchels with sand and shells
  • Scrying incense – Burn dried kelp before rituals

Magical Properties: Psychic enhancement, intuition, perception, focus, concentration, prosperity, money attraction, abundance, protection, warding, shielding, luck

2. Seaweed

  • Encompasses green, brown, and red marine algae
  • Found along shorelines around the world
  • Used dried or fresh in spells, crafts and potions

Seaweed is highly versatile in sea witchery. Magic attributes include cleansing, banishing and connecting to ocean spirits.

  • Place on altar when honoring water deities
  • Use in protection spells against curses or evil
  • Craft seaweed wreaths to celebrate Litha, Mabon, Ostara
  • Create “sea trees” wrapped around sticks as oceanic decor

Magical Properties: Banishing, cleansing, purification, protection, warding, water elemental power, spirit communication, liminality, return to source

Sea witch herbalism

3. Saltwater Plants

Plants adapted to live in ocean environments make wonderful additions to sea witch potion craft. Consider:

  • Seagrasses – cleansing, purification, renewal, and emotional healing. Use fresh or dried seagrass in ritual baths or floor washes to cleanse a sacred space. Weave seagrass into wreaths to decorate altar spaces when working with ocean gods or water elementals. Burn dried seagrass before rituals asking for renewal and rebirth.
  • Mangroves – psychic and emotionally soothing attributes. Burn chips of driftwood or add dried leaves to incense, floor washes or ritual baths to enhance psychic sight and induce tranquility. Use mangrove wood to craft wands and ritual tools aligned with emotional healing and astral travel.
  • Cordgrass – hex-breaking, curse dispelling and banishing. Burn dried cordgrass outdoors or use in sachets and floor washes focused on breaking curses and removing evil or discord.
  • Pickleweed – transformation, rebirth, renewal and restoring vitality. Use fresh or dried pickleweed in ritual baths, floor washes and potions focused on releasing the past, removing blocks, and welcoming in changes.

Other Saltwater Plants:

  • Cordgrass – Hex-breaking, banishing, cleansing
  • Salicornia – Purification, regeneration, renewal
  • Saltmarsh bulrush – Protection, communication with water spirits
  • Widgeon grass – Psychic enhancement, lucid dreaming

Magical Properties: Cleansing, purification, renewal, rebirth, protection, hex-breaking, transformation, calm, psychic development

Use dried or fresh leaves, stems and flowers in ritual elixirs and herbal blends. Charge under the moonlight for added ocean energy.

4. Beach Grasses

Beach grasses grow along coasts around the world. Varieties include:

  • Marram grass – tenacity, endurance, strength
  • Lyme grass – banishing, releasing, cleansing
  • Sea oats – fortune, prosperity, abundance


  • Burn dried beach grasses as part of banishing rituals
  • Weave fresh grasses into prosperity charm bundles
  • Decorate altar with grasses for ocean deity worship

Magical Properties: Strength, endurance, releasing, cleansing, prosperity, fortune, abundance, prosperity

5. Sea Lavender

A lovely wildflower found near European and North American coasts.

  • Used dried in sachets, charms, spell jars
  • Magical properties: peaceful sleep, prophetic dreams, tranquility

Sea lavender brings the motion of waves and quietude of the deep sea. Perfect for:

  • Dream pillows to ensure restful sleep
  • Stress relief spells to invoke inner calm
  • Meditation incense or tea to find focus

Magical Properties: Tranquility, calm, serenity, restful sleep, prophetic dreams, dream enhancement, divination, aligning with present moment

6. Bladderwrack

A common brown seaweed found on Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

  • Used dried in charms, sachets, incense
  • Magical properties: protection, strength, tenacity

Bladderwrack enhances the sea witch’s inner resilience and protective skills.

  • Include in sachets or spell bottles to ward off petty curses
  • Burn like incense or sip bladderwrack tea before ritual
  • Craft bladderwrack bracelets and anklets for perseverance

Magical Properties: Protection, shielding, psychic protection, deflecting, courage, motivation, perseverance, tenacity, strength, fortitude

Sea witch herbs

7. Dulse

This ruby red seaweed grows on rocks near North Atlantic shores.

  • Used dried or fresh in cuisine and spells
  • Magical properties: passion, lust, sex magic

Dulse brings fiery energy to the sea witch’s intimate life.

  • Sprinkle dried dulse on candles before sex magic
  • Simmer fresh dulse in coconut milk for a lust-enhancing drink
  • Craft dulse sachets with ginger root for increased libido

Magical Properties: Lust, sexuality, libido, eroticism, passion, romance, magnetic attraction

8. Sea Rocket

A plant with purple-white flowers growing on European sea cliffs.

  • Used dried in magic spells, charms, folk rituals
  • Magical properties: protection, hex-breaking, courage

Sea rocket dispels evil while lighting inner fire.

  • Burn dried sea rocket to break a curse or hex
  • Use in charm bags for banishing bad relationships
  • Brew in tea or take tincture for emotional strength

Magical Properties: Hex-breaking, curse removal, banishing, protection, courage, emotional strength, boundary setting

9. Samphire

A succulent that grows on rocky ocean shores.

  • Used fresh or dried in cuisine and witchcraft
  • Magical properties: money, prosperity, business success

Samphire attracts wealth and prosperity.

  • Place in wallet or purse to draw financial luck
  • Sprinkle dried samphire on green candles for wealth magic
  • Craft money sachets with samphire, cinnamon and bay

Magical Properties: Prosperity, business success, wealth, good fortune, prosperity, abundance, money drawing, influence

10. Sea Holly

A thistle-like plant with prickly purple-blue flowers.

  • Used dried in witchcraft and crafts
  • Magical properties: protection, hex-breaking, inspiration

With its armored exterior, sea holly makes a protective addition to a sea witch’s craft.

  • Wear or carry dried sea holly blooms to shield against psychic attack
  • Decorate sea-themed altars and sacred spaces with arrangements of sea holly
  • Craft wreaths and dream pillows with dried blooms for inspiration

Magical Properties: Protection, hex-breaking, inspiration, psychic abilities, purification, exorcism, boundaries, courage, healing, ritual crafts

Additional Plants

Beyond the top ten, there are dozens more herbs aligned with sea witchery. Consider:

  • Irish moss, eelgrass, marsh-mallow – used in potions and elixirs
  • glasswort, orache, frosted orache – used dried in sachets and charms
  • sea beet, sea kale – used fresh in cuisine and magic
  • sea peas, sea heath – used dried in prosperity spells and sachets

Research shore plants local to your bioregion for fresh options to wildcraft.

Responsible Foraging

When wildcrafting shoreline plants, keep sustainability in mind:

  • Gather only what you need, and always ask permission first
  • Do not take from protected natural areas or private property
  • Choose abundant species and avoid overharvesting
  • Forage away from endangered ecosystems like sand dunes
  • Follow all regulations on harvesting seaweeds and coastal plants

Grow Your Own

If you live far inland, consider cultivating a witch’s garden with sea-inspired herbs:

  • Many salt-tolerant plants can be grown in containers or sandy soil
  • Choose zone-appropriate grasses and flowers that evoke coastal vibes
  • Dry or preserve homegrown plants for sustainable sea witch supplies
  • Purchase ethically ocean-farmed seaweeds like kelp or dulse

The sea provides abundant plant magic for rituals, charms, elixirs and more! Research coastal plants local to you and craft a working relationship with ocean flora.

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