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New Beginnings Bath

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After the new year, everyone is looking to create a new beginning. They are trying to cast off the old things that no longer serve them and find higher vibes, better hobbies, and even better friends and relationships.

This spell will help you to accomplish any and all of these by opening the door to new things and encouraging you to step through that door.

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50 Badass Positive Affirmations For A Witchy New Year

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These positive affirmations are written specifically for the spiritual, witchy, and pagan readers of my blog. Make the coming year even more magical with these affirmations.

When you choose a few of these to repeat, you are using the magic of positive thinking to manifest good things into your life. Some of these affirmations are aimed at gaining prosperity, some at self acceptance.

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Tea Myths And Deities

Tea deities and legends header for blog post with tea being poured into a tea cup surrounded by herbs and flowers

Tea is an important part of many witch practices and spells. In fact, it’s one of my favorite tools for witchcraft. I might go so far as to call myself a tea witch at this point, and as I learn more about herbalism and consider getting a herbalist certification in the future, that is likely to become even more true.

But are there any deities linked specifically to tea? Is there a deity that tea witches can turn to for advice and guidance? Yes, there are a few deities that you can turn to!

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5 Reasons Everyone Needs A Ruby Zoisite Crystal

Ruby zoisite beads

For the past few weeks, my anxiety and depression have been hell. I mean I couldn’t even think about cooking dinner without feeling sick to my stomach and dreading it. I was having near daily panic attacks, and was so irritable that nobody could talk to me without me snapping at them.

I tried medication, but it didn’t work. I felt like I was doomed to be miserable until spring, but then I went to my local metaphysical store, Earth Lore.

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Hot Date Witch Oil

A couple on the bed under covers

Are you about to go out on a first date? Have your past dates kind of sucked? If you go on your next one while wearing this oil, Aphrodite will help you have a hot date!

It’s important to include the olive oil or almond oil in the recipe, because the essential oils alone will irritate your skin. The glitter, however, can be excluded.

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Athames And Ritual Knives For Beginner Witches

A knife stuck in the ground on a sunny day

A common ritual tool for witches is the athame, or ceremonial dagger used in rituals and magic work.

A similar tool is the boline, which has a different purpose. While the athame is usually only used for directing energy, a boline can be used for cutting ritual ingredients like herbs as well.

The name athame was probably made up by Gerald Gardner, but the term is in popular use now by many types of pagans and witches, even outside of Wicca.

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Magical Uses For Meats And Other Animal Products

Meats laid out on a table

This was a surprisingly hard list to create. There is little information out there on the magical correspondences of meat an animal products, and even less of that information is compiled in one place. I found only two good sources for this information:

I do wonder at why it was so hard to find this information, but I think there are two main reasons this is.

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