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Meat Magical Correspondences: Magical Uses For Meats And Other Animal Products

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Meat magical correspondences are essential to know for kitchen witches, yet this information can be surprisingly difficult to find all in one place. I was inspired to create this guide after my own frustrating searches came up short. While many witches today avoid animal products for ethical reasons, the occult meanings behind foods like beef, eggs and honey remain relevant.

This comprehensive reference table details the magical properties of common animal ingredients according to elemental associations, ruling planets, deities, and more. I compiled data from rare source books like “A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Food” in hopes of preserving this obscure knowledge.

However, consuming animal ingredients solely for magic raises important moral dilemmas. We must thoughtfully weigh our intentions against potential harm. This article explores ethical considerations, as well as suggestions for honoring animal energies in a vegetarian-friendly manner. My goal is to provide information and encourage discussion, not prescribe one “right” path. As with any occult practice, wisdom comes from looking deeply within.

Magical correspondences for meat eaters

About This Post

This was a surprisingly hard list to create. There is little information out there on the magical correspondences of meat an animal products, and even less of that information is compiled in one place. I found only two good sources for this information:

I do wonder at why it was so hard to find this information, but I think there are two main reasons this is.

Firstly, witches nowadays are very concerned with the ethical ramifications of our magic and our food. For that reason, a lot of witches are vegetarian or vegan.

Secondly, many modern cultures, especially Western cultures, frown upon animal sacrifice for religious purposes. To ascribe a magical purpose for the death of an animal could lead others to sacrifice those animals “just” for religious purposes.

But the fact is, there is magical meaning behind all the things we eat. For that reason, to help all the kitchen witches out there that have been searching for this information with little success, I have created this table with the magical correspondences of animal products.

Use it, don’t use it. But it’s still important information that would be a shame if we lost it!

You’ll notice that most of the animal products listed have information missing. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot of information out there, and I didn’t want to rely on my unverified personal gnosis for this information. If you know of a source that fills in any of the missing information, please contact me or leave a comment below. I’d love to update this with more correspondences!

Magical correspondences of beef

Animal Meat Correspondences

Animal ProductElemental AssociationsRuling PlanetsDeitiesMagical Properties
BeefFire, EarthFemale cows: The moon, Male cows: The sunHathor, IsisExcitable energy, power, fertility, blissful energy, aggressive energy, beef tongue is used in spells to control what someone says and stop gossip
ButterWater, EarthMoonEa, agricultural deitiesPeace, spirituality, calming stressful relationships, increasing tenacity, helping with life changes, increases spirituality, helps to connect with deities, makes spells more nurturing and healing, commonly used offering for deities and the Fae
CrabWaterMoonApolloGrounding spiritual energy, spirituality, hex breaking
Egg ShellsEarthProtection, peace
EggsAll elementsRepresents creation, the universe, the soul, primordial mysteries, immortality, new life, new beginnings, and fertility. Used for divination.
FishWaterMurigenThe power of the unconscious, fertility, prosperity, abundance, healing, emotions, cleansing, and purification. Fish has been sacred to nearly every culture throughout history.
Fowl Game MeatFireFidelity and faithfulness. Represents the sacred cycles because of their migratory cycle. Used in divination rituals
GravyWaterMoonSmooths transitions, mellows energy, controls aggressive qualities, calming, emotions, healing, cleansing, purification
HoneyWaterRa, DemeterHappiness, fulfillment, good moods, healing, love, prosperity, passion, spirituality, fairy offerings
Ice CreamWaterMoonLove, spirituality, change, malleability
LambFire, EarthSensitivity, sacrifice, caring, nurturing, new life, beginnings, spring, fertility. Represents sacrifice for a higher purpose
LiverFireMammal liver represents raw courage and power. Fighting or warlike energy. Used by the Romans to predict the future.
LobsterFireMarsAresChaotic energy, fighting, war
Mammal Game MeatFireFidelity, divination, power, and energy. Many cultures believe you acquire the power and characteristics of the eaten animal.
MilkWaterMoonAll goddesses, HeraGoddess energy, feminine nurturing energy, motherly love, moon magic, offerings, love, spirituality, fairies
OystersWaterMoonPassion, balance, sexual power, hermaphroditic or gender neutral energy
PorkFireManannan, DemeterDramatic energy, intensifying, strength, fertility, prosperity, luck, longevity
SausagesFireMale fertility, masculine energy
TurkeyFire, AirFamily traditions, celebrations, motivation, increasing attention, clarity, focus
YogurtWaterMoonSpirituality, creativity, healing depression
CaviarWaterMoonSexual energy, aphrodisiac, emotions, passion
ChickenFireRepresents the sunrise, sacrificed to Roman gods, healing, restorative properties, divination with the bones. The bones can be added to money drawing spells or luck spells
CheeseAir, EarthSaturnApolloThings coming to fruition, raising vibrations, adds positive energy, success, happiness

How To Use This Information

The most obvious (and ethical) way to use this information is in non-vegan kitchen magic. When you’re making a steak for a loved one, consider the magical correspondences of beef. If you’re working on fertility magic to conceive a child, consider adding some caviar to a romantic dinner.

You can also leave animal products as an offering to the gods or the Fae. Most witches would be fine with leaving milk or honey out, but I think it becomes a little less accepted when it comes to meat. This is less ethical because the offering isn’t being consumed physically, but sometimes this is what the gods demand.

What matters is that you please the gods and stick with your morals. You are never under any obligation to please another witch.

Ethical Concerns With Using Animal Products in Magic

While the magical properties of animal products can be useful, there are important ethical concerns to consider before incorporating them into your practice.

Many people choose not to consume animal products for ethical reasons. Using them solely for magical purposes rather than sustenance raises complicated moral questions.

Consider whether an animal was raised and slaughtered humanely and sustainably. Try to source ethical animal products like organic milk or free-range eggs when possible.

Be mindful of waste – use every part of the animal respectfully. Avoid sacrificing animals solely for magic.

Evaluate your intentions. Are you honoring the animal’s life or trivializing its death? Reflect on whether magic is a true need or merely a want.

Suggestions for Vegetarians and Vegans

Those who avoid animal products can still benefit from their magical associations. Here are some ideas:

  • Use visualizations, meditations or ritual symbolism instead of actual meat, eggs, etc. Imagine yourself stirring a cauldron of sacred bull broth rather than making real bone broth.
  • Explore plant-based foods with similar properties. For example, substitute coconut milk for dairy milk in moon spells. Replace honey with maple syrup.
  • When cooking for non-vegans, cook mindfully and visualize imbuing the food with magical intent, even if you don’t sample it.
  • Grow herbs and vegetables aligned with your magical goals. Tend them lovingly from seed to harvest.
  • Volunteer at animal sanctuaries to honor their spirits. Donate to ethical farms.
  • Learn more about the plant kingdom. Trees, flowers, grains and fungi have extensive magical meanings too.
Magical correspondences of chicken

A Brief History of Animal Sacrifice in Magical/Religious Traditions

Animal sacrifice has been practiced in many cultures and faiths throughout history as a way to honor gods, spirits or ancestors. Ancient pagan and polytheistic religions often conducted animal sacrifices, including traditions in Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mesoamerica.

In some rites, it was believed that the gods directly consumed the offerings. In others, the sacrificial animal was seen as a stand-in or messenger. Killing and cooking the animal would release its life force to be shared by both human and divine realms.

The practice of ritual animal slaughter continued in some parts of the world even as major religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism discouraged blood sacrifices. However, it remains controversial today due to ethical concerns.

Spotlight on Honey

Honey’s sweetness and viscosity has aligned it with love, sensuality and wellbeing in many cultures. Ancient Egyptians offered honey to their pantheon. Norse mythology tells of mead, a fermented honey beverage, being consumed in Valhalla.

Bees themselves embody industry, matriarchy, fertility and rebirth due to their hive structure and pollinating role. Priestesses of Cybele and Artemis kept bees. Eating honey was believed to impart the bee’s mystical attributes.

Honey remains popular in love spells, fertility spells, and for honouring goddesses like Aphrodite or Freyja. It can attract sweetness, romance and prosperity when added to amulets or charms. Offering honey to faeries is also traditional.

Magical correspondences of steak

Instructions for Ethical Sourcing

When using animal products in magic, make efforts to source them ethically:

  • Seek milk, eggs, and honey that are USDA Organic certified or Certified Humane. This indicates more natural, freerange conditions.
  • For meat, look for the Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane, or Global Animal Partnership labels to ensure humane treatment.
  • Support sustainable small farms through CSAs (community supported agriculture) or farmers markets. Talk to farmers about their practices.
  • Hunt wild game yourself following ethical hunting principles and regulations. Use every part of the animal respectfully.
  • When possible, use discarded parts like feathers or bones found in nature rather than purchasing.
  • If purchasing, choose companies that collect animal ingredients humanely and sustainably. Research their standards.

Sample Spells Using Animal Ingredients

Here are some examples of spells that incorporate animal products:

  • For a self-love spell, mix milk, honey and strawberries in a bath. Light pink candles and recite affirmations.
  • For passion, cook and share a romantic lobster dinner by candlelight with your beloved. Feed each other by hand.

Harvesting Animal Parts Ethically

To ethically gather animal ingredients:

  • Collect feathers or bones from the ground where they naturally molted or fell. Do not take from living birds.
  • Check local laws. In the US, it’s typically legal to keep naturally molted feathers, shed deer antlers, or roadkill bones.
  • Sanitize items from roadkill to remove bacteria before using in rituals. Don’t use if the death was unnatural.
  • Harvesting parts from legally and ethically hunted game is also an option. Use every part of the animal respectfully.
  • Offer thanks to the animal’s spirit and reflect on its sacrifice before incorporating into your practice.
  • Never purchase items made from illegally poached or endangered animals. Seek antique or vintage materials instead.
Meat magical correspondences in witchcraft

Astrological Connections

Some examples of animal ingredients linked to zodiac signs or planetary energies:

  • Eggs, milk, and pearl: Associated with the Moon
  • Honey and beeswax: Associated with Cancer, Virgo, Taurus
  • Cattle and beef: Associated with Taurus
  • Lamb and mutton: Associated with Aries
  • Crabs and lobster: Associated with Cancer
  • Fish and caviar: Associated with Pisces
  • Fowl and poultry: Associated with fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Incorporating Animal Energies Without Animal Products

You can invoke the spiritual qualities of animals without consuming animal ingredients:

  • Use feathers, bones, shells, or ashes respectfully gathered from natural deaths as ritual tools.
  • Burn cone incense or oils aligned with specific animals like musk, civet, ambergris, or deerstongue.
  • Collect fur, hair, wool, or leather to make magical sachets or talismans.
  • Study wildlife, collect drawings, photos or videos of animals that inspire you.
  • Visit zoos, sanctuaries and nature centers to develop connections with living creatures.
  • Meditate on the ethics of animal product use. Evaluate if substitutes would align better with your practice.
  • Honor animal energies through dance, song, poetry, ritual theater or mask-making.
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Meat magical correspondences