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3 Common Mistakes People Make While Planning Rituals In Witchcraft

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Everyone makes mistakes while planning rituals, even the most skilled witch. Sometimes these errors result in unintended consequences that cause problems down the line. The following list contains some common pitfalls encountered during ritual preparation. If you have already fallen into such mistakes, don’t worry! You’re far from alone.

Witchcraft is a skill just like any other. Practice gives muscle memory, but even with that you’ll make silly mistakes like forgetting to buy an ingredient. Don’t beat yourself up over this stuff too much; everyone does it. Just learn from your mistake so next time you won’t repeat it.

Witch performing a ritual

Not Considering Correspondence Interactions When Planning Rituals

This happens more often than we’d care to admit! I can’t tell you how many times I had a spell fully set up before realizing I never ordered more dragon’s blood incense or that I’m all out of black candles.

Sometimes we can find things around the house to fit our needs for that spell, but if you’re following a very specific spell for high magick that won’t work out. Chaos magic techniques of making do with what you have are all well and good, but some spells are very precise.

Before doing a spell, make sure to double check your ingredients.

Of course, if you take the chaos magic approach, you can probably find something to use instead of that missing ingredient. We all know a white candle will do in place of any other color, but you can switch herbs to fit your needs too. The same can be said for crystals, and if you need an athame you can temporarily bless your kitchen knife.

For instance, dragon’s blood can be substituted in your spells with red sandalwood powder and frankincense. Orange flowers can be substituted with orange peels, and mandrake can be substituted with tobacco.

Say your spell requires something weirder, like pig intestines. Good news! You just need a hot dog or some beef jerky. It doesn’t matter that they’re not exactly the right thing; as long as it works on the symbolic level (which is really important), then you’ll get results from using them.

If you have no idea how to substitute an ingredient, the internet has probably already discussed it, so give it a quick search!

Not Considering Planetary Days And Hours When Planning Rituals

Every hour of the day is ruled by a certain planet, and every day is ruled by a planet as well. Beginner witches often neglect these hourly correspondences, which I think is a huge mistake.

The planetary times are a great tool for increasing the magical power of your workings. Even just a prayer for love on Friday during Venus hour can be a powerful spell for love!

This system of correspondences has been in use for centuries and is largely unchanged, and for good reason! It really works. I will never do a spell for love without at least being in Venus hour. A spell for luck during Jupiter hour can also help increase its potency. If you’re going to cast a curse, try casting it while Saturn rules over nighttime hours on Saturday—Saturn energy is very strong and effective when used against others.

I’ve found that this simple technique makes my magic stronger because I’m taking into account the energies around me rather than just relying solely upon myself or what’s inside of me. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but it should be considered whenever possible!

Witch performing a ritual

Not Planning Your Mundane Work To Accompany The Spell

Spells can work without extra effort from you in the mundane world, but you’re basically handicapping your spellwork. A spell for prosperity can’t work as effectively if you refuse to get a job, after all. So don’t forget about the rest of life and make sure it supports your magickal goals too.

If you’re doing a love spell, plan the ways you will open doors to love. Maybe that means making yourself more available, dressing up nicer, asking someone out, etc.

If you want money for your business, plan to reach out to potential clients or start a new advertising campaign.

Better yet, include the mundane work in the spell. Bless your advertising campaign, carry a love spell bag with you on dates, make the magic and real life blend. You’ll be amazed at how much better things go when they are both working together!

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