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Offerings For Demon Asmodeus

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If you’re searching for an infernal deity that can help you infuse your eclectic witchcraft practice with a boost of fierce passion and inner strength, then look no further than the mighty Asmodeus. As a king of Hell, Asmodeus reigns supreme over rulerships of passion, sex, valour, and much more, making him the ideal demon to call upon for matters of the heart. But with so many offerings to choose from, how can you create the perfect altar and make the right offerings to honor him?

Well, fear not, because we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll delve into the best offerings for Asmodeus, including naturally made lemonade, spiced rum, and even bull horns. We’ll also provide tips and tricks for creating the perfect Asmodeus altar, so you can feel confident and empowered when calling upon this powerful demon. So, are you ready to discover how to invite Asmodeus into your eclectic witchcraft practice? Let’s dive in!

Who Is The Demon Asmodeus?

As one of the Goetic demons of Hell, Asmodeus is a formidable and powerful deity who is under the command of Lucifer. Known for his affinity for the realm of emotions, he is the perfect deity to turn to when seeking matters of the heart. Asmodeus is deeply connected to lust and domination, and revels in the pleasures of the flesh. However, he is also a dark and serious entity who can become quickly impatient with those who fail to show him the respect he deserves.

When working with Asmodeus, it’s important to approach him with both caution and reverence. While he has the power to grant you tremendous gifts, he is not a deity to be taken lightly. Be open-minded and respectful in your approach, and you may find that Asmodeus can offer you the inner-strength and emotional power you need to take on the challenges in your life.

Offerings for demon Asmodeus. Shadow of a man with demon horns.

What Are The Best Offerings For Asmodeus?

Asmodeus is a demon king that enjoys offerings that reflect his powers, and what better way to honor him than with a feast that will make your taste buds sing! Goat meat, steak, and chestnuts are all hearty foods that are perfect for Asmodeus’s altar. He also loves the zesty kick of citrus, making lemons and limes an excellent option. For a more tropical flair, consider offering pineapples or apricots. And if you really want to indulge his sweet tooth, mix chocolate and rum for a dessert that will have Asmodeus’s taste buds dancing!

But don’t forget about the visual elements of your offering. Asmodeus’s rulerships of passion, sex, valour, and inner-strength are all reflected in his iconography. Axes, maces, and ornate swords are all perfect for creating an altar dedicated to Asmodeus. Additionally, bull, ram, ibex, and narwhal horns are all symbols of his power and would make an excellent addition to any offering. For gemstones, try offering rubies, peridots, or carnelians, which are all associated with passion and inner strength. Finally, floral offerings are a great way to honor Asmodeus. Orchids are symbols of strength and power, while sunflowers are associated with passion and desire. Roses, on the other hand, are symbols of love and compassion.

Incense is also an important part of an altar dedicated to Asmodeus. Mastiq resin, benzoin, and vanilla is the perfect scent to honor this powerful demon. The sweet vanilla scent is a symbol of Asmodeus’s passion, while the benzoin resin represents his power and strength. The combination of the two with the spicy, balsamic fragrance of Mastiq resin creates a powerful aroma that is sure to please Asmodeus.

OfferingMagical Correspondence
Naturally made lemonade (pure lemons squeezed with some water and a dash of spearmint)Refreshing, uplifting, purity, clarity
AbsintheHallucination, clarity, visions
Jack Daniels no7Boldness, strength, assertiveness
Sweet wineSensuality, happiness, pleasure
Spiced rumAdventure, excitement, passion
Goat meatStrength, vitality, sustenance
SteakStrength, courage, power
ChestnutsProsperity, success, abundance
PineapplesLove, friendship, hospitality
LemonsClarity, cleansing, healing
LimesHealing, protection, purification
ApricotsLove, sexuality, romance
HoneySweetness, attraction, joy
Chocolate with rumIndulgence, pleasure, luxury
OrchidsBeauty, love, fertility
SunflowersPower, warmth, positivity
RosesLove, passion, desire
AxesStrength, power, determination
MacesAuthority, strength, power
Ornate swordsProtection, power, strength
Ivory tusksWisdom, strength, protection
Bull hornsFertility, virility, strength
Ram hornsCourage, determination, strength
Ibex hornsEnergy, agility, adaptability
Narwhal hornsPsychic ability, intuition, power
RubiesPassion, vitality, courage
PeridotsInner peace, prosperity, joy
CarneliansCreativity, confidence, motivation
Images of wildfires by the seaPower, destruction, transformation
Black or red candlesProtection, banishing, passion
Incense of Mastiq resin, benzoin, and vanillaUplifting, purification, clarity

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Offerings for demon Asmodeus. Flames.

How To Create The Perfect Asmodeus Altar

When it comes to creating an altar for Asmodeus, there are many things to keep in mind. The first step is to choose a space that feels special and sacred to you, where you can set up your altar. Once you have your space, it’s time to gather your materials. A black or red cloth makes a great base for your altar, as these are the colors that represent Asmodeus. You can also use a table or shelf as a foundation for your altar.

Next, it’s time to start adding elements to your altar that reflect Asmodeus’s rulerships. Gemstones such as rubies, peridots, and carnelians are great choices, as are floral offerings like orchids, sunflowers, and roses. Don’t forget to include imagery that speaks to Asmodeus’s character, such as swords, horns, or imagery of wildfires by the sea. These can help you to connect with his energy and receive his gifts.

Finally, it’s important to include a small dish for offerings on your altar. This can be used to leave offerings such as naturally made lemonade or goat meat, which are both beloved by Asmodeus. These offerings are a way to show your dedication and respect to this powerful deity. By creating an altar for Asmodeus, you can deepen your connection to his energy and receive his many gifts.

Here are some more tips:

  • Use black or red fabric with a dragon or ram design to create a dramatic backdrop for your altar.
  • Place a bowl of red-hot chili peppers on the altar to symbolize Asmodeus’ fiery nature.
  • Add a bottle of hot sauce or tabasco sauce as a nod to Asmodeus’ love of spicy things.
  • Incorporate a live cactus or succulent, representing Asmodeus’ resilience and toughness.
  • Use a mini-fountain to represent the “seas” that Asmodeus rules over.
  • Place a small mirror on the altar, symbolizing the reflection of one’s inner self that Asmodeus can help bring to light.
  • Include an item made of leather, such as a belt or whip, to honor Asmodeus’ rulership of lust and sexual desire.
  • Use dried peppers or peppers in a jar to represent Asmodeus’ fiery power being contained.
  • Place a piece of driftwood or a seashell on the altar as a nod to Asmodeus’ closeness to the ocean.
  • Add a small jar of honey to the altar as an offering and to represent Asmodeus’ rulership of compassion and healing.
Offerings for demon Asmodeus. Demonic man in red lighting with eye scars.

Tips And Tricks For Working With Asmodeus

When working with Asmodeus, it’s important to approach him with respect and caution. Remember that he is a powerful demon and should be treated as such. Be open to receiving his gifts of passion, sex, valour, inner-strength, and more, but also be prepared for his darker side. If you’re looking to connect with Asmodeus on a deeper level, try meditating with his enn (Ayen avage aloren Asmoday aken) or creating a sigil in his honor. And always remember to thank him for his gifts and offerings.

Here are some additional tips and tricks for working with Asmodeus:

  1. Build a relationship: Like any deity, building a relationship with Asmodeus takes time and effort. Try making regular offerings or dedicating a space in your home to him. You can also try researching more about his history and lore to deepen your connection with him.
  2. Focus on inner strength: Asmodeus is known for his rulerships of inner strength, which can come in handy when facing obstacles or challenges in life. Try working with him to cultivate this quality within yourself, and remember to thank him for his guidance.
  3. Use protection spells: Asmodeus can also be called upon for protection, especially in matters of the heart. Try creating a protection spell or talisman with his sigil to ward off negativity and attract positive energy.
  4. Connect with sexuality: Asmodeus is strongly connected to sexuality, making him a great deity to work with for matters of the heart and relationships. Try connecting with him through sexual energy or using his energy to enhance your own passion and desires.
  5. Always show respect: When working with Asmodeus, it’s important to always show respect and approach him with caution. He is a powerful demon, and should be treated with the reverence and respect that he deserves.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore Asmodeus’s energy in a unique way, try incorporating elements of BDSM into your ritual or meditation. Asmodeus is known for his love of domination and sexual pleasure, so exploring these themes in a safe and consensual way could help you connect with his power on a deeper level.

Another fun way to work with Asmodeus is to create a vision board that reflects his rulerships. Cut out pictures and phrases that represent passion, sex, valour, and inner-strength, and arrange them on a board or piece of paper. Place this vision board on your altar or carry it with you as a reminder of the gifts you’re seeking from Asmodeus.

For an even more unconventional approach, try creating a playlist of music that reflects Asmodeus’s energy. Choose songs with lyrics that speak to his rulerships, or that simply evoke the feeling of passion and power. Play this playlist during your ritual or meditation to enhance your connection with Asmodeus.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment and explore Asmodeus’s energy in your own unique way. Every witch has their own style and approach, and Asmodeus is a versatile deity who can be approached from many different angles. Trust your instincts and let your creativity flow to create a powerful and unique connection with this demon king.


Incorporating Asmodeus into your eclectic witchcraft practice can bring powerful gifts of passion, sex, valour, and more. By making the right offerings, creating a dedicated altar, and approaching him with respect, you can receive his powerful energy and become adept at emotional persuasion, overcome obstacles, and gain inner-strength of all kinds. So why not give it a try and see what Asmodeus has in store for you?

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