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7 Witch Activities For Valentine’s Day

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With its origin rooted in Ancient Rome’s Lupercalia, Valentine’s Day has always been a witch’s holiday. This is a day when fertility magic is strong, we honor deities of love and lust, and we celebrate romance of all kinds. It’s easy to be bitter about this holiday if times are tough for you, but it’s essential to try and see the magic of the day!

Valentine’s Day is inherently a pagan and witchy holiday, full of love spells, fertility magic, and kitchen witchery. With the right witch activities, the whole day can be truly magical!

Valentine’s Day can be more than just candlelit dinners and passing out chocolate to your loved ones. Incense, candles, sigils, and love spells can transform this day into something deeply spiritual.

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St. Valentine may have been a Christian saint, but this holiday originated in pagan Rome. They even celebrated this holiday with a love lottery! Christianity tried to destroy the original version of this holiday, but it still lives on.

So let’s dive in and learn 7 witch activities you should do on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day activities 7 must-do activities for witches. A woman in a dark room holding a neon heart.
Valentine’s day crafts and thinks to do on Valentine’s day.

Witch Activities For Valentine’s Day

It’s relatively common to just go out and buy a box of chocolates for someone you love on Valentine’s Day. But what if you could do something more magical than that? What if you could make this holiday more spiritual and less capitalistic?

By creating your own treats and gifts and focusing on the love you feel for other people, you can turn this holiday’s mood. Instead of this being just another consumer holiday, it can be a holiday that brings people together.

Make And Burn Incense

Making your own incense is easy! And when you work with the correspondences of herbs, you can make incense to fit any desire.

Valentine’s Day incense will have herbs like roses, vanilla, orange peel, nag champa, patchouli, cinnamon, and other romantic herbs.

Burning this incense while having an intimate dinner at home will heighten the arousal and support a lengthy encounter in bed.

Recreate Lupercalia’s Love Lottery

Some historians believe that Lupercalia had a match-making love lottery. Men would draw women’s names and then spend the holiday (and sometimes longer) with them.

While this ritual may not have really existed, it can be part of your modern celebration of Valentine’s Day! If you have a party of willing participants, recreate this love lottery and see the sparks fly.

With the right group of people, this romantic tradition could go on for many years and help create and strengthen relationships.

Just make sure you never pressure anyone into joining the love lottery!

Valentine's day baking: How to use kitchen witchery for romance! Red velvet cupcakes process shots and Valentine's day cookies decorated with colored icing in the shape of romantic hearts.
Bake sweet Valentine’s day desserts with love spells.

Bake Sweet Treats With Love Spells

Use your kitchen witch skills and bake goodies like chocolate stuffed red velvet cupcakes, DIY chocolates and candies, and cookies to share with everyone you love.

Baked goods and candies are lovely ways to pass on herbal magic and love spells. The sweet taste will mask any weird flavor that an herb may give off, and everyone wants to enjoy something sweet on Valentine’s Day!

Take A Self Love Bath

If you want to focus more on yourself during this holiday, a self-love bath spell is a great way to do so. 

Wash away negative emotions, self-hatred, and body hatred, and embrace your own beauty.

A self-love ritual bath can be done at any time of the year, but I recommend doing it during Valentine’s Day. Why? Because people who are single on this holiday tend to struggle with depression and self-hatred. Don’t fall into that trap!

You are still worthy of love, whether you’re single or not!

A self-love bath spell for Valentine's day rituals: for single witches and self care. Bath spell ingredients like oils, bath salts, candles, flowers, soaps, and more.
Take a self-love bath spell to embody the essence of Aphrodite and other love goddesses.

Honor Love Deities

Lupercalia was a time of feasting, but the feasting didn’t begin until there was a ritual sacrifice. If you wish to honor love deities, do so by leaving offerings to them in the wild or on your altar.

Offerings of incense (like this Aphrodite incense recipe), roses, baked goods, wine, chocolates, or aphrodisiacs are good options.

Honoring love deities may encourage them to help you to find love in the coming year! It is also a process to show respect to the very concept of love, which most people crave.

Make Valentine’s Cards With Sigils

For crafty witches, making Valentine’s cards can be good fun! And if you want to turn them into magic charms, hide sigils in the artwork.

Sigils can be used to turn a card into a love spell, a self-confidence spell, or any other kind of blessing you wish to send to someone you love.

A homemade card is more heartfelt. Even if you aren’t very good at drawing, the right person will appreciate the effort!

This can also be a fabulous way to bring Valentine’s Day witchcraft to your children. Teach them how to make sigils and then help them hide sigils in their drawings. Then they can bless their friends and family! 

Make your own DIY Valentine’s Day card with sigils and other magick symbols.

Have A Candlelit Dinner

Having a candlelit dinner might seem basic, but it doesn’t have to be.

Start by burning some of that incense you made earlier. Then, anoint your candles with oils and herbs that correspond with love magic.

Make dinner with aphrodisiacs, and keep your mind focused on love, lust, romance, and fertility.

Then your dinner by candlelight will be romantic and witchy… and will probably come with a happy ending!

Love magic: 7 witchy things to try on Valentine's Day. A pink love potion corked shut next to an old book of shadows.
Choose white magic love spells for this holiday!