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Halloween / Samhain Decor Ideas For Witches

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Halloween is on its way! And the stores are really stepping up with decor this year.

How are you witches going to decoration your home for Samhain?

I’ve collected a list of some great ideas that will tickle any witch’s fancy.

You’ll cackle with delight at some of these decor options!

Michaels has yoga skeletons and car trunk decorations.

Joann Fabrics has oil slick dragons and potion beakers.

And everywhere you’re seeing the witch aesthetic!

Without further explanation, let’s get into the Samhain decor ideas.

Crystal balls

Crackle glass lavender crystal ball with aged silver decorative base

Crystal balls are an incredibly witchy item and they are all over the place this Halloween!

Decoration your home with something ornate or simple.

This ornate crystal ball has changing color lights and a crackle glass look.

It’ll be a great addition for an at home Halloween party, too!

All your friends will get a kick out of you pretending to use this crystal ball to tell their fortunes.

Dress up as a fortune teller to really look the part!

Other options:

Trunk Or Treat Decor

Decorate your car’s trunk for a trunk or treat activity!

Trunk or treating is popular with parents of younger kids who want to ensure their kids get to enjoy Halloween without staying up late on school nights.

They also ease fears about poisoned Halloween candy, since trunk or treating is set up by groups of friends and well respected members of the community.

If you’re taking part in a trunk or treat this year, you can use this decorative kit to make your trunk look like a witch. How fun is that?!

Other options:

Skeleton Decor

The Boneyard Medium Sea Fish Bones with LED

There are so many skeleton decor options this year!

You can get fun animals like skeleton fish or a skeleton octopus.

Or you can go with a traditional skeleton in a fun pose!

Skeletons are a fun Samhain decor option that won’t scare most children, but it does help us keep in mind that this is a season where death should be in our thoughts.

We should be thinking of our ancestors and the recently deceased while we enjoy our Samhain parties and rituals.

Other options:

Signs And Wall Decor

There are a lot of signs that have a new age or witchy theme to them!

I especially love this fortune teller wall sign and ones like it.

Wall decor is an easy option for people who have cats or children that might destroy anything that sits on a table or shelf.

When my son was only a year old, I put out a few ceramic pumpkins and they… didn’t last long, to say the least.

He’s more gentle with Samhain decor now that he’s two, but I’m still preferring wall decor like the ones in the links below!

Other options:

Painted calavera skulls


Wreaths are one of the first pieces of decor that welcome guests into your home, and they can set the mood, too.

I love Halloween wreaths that are fun and colorful!

That way, kids coming up to my door for some candy won’t be scared away.

But there are some awesome options for spookier wreaths, too.

Like this black and white branch wreath with a skull on it.

Other options:

Tabletop Decor

From cats to potion bottles and so many more options on top of that, tabletop decor is where this year’s Halloween options really shine.

You’re sure to find something you want in this selection, I know I did!

Specifically, I need to get this adorable day of the dead cat. Just look at it!

It’s so freaking cute!

This will be the perfect Samhain decor for my altar to honor nature.

Other options:

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