How to cleanse a mirror used in witchcraft

Magickally Cleaning Your Mirrors

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How often are you cleaning your mirrors?

Mirrors get dirty. Sure, they accumulate dust, but that’s not what I mean today.

You can clean the toothpaste and dust from your mirrors easily with a wipe down.

But what can you do if your mirror becomes spiritually dirty?

How can you cleanse a mirror that is harboring negativity and malevolent spirits?

Mirrors are intensely spiritual objects that can carry misfired curses, evil thoughts, malevolent ruminations, and other bad vibes for a long time.

Cleansing a mirror is, thankfully, simple.

If the mirror is brand new, you can easily clean it just by putting it under running water from any tap.

This will get rid of your everyday negative feelings that might attach to a mirror, as well.

If you have curses attached to a mirror, however, you’ll need to take this a bit further.

Here are some instructions for cleaning your mirrors to remove any bad juju!

Cleanse A Witch’s Mirror

Mirrors are used in magick and scrying, but they can also become filled with unhelpful energy.

Cleanse your magick mirror easily with these instructions.


  • 1 Silver colored bowl of water.
  • Crystals that have been charged under the Moon
  • Some natural fabric to dab water onto the mirror, and a cloth to dry it.
  • Incense
  • A blue fabric large enough to wrap around the mirror three times.


Do this outside under a Full Moon, if possible.

If the mirror is too large or fragile, make sure it is facing an open window during a Full Moon.

While the mirror is holding negative energy, try not to look into your own eyes while you cleanse it.

Doing so can transfer curses to you.

First, burn your incense and have the smoke cover the mirror.

Do this for five minutes, then set the incense into a holder and allow it to burn.

Put the Moon charged crystals into the water.

Take your natural cloth and submerge it in the water, then wring it out until it is only damp.

Use this to wipe the mirror, making sure not to miss a single spot.

Wipe it three times, and then dry the mirror.

The last step is to wrap it in your blue fabric and leave it wrapped for a week.

On the night of the seventh day, you may unwrap it.

Perform this at least once a year, or as needed for your ritual mirrors.

For mirrors that aren’t used magically, you can simply perform this as needed.

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