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Magickally Cleaning Your Mirrors

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How often are you cleaning your mirrors?

Mirrors get dirty. Sure, they accumulate dust, but that’s not what I mean today.

You can clean the toothpaste and dust from your mirrors easily with a wipe down.

But what can you do if your mirror becomes spiritually dirty?

How can you cleanse a mirror that is harboring negativity and malevolent spirits?

Mirrors are intensely spiritual objects that can carry misfired curses, evil thoughts, malevolent ruminations, and other bad vibes for a long time.

Cleansing a mirror is, thankfully, simple.

If the mirror is brand new, you can easily clean it just by putting it under running water from any tap.

This will get rid of your everyday negative feelings that might attach to a mirror, as well.

If you have curses attached to a mirror, however, you’ll need to take this a bit further.

Here are some instructions for cleaning your mirrors to remove any bad juju!

What Do Mirrors Mean Spiritually

So what do mirrors mean spiritually, anyway? The answer is multifaceted and steeped in centuries of folklore, mythology, and spiritual beliefs. From representing the soul to serving as portals to another dimension, the symbolism of mirrors is profound and intriguing.

The Soul’s Reflection

What does a mirror represent spiritually? For many cultures, mirrors have been seen as powerful symbols of self-reflection. The image cast on a mirror’s surface is believed to be a reflection not only of one’s physical self but also of the soul. This is your mirror’s spiritual meaning: a tool that reveals the deeper aspects of your being. It is said that mirrors capture both the light and shadow sides of a person’s nature.

Portals to the Unknown

Mirrors and spirituality are closely connected, especially when it comes to the idea of otherworldly realms. Mirrors are believed to be portals to another dimension, allowing glimpses into mysterious and ethereal worlds. Mirrors and spirits have a strong association, with some people believing that spirits can communicate through reflective surfaces. Mirrors in folklore are often seen as magical gateways, both alluring and eerie in their abilities.

Symbol of Truth and Honesty

The symbolism of a mirror is closely tied to truth and honesty. Mirrors reflect reality without distortion, and as such, they have become emblematic of sincerity and clarity. This symbolism of a mirror extends to the concept of self-awareness and introspection, where an individual is encouraged to look at their own reflection to confront their truths.

Mirror Placement and Energy Flow

The placement of mirrors within a living space is believed to hold spiritual significance. For example, the mirror facing a bed spiritual meaning relates to the flow of energy and the potential for positive or negative effects on sleep and relaxation. Mirrors are also used in feng shui to attract abundance and redirect energy, making mirror gift meaning one of harmony, prosperity, and good fortune.

Myths, Legends, and Superstitions

Mirrors mythology is rich with tales of enchanted mirrors that can grant wishes, divine the future, and reveal hidden secrets. Superstitions abound, such as the belief that breaking a mirror brings bad luck or that certain mirrors and reflections can ward off evil. Some legends even suggest that mirrors can capture souls, leading to rituals of covering mirrors during mourning or significant life events.

In the world of spirituality, mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces; they are symbols of introspection, truth, and connection to the unknown. From their role in ancient myths to their significance in modern beliefs, mirrors continue to captivate our imagination and inspire deep reflection. Whether we see them as portals to other dimensions, reflections of our inner selves, or powerful symbols of truth and clarity, mirrors hold a unique and enduring place in the realm of spirituality.

So next time you gaze into a mirror, take a moment to ponder the layers of meaning and symbolism it carries—perhaps there is more to your reflection than meets the eye.

How To Cleanse A Mirror Of Bad Vibes

Here’s how to spiritually cleanse a mirror with a few simple techniques. Whether you’re looking to clean an old mirror, cleanse a mirror after a break up or divorce, or you’re simply interested in clearing the energetic attachments from an antique mirror, these methods will raise the mirror’s vibrational energy and leave it feeling fresh and renewed.

The Sea Salt Water and White Vinegar Method

Start by creating a cleansing solution using sea salt water and white vinegar. To do this, mix one tablespoon of sea salt in one cup of water. Use this sea salt water to gently wash the mirror, removing any physical dirt or grime. Afterward, wash over the mirror again with white vinegar, which serves as an effective glass cleaner that leaves no residue. This step is crucial in preparing the mirror for the spiritual cleansing that follows.

Sage Smudging and Blessing Ritual

Once the mirror is physically clean, it’s time to conduct a sage smudging ritual. Begin by lighting a bundle of dried ethically harvested sage. Allow the sage smoke to cover and encompass the mirror completely. As the smoke flows over the surface, visualize any negative energies or attachments being released from the mirror. During this process, you can recite a prayer or blessing, setting a clear intention for the cleansing. Ask that any stagnant energy, energetic attachments, or negativity be cleansed and released from the mirror, and that the mirror be infused with positive and vibrant light. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom as you perform this ritual.

Moonlight Cleansing and Recharging

Another way to magickally cleanse your mirror is to harness the power of the Full Moon. Place the mirror in a spot where it can bathe in the moonlight, either outdoors or facing an open window. Leave it there overnight, allowing the moonlight to cleanse and recharge the mirror. The Full Moon’s energy is potent for clearing away old energies and imbuing the mirror with renewed vitality.

By following these simple techniques, you can effectively cleanse a mirror and restore its positive energy. Whether it’s an old mirror with a storied past or one that holds emotional significance, a spiritually cleansed mirror will reflect light and clarity into your life.

How To Seal Mirrors To Prevent Negative Energy

There are many ways to seal mirrors, especially witchy mirrors, to prevent the accumulation of residual energies and bad energy. Mirrors are reflective objects that have long been associated with various beliefs and superstitions. Many people practice ritual magick and protective magick to consecrate and empower their mirrors, guarding against negative associations. The methods used can vary depending on personal preferences, planetary symbols, color correspondences, and intuition. Let’s explore some popular techniques for sealing mirrors.

Sprinkling With Blessed Salt Water

One common method of sealing mirrors involves the use of blessed salt water. Salt is considered a purifying agent, and water symbolizes cleansing. Together, they create a potent mixture for purification and protection. To perform this ritual, dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of good quality water. With your hand, sprinkle the saltwater over the surface of the mirror while reciting an affirmation such as, “With this salt, I cleanse you of all negative energy.” Afterward, gently wipe the mirror with a clean cloth and give it a final sprinkle of saltwater. This method is effective in removing unwanted negative energies and consecrating the mirror.

Drawing Pagan Symbols for Protection

Another popular technique involves drawing pagan symbols, such as pentacles, on the mirror. The pentacle is a five-pointed star enclosed in a circle and is a powerful protective symbol in many pagan traditions. To perform this ritual, you can use a marker or your finger dipped in water or moon water. Draw the pentacle on the corners or center of the mirror, and if desired, on the back of the mirror as well. As you draw the symbol, recite a protective affirmation like, “I am protected, no spirits can come through this mirror, this mirror is closed off to all spirits.” This ritual reinforces the protective magick and can be repeated as often as needed.

Trusting Your Intuition

When it comes to sealing mirrors, trusting your intuition is crucial. You may feel drawn to incorporate certain planetary symbols or color correspondences into your rituals. For example, you may choose to use a specific color of marker that aligns with your intentions, or incorporate symbols associated with a particular planet for empowerment. The key is to listen to your intuition and choose methods that resonate with you. Through these practices, you can ensure that your mirror remains a positive and energetically clean object in your space.

By using these techniques, you can take a proactive approach to safeguarding your mirrors and your space from negative influences. Whether you choose to use blessed salt water, pagan symbols, or a combination of methods, the important thing is to perform the rituals with intention and sincerity, creating a protective barrier around your reflective objects.

How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck

Now let’s learn how to dispose of a mirror without bad luck. Whether you have an old scrying mirror or an accidentally broken glass mirror, there are various methods to safely dispose of it without attracting negative energy.

Donating or Gifting a Mirror

If your mirror is in good condition and you want to part with it, consider donating it to a local thrift shop or charity. By doing so, you’ll not only help those in need but also keep the mirror out of the landfill. If you prefer to pass it on to someone you know, you can gift the mirror to a friend or family member. Adding sentimental value by sharing the story behind the mirror can enhance the positive energy associated with the item.

Burying a Broken Mirror

If you’ve accidentally broken a mirror and are concerned about the superstition of bad luck, one option is to bury the broken pieces. To do this safely, wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles to avoid injuries from the sharp shards. Wrap the broken pieces in a thick cloth or newspaper before burying them. Choose a safe location such as your backyard, dig a hole, and bury the mirror pieces to prevent further bad luck. As an optional step, you can say a prayer or blessing over the buried mirror to ward off any potential negative energy.

Disposing of an Entire Mirror

If you have an intact mirror you want to dispose of but are worried about breaking it and causing bad luck, take precautionary measures. Begin by taping a large “X” on both the front and back of the mirror to minimize shattering. Wrap the mirror in bubble wrap for extra cushioning and label the package as “fragile.” Place the wrapped mirror in a trash can outside, ensuring it’s visible. This way, if someone wants to adopt the mirror, they can easily do so.

Reversing Bad Luck

In case you’re worried about bad luck after throwing away a mirror, there are traditional practices believed to reverse it. One method is to throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder. The salt is thought to blind any negative entities that may be lurking on your left side. Another practice is to spin around counterclockwise three times to confuse any spirits. Finally, lighting a candle and meditating for a few minutes can help ward off any negative energy and bring positive vibes into your space.

Remember, these practices are rooted in cultural beliefs and superstitions. The most important aspect of mirror disposal is to prioritize safety and handle glass with care. Whether it’s a black mirror scrying tool or an ordinary glass mirror, taking these steps can ensure safe disposal and peace of mind.

Spell To Cleanse A Witch’s Mirror

Mirrors are used in magick and scrying, but they can also become filled with unhelpful energy.

Cleanse your magick mirror easily with these instructions.


  • 1 Silver colored bowl of water.
  • Crystals that have been charged under the Moon
  • Some natural fabric to dab water onto the mirror, and a cloth to dry it.
  • Incense
  • A blue fabric large enough to wrap around the mirror three times.


Do this outside under a Full Moon, if possible.

If the mirror is too large or fragile, make sure it is facing an open window during a Full Moon.

While the mirror is holding negative energy, try not to look into your own eyes while you cleanse it.

Doing so can transfer curses to you.

First, burn your incense and have the smoke cover the mirror.

Do this for five minutes, then set the incense into a holder and allow it to burn.

Put the Moon charged crystals into the water.

Take your natural cloth and submerge it in the water, then wring it out until it is only damp.

Use this to wipe the mirror, making sure not to miss a single spot.

Wipe it three times, and then dry the mirror.

The last step is to wrap it in your blue fabric and leave it wrapped for a week.

On the night of the seventh day, you may unwrap it.

Perform this at least once a year, or as needed for your ritual mirrors.

For mirrors that aren’t used magically, you can simply perform this as needed.

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