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How To Cleanse A Mirror Of Bad Spirits

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Should you cleanse a mirror after ritual use? There is some confusion about mirrors among witches that use a magick mirror in their rituals. Some witches believe that all mirrors are always a portal to the spirit world and naturally attract negative spirits. Other witches are on the opposite end of the spectrum and think that mirrors and mirror magic are harmless.

Magick mirrors can draw harmful spirits to you if they are not handled with respect, but the good news is that you can cleanse them of negative energy! Once you’ve cleansed your magick mirror, you can then ward it from unwanted spirits in the future.

How To Cleanse A Mirror Of Bad Spirits and demons. Remove demons and negative energy from your mirrors. A cat. A pentagram. Tarot cards. Jewelry, crystals, stones, and a crow. A crescent moon and a spell book.
What are the effects of sage on a cursed mirror?

How To Tell If You Need To Cleanse A Mirror That Has Been Cursed Or Has Bad Energy 

If you feel uneasy when you’re near your mirror, that is an obvious sign that it has something negative attached to it. Sometimes these evil energies can manifest as bad luck, too.

Another way to tell if a mirror is cursed if it starts to show cracks after a few weeks of use. When your mirror cracks after it has been used in a spell, that means the negative energy has been bursting through to your space. If your mirror is cracking, it’s best to throw it away. Be careful of any mirror shards!

To check if your mirror is okay, you can do some divination. It is best to do this before you cast any other spells on the mirror, including cleansing or protection.

Asking tarot cards, dice, or even your spirit guides if your mirror has a negative influence on it will help you figure out which way to cleanse your mirror of that harmful energy.

Techniques for cleansing your magic mirrors of demons, ghosts, and negative energy. A spell book.
Broken mirror pieces can be used in some kinds of magic.

Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Mirror Of Negative Energy

There are a few effortless ways to cleanse your mirror of evil spirits and unhelpful energy. Choose one that is easiest for you, unless your divination or guides have suggested using a different method.

Cleansing mirrors can be as easy as washing them with soap and water, but be careful of what tools you use. You don’t want to damage the material your mirror is made from.

Sprinkling With Salt Water

Avoid this method if you have a silver mirror because the salt can damage it. A silver hand mirror should be cleansed in one of the other ways listed below.

Use a teaspoon of sea salt and fill a cup or bowl halfway with good quality water. Add the sea salt.

Sprinkle the mirror with the saltwater, using your hand, saying: “With this salt, I cleanse you of all negative energy.”

Use a clean cloth to wipe down the mirror. Then give it one final sprinkle of saltwater. This will remove any unwanted negative energy. 

Smoke Cleansing 

Smoke cleanses a space of negative energy. You can use any incense for cleansing, but some incense that corresponds to cleansing are:

  • Sandalwood
  • Sage
  • Frankincense 
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine 

Choose from these options, or you can even mix up your own incense with protective herbs and resins.

When you purchase sage for cleansing, make sure it is ethically harvested. Sage cleansing is a safe practice, but some forms of wild sage are overly wildcrafted. It’s best to choose cultivated sage instead of wildcrafted sage.

Sage smoke and other forms of incense are potent allies in removing negative energy from objects and spaces in a home. Make sure you leave at least one window open for the bad energy to escape through.

If you're a new witch or you've only been practicing magic for a while, it's best to avoid mirror magic altogether. A witch's hat with flowers and a fern leaf.
Mirror breakage is a sign that your mirror may be stressed by negative energy.

Cleanse With Essential Oils

A few drops of sage essential oil or any other protective essential oil can be rubbed onto the mirror. Leave the oil on for a few minutes, and then wipe it away.

Some essential oils with protective correspondences are:

  • Sandalwood
  • Patchouli
  • Frankincense 
  • Cypress 
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender 
  • Myrrh 
  • Sage 
  • Pine 
  • Vetivert
  • Cinnamon

Choose an essential oil that has correspondences that you want to draw into you. Patchouli works with emotional energies, and cinnamon will draw in love and prosperity.

Moon Or Sun Cleansing

Putting your mirror out to be exposed to fresh air and sun or moonlight is a powerful way to cleanse it of all negative energy. Nothing can fight the power of the sun and moon, not even the most powerful spirits and demons.

You can choose to use either celestial body; it’s up to you and which energy you prefer to work with. Leave the mirror exposed to whichever light you choose for at least 4 hours.

Protecting your mirrors from negative energy. A crow and flowers on a skull.
The type of mirror you have will determine how you spiritually cleanse it.

Protecting Your Mirrors From Negative Energy

Once your mirror has been cleansed of evil spirits, curses, and negative energy, it’s time to protect it from further bad influences. Symbols and protection spells are the easiest and most effective ways to do this.

Using A Protection Spell

A protection spell is a simple routine that you can do over and over again. You can make one up for your mirror or use an already existing protection spell. 

These are best done after cleansing your mirror using one of the other methods, however. That’s because protection spells sometimes create a magical barrier around an object. 

This is great to keep things out, but it will also keep energies inside. If you haven’t banished the negative energy or entity, it’ll be trapped in your mirror.

Drawing A Pentacle On It

Drawing a pentacle on your mirror is an easy way to protect it from being possessed. The pentacle will stop anything bad from going in or coming out of your mirror.

You can draw on the glass with crayons, lipstick, or mirror markers. If you’d rather hide the pentacle, draw on the back of it. 

A sleeping cat. Drawing a pentacle on your mirror is an easy way to protect it from negative energy.
Ritual mirrors should be cleansed often.

Be Careful With Mirror Magic

Mirror magic can sometimes draw unwanted spirits to your mirror. If you’re using mirror magic in a ritual, it’s best to focus on the positive energy that the mirror brings to you. That way, negative influences won’t be able to find their way inside.

Never use mirror magic when you are depressed, stressed, or scared. Negative energy from yourself will attract evil entities to you, and your magical tools and mirrors are especially prone to attracting negativity. 

While even the most high vibe, positive people can still be harassed by negative energies, it’s simply less likely. Your personal energy will draw in more of that kind of energy. If you’re a new witch or you’ve only been practicing magic for a while, it’s best to avoid mirror magic altogether. 

Unless the ritual that you’re doing for your mirror is focused on bringing only positive energies into your life, you could be bringing in a hostile spirit along with your desired outcome.

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