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Can You Sage A House With A Baby?

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While sage has been used for centuries to cleanse people, places and things of negative energies and evil spirits, sage can be irritating to lungs when burned. For this reason, you should never sage a house with a baby.

Luckily there are many other ways to energetically cleanse spaces. From using bells to sprinkling with holy water, you can remove negative entities without irritating lungs and damaging the health of your baby.

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Smudging involves burning herbs in order to release the energy of these plants into the air. The smoke then cleanses the area by removing unwanted energies and replacing it with the energy related to the herbs burned.

You can also use incense sticks to create a sacred space. Incense is made up of essential oils which have healing properties. They can help clear out negativity and bring peace to any space.

But when you have sensitive lungs in the house, ringing bells is often the better choice. Bells with different tones will have a different effect, so it’s best to keep 2 or 3 bells around and ring them daily or as needed.

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Alternatively, sprinkling people, places, and things with holy water will bless them and remove negativity. You can also use prayers and spells to remove evil energies and entities.

If you do choose to smoke cleanse a house with sage or other herbs, take the baby out for a few hours and always leave the windows open so both the smoke and the negativity can leave easily.

We wrote more about cleansing a baby’s nursery safely here. Learn about the different ways you can cleanse a space and baby items in a baby safe way.

Smoke cleansing and smudging are traditional practices used to cleanse negative energy from oneself and the environment. They are often done during times of transition, illness, death, or other stressful events.

Here are some alternative ways to cleanse yourself and the environment:

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