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Can You Sage A House With A Baby?

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While sage has been used for centuries to cleanse people, places and things of negative energies and evil spirits, sage can be irritating to lungs when burned. For this reason, you should never sage a house with a baby.

Luckily there are many other ways to energetically cleanse spaces. From using bells to sprinkling with holy water, you can remove negative entities without irritating lungs and damaging the health of your baby.

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Smudging involves burning herbs in order to release the energy of these plants into the air. The smoke then cleanses the area by removing unwanted energies and replacing it with the energy related to the herbs burned.

You can also use incense sticks to create a sacred space. Incense is made up of essential oils which have healing properties. They can help clear out negativity and bring peace to any space.

But when you have sensitive lungs in the house, ringing bells is often the better choice. Bells with different tones will have a different effect, so it’s best to keep 2 or 3 bells around and ring them daily or as needed.

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Alternatively, sprinkling people, places, and things with holy water will bless them and remove negativity. You can also use prayers and spells to remove evil energies and entities.

If you do choose to smoke cleanse a house with sage or other herbs, take the baby out for a few hours and always leave the windows open so both the smoke and the negativity can leave easily.

We wrote more about cleansing a baby’s nursery safely here. Learn about the different ways you can cleanse a space and baby items in a baby safe way.

Smoke cleansing and smudging are traditional practices used to cleanse negative energy from oneself and the environment. They are often done during times of transition, illness, death, or other stressful events.

The Magic of Plants: Smoke-Free Sage Alternatives

One of the wonders of nature is the multitude of herbs and plants that can be used for spiritual cleansing, many of which are perfectly safe for a baby-filled environment. Here are some sage alternatives that don’t involve smoke.


Rosemary is an excellent choice for home cleansing. This herb is associated with protection, healing, purification, and love. Historically, it has been used to rid places of negativity and create a harmonious atmosphere. Instead of burning, you can infuse rosemary in water and create a gentle, fragrant spray. This infusion can be used to sprinkle or mist around the house, filling the air with its powerful energy without harming baby’s lungs.


Lavender is another herb renowned for its calming and soothing properties. It promotes peace and tranquillity, making it an excellent choice for promoting a positive atmosphere. Lavender essential oil can be added to a diffuser to disperse its aroma throughout the room, providing a smoke-free way of cleansing. Remember, a little goes a long way with essential oils, and they should always be used with caution around children.


Sweetgrass carries a feminine energy and is often used for calling forth the energy of love and kindness. Its sweet, vanilla-like scent is pleasing to many and it can be used to invite positive energies into your space. Like rosemary and lavender, it can be used to create a cleansing spray.

Witch Tip: When making your cleansing sprays, ensure that the baby is in another room. Once you have sprayed the room, wait for a few minutes to allow the mist to settle before bringing the baby back in.

Using Crystals for Baby-Safe Space Clearing

Crystals are an incredibly versatile tool for spiritual practices, and many of them are associated with cleansing and protection. What’s more, they can be a beautiful addition to any home decor. Here are a few crystals that can help cleanse your space.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the “Master Healer” among crystals. It is a high vibration stone that can dispel negative energies and amplify positive ones. You can place Clear Quartz around the house or in the baby’s room to promote a calm and peaceful environment.


Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone that can transmute negative energy into love. It has a calming energy that can encourage peaceful dreams, making it an excellent choice for placing near the baby’s crib.


Selenite is a high vibration stone that can cleanse and purify the energy in a room. It does not need to be cleansed itself, making it a low-maintenance choice. Placing Selenite in your living spaces can create a more serene environment.

Witch Tip: Be sure to keep these crystals out of reach of children. Though they are wonderful for promoting a positive environment, they can be a choking hazard for curious little ones.

Invoking Protective Deities and Guardian Spirits

Finally, another smokeless way of energetically cleansing your space is to invoke protective deities or guardian spirits. Different cultures have various deities and spirits associated with protection, especially towards children and the home.

Archangel Michael

In Christian tradition, Archangel Michael is a protector and leader of the angelic realm. You can invoke his energy for protection by saying a simple prayer or setting an intention.


Bes is an ancient Egyptian deity known for protecting households and especially children. You can invoke Bes by setting up a small image of him and offering a simple prayer for protection.


In Zoroastrian tradition, Fravashis are guardian spirits that protect individuals and households. They can be invoked by prayer and by maintaining a spiritually pure household.

When invoking deities or spirits, remember to approach them with respect. You can say a prayer, make an offering, or simply state your intention for a safe, protected space. Be clear about your need and ask for their support and protection.

Witch Tip: Invoking deities or spirits does not necessarily require a grand ritual. It can be as simple as lighting a candle, offering fresh flowers, or preparing a clean, sacred space in your home. Always remember to thank them for their protection and support.

Remember, the most important part of any cleansing ritual is your intention. Whether you’re using herbs, crystals, or calling upon higher powers, it’s your intention that fuels the process. Always approach the process with a clear, focused mind, and a strong desire to rid your space of negativity and fill it with positive energy.

Here are some other alternative ways to cleanse yourself and the environment:

Magical Lessons for Toddlers: Simple Cleansing and Protection

It’s never too early to introduce your little ones to the magical world of energy cleansing and protection. The key is to make it simple, playful, and engaging. Here are some toddler-friendly techniques that can set the foundation for their spiritual journey. Remember, the goal is not to indoctrinate them, but rather to provide them with tools that they can use to navigate their emotions and surroundings.

Bubble of Protection

A fun and effective technique is teaching your toddler to envision a bubble of light around them. This can be a game they play when they wake up in the morning or before they go to sleep. The color of the bubble can be their favorite color, or you can teach them about different colors and their meanings. For example, a blue bubble can represent calm and peace, while a pink one can signify love and kindness.

How to Teach This

  1. Ask your toddler to close their eyes and imagine a big, beautiful bubble surrounding them. Make it a fun game by saying something like, “Can you see your super magic bubble? What color is it today?”
  2. Encourage them to imagine the bubble getting bigger and brighter, filling up with lots of love and good energy.
  3. Tell them that this bubble is their special shield, protecting them from anything that makes them feel bad or scared.
  4. Remind them that they can imagine their magic bubble anytime they want, especially when they feel they need some extra comfort or protection.

Crystal Friends

Introducing your toddler to the world of crystals can be an engaging and educational experience. It’s important to remember that safety comes first; always supervise your toddler around crystals to prevent choking hazards.

How to Teach This

  1. Choose large, tumbled stones that are safe for toddlers. Rose Quartz is a great choice because it’s all about love, comfort, and soothing energy.
  2. Present the crystal as a ‘crystal friend’. Explain that this special friend is here to help them feel safe and loved.
  3. Encourage them to hold their crystal friend when they need comfort or before going to sleep.
  4. Make sure to cleanse the crystal periodically. You can turn this into a ritual, too, by placing the crystal in a bowl of water and explaining how the crystal is taking a bath.

Dance and Movement

Dancing and movement can also serve as a magical practice for toddlers. This not only helps in expelling stagnant energy but also serves as a healthy outlet for their boundless energy.

How to Teach This

  1. Encourage your toddler to dance and move when they feel upset or overwhelmed. Make it a fun and silly routine, using their favorite songs or nursery rhymes.
  2. Explain to them that dancing helps shake off any bad feelings, just like shaking off water when they’re wet.
  3. You can enhance this practice by ringing a bell or singing a simple song together to shift the energy.

Witch Tip: All of these activities should be performed with your supervision and involvement. It’s important to make these practices feel safe, fun, and comforting. As your child grows, these foundational practices can evolve and adapt with them, serving as their introduction to the world of magic and energy work.

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