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Magical Moon Phase Correspondences for the Sea Witch

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Moon phase correspondences and sea witchcraft work hand in hand. As a sea witch, aligning your practice with the lunar cycles can greatly enhance your magic and deepen your connection to water. The ebb and flow of the tides are heavily influenced by the phases of the moon, so it makes sense for the sea witch to harness these natural rhythms.

In this post, we’ll explore the unique energies of each moon phase and how the sea witch can work with them.

The moon’s magic permeates the oceans, seas, and all bodies of water on Earth. Her gravitational pull is inextricably linked to the rise and fall of the tides. Water holds memory and is quick to respond to lunar energies.

As you attune yourself as a sea witch to the moon phases, you’ll begin noticing the tides within your own spirit echoing the moon’s waxing and waning.

Aligning your spells, rituals, and intentions with the moon’s cycle grants power and rhythm to your sea witch practice. Just as the moon manipulates the oceans’ waves, so too can it help manifest your desires if properly understood and applied.

The sea witch acknowledges that we each hold the moon’s magic within us, for our bodies are watery vessels, always moving like the ever-changing tides.

New Moon

The new moon phase is an optimal time for new beginnings as a sea witch. Set your intentions, start new projects, begin new relationships, move to a new home, start a new job, or make any other significant life changes during this moon phase.

The new moon’s energy is that of inception, birth, fresh starts. As the sliver of new moon grows in the night sky, so too will your magic and intentions gather momentum.

For the sea witch, the new moon is ideal for gathering ingredients from the beach or other bodies of water to be used in spells. Scavenge for shells, rocks, driftwood, glass, sand, and other finds. Be sure to give thanks and leave an offering.

Gathering during this phase imbues the ingredients with new moon energy for your spellcraft. Make moon water by exposing water to the new moon’s beams. Add shells, sand, seaweed, crystals, sea glass, etc to give it an oceanic charge.

Meditate on the shore under the new moon. Whisper your desires to the ocean and set clear intentions for the coming lunar cycle.

The new moon is ideal for starting new moon rituals you can repeat monthly. Begin your sea witch’s grimoire or Book of Shadows under the new moon’s guidance. Clear your mind, cleanse your soul and refresh your spirit bathing in saltwater under a new moon.

  • The new moon is a time of new beginnings, setting intentions, starting new projects
  • For the sea witch, it’s a good time to begin new spells, create moon water, set goals related to improving your connection with water/the ocean
  • Make moon water by charging water overnight in the light of the new moon – add shells, sand, crystals, seaweed, etc. for added energy
  • Meditate by the ocean and set your intentions for the lunar month ahead
  • Gather plants, shells, rocks, sand, etc. from the beach for spell ingredients
Moon Phase Correspondences for the sea witch

Waxing Crescent

Following the new moon, the waxing crescent moon phase lasts about one week as the moon grows from a sliver to half illumination.

The waxing crescent is an optimal time for sea witches to perform spells drawing things into your life – abundance, prosperity, love, success, etc. Growth in all forms is supported under the waxing crescent moon.

Charge moon water, crystals, shells and other ingredients in waxing crescent moonlight before incorporating into spells.

Launch projects started under the new moon and watch them gain momentum and vitality under the waxing crescent’s energy. Connect with goddesses of vegetation and growth like Persephone as you nurture your magic.

Use green candles, moonstone, malachite, pearls, shells, sand dollars, sea glass and incense like sage or mint in your waxing crescent rituals.

Perform divination and spirit communication magic during this phase. Speak positive affirmations aloud to harness the waxing crescent’s growing power within your own spirit. Wish boxes, money spells, love spells, and healing spells will flourish under this moon.

  • The waxing crescent moon is a time of growth and gaining momentum
  • For the sea witch, perform spells to draw things into your life – love, money, healing, etc.
  • Make a spell jar or sachet using waxing moon energy and items gathered from the ocean
  • Charge crystals in the crescent moonlight before using them in spells
  • Connect with goddesses of growth like Persephone

First Quarter

Approximately one week after the full moon, the moon arrives at its first quarter phase, called such because it appears as half illuminated, a quarter of its full potential.

The first quarter moon provides a balance of waning and waxing energies, still carrying the momentum of growth but now requiring decisive action to fulfill goals.

As a sea witch, the first quarter moon is ideal for taking concrete action on any intentions set at the new moon.

If you started a job search, now is the time to apply to opportunities and schedule interviews. If you began manifesting a new relationship, now is when you’ll actively meet people. Express yourself creatively through ocean art projects. Use your magic hands-on by crafting.

First quarter moon magic emphasizes empowerment in all its forms. Wear or obtain moonstone to heighten your personal magic under this phase. Invoke goddesses of wisdom like Athena for guidance as you act.

Perform divination using water, shells, mirrors, coins, bones, flames, tarot cards and other tools under the first quarter moon and interpret the results practically.

  • The first quarter moon is a time of action and continued growth
  • For the sea witch, act on the intentions set at the new moon – take concrete steps
  • Strengthen communication skills by meditating on the beach while chanting, singing, etc.
  • Empower yourself by wearing moonstone and meditating in the moonlight
  • Perform divination using shells, water, mirrors, etc.
Sea witchcraft lunar witchcraft

Waxing Gibbous

Following the first quarter phase, the moon continues gaining illumination on its way back to full potential in the waxing gibbous phase. This phase occurs about a week after the first quarter moon.

The waxing gibbous moon possesses a distinctly powerful, willful magic best used for confidence boosting, success spells, protection magic, and tapping into your shadow self.

As a sea witch, harness the waxing gibbous moon’s intense energies for glamour magic, especially invoking Aphrodite. Use shells, pearls, moonstone, silver and mirrors on your altar during this phase. Charge tools, amulets, crystals, water and other items overnight bathed in waxing gibbous light.

Perform demanding magic requiring extra lunar power under the waxing gibbous moon. This is an optimal phase for high-level spellcraft.

Connect with fertility goddesses during the waxing gibbous moon as life force magic peaks. The veil thinning between realms pre-full moon makes waxing gibbous an optimal time to communicate with spirits and mermaids.

Take advantage of the waxing gibbous moon’s alignment with your innermost desires and transform yourself through your magic. Charge forward assertively towards your sea witch goals under this potent lunar light.

  • The waxing gibbous moon is the last phase before the full moon
  • For the sea witch, use this moonlight to charge tools, crystals, water, etc.
  • Perform spells focused on power, success, motivation, and confidence
  • Call on goddesses like Aphrodite for glamour magic
  • Use shells, moonstone, pearls and silver items on your altar

Full Moon

The full moon is the ultimate power phase for magic, greatly amplifying spells and energies. The sea witch’s magic also culminates under the full moon, so use this phase for major love spells, abundance spells, protective magic, charging tools and water, contacting spirits and deity worship.

If you can only practice spellcraft or rituals under one moon phase, make it the full moon, when magic is at its peak.

For the sea witch, bathe, swim or meditate under the full moon, ideally where water meets Earth and sky. Absorb the illuminated energy through your skin and spirit.

Collect water, shells, rocks, sand and other ingredients on a full moon night by the sea for empowerment. Worship goddesses at the shore under a full moon or channel moon energy through visualized deity embodiment.

Perform scrying by gazing into water cauldrons or mirrors under the full moon’s glow. Open up to prophetic dreams during full moon sleep. Release intentions onto burning bay leaves or paper boats floating in water.

Meditate holding crystals like moonstone and celestite bathed in full moonlight. The full moon has a three day peak, so take advantage of the entire time for amplified spellcraft, rituals and worship.

  • The full moon is the height of magical energy – use for major workings
  • For the sea witch, bathe or swim in the ocean under the full moon
  • Perform love, fertility and abundance spells now
  • Charge water, crystals and shells by exposing them to the light of the full moon
  • Meditate and visualize your goals being fulfilled under the glow of the moon
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Waning Gibbous

Around a week after full moon, the moon transitions into its waning gibbous phase, moving from completely illuminated to a reduction in light. The waning gibbous possesses a magical energy distinctly different than waxing gibbous.

Use this phase for banishing, removing obstacles, breaking addictions, ending stagnation, releasing pain, and for divination.

As a sea witch, the waning gibbous moon is optimal for returning ocean offerings in gratitude, as well as letting go of habits, thought patterns, relationships, situations and material items not serving your highest good.

Meditate by the sea and envision the waves washing away pain, suffering, sadness and challenges, leaving you feeling cleansed and refreshed. Everything has a season – use the waning gibbous to consciously close the door on the past.

Use shells gathered during earlier phases filled with herbs like bay leaves, rosemary or sage for banishing spells. Burn black candles and use iron, obsidian, salt, charcoal, sulfur and patchouli during waning gibbous rituals.

Bury symbols of what you seek to shed at crossroads or where water meets land and grant release. Scrying into fire and water during this phase provides clarity on what requires banishing from your life so you can move on.

  • The waning gibbous moon is for letting go and banishing
  • For the sea witch, return shells and offerings to the ocean
  • Perform banishing spells focused on removing obstacles, bad habits, etc
  • Release negativity by meditating on the beach and envisioning the tides washing it away
  • Use shells, sand and driftwood in spells crafted during this phase

Last Quarter

Following the waning gibbous phase, the moon arrives at its last quarter phase, completing half its transition from full back to new. The moon appears as half illuminated, a transitional balance of fading full moon magic and impending renewal.

This is a time of slowing down, resting, reflecting, absorbing lessons, tying up loose ends from the past cycle.

As the tides calm between peaks, so does the sea witch relax into the moon’s last quarter phase. Avoid starting major new projects now. Instead review goals set on the new moon – what manifested? What requires adjustment? How can your process improve next lunar cycle?

Replenish energies spent on expressing outward magic by focusing within. Meditation, spiritual baths, energy healing, divination, creativity and rest serve you now.

Perform spells releasing residual stagnation, failure, doubt, anxiety. But otherwise reflect before responding or acting during this phase.

Allow your inner tides to find calm between cycles. Worship goddesses of closure like Hecate, mystery like Sedna, or the waning Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess now. Use the last quarter moon to self-assess, find closure, tie up loose ends and prepare for the coming new moon.

  • The last quarter moon is for relaxation and reflection
  • For the sea witch, take time to rest and process lessons from the past moon cycle
  • Meditate by the ocean and reflect on intentions set at the new moon – what progress has been made?
  • Perform divination using water, shells, mirrors, etc. to gain insight into the coming cycles
  • Cleanse crystals, tools, altar items, etc. in saltwater or moonlight

Waning Crescent

The waning crescent moon phase follows last quarter, the final release of energy before returning to new moon darkness. The waning crescent phase lasts about one week as moon visibility reduces each night until completely dark by new moon.

Use this phase for banishing and protection magic. Release the last vestiges of stagnation, negative thought patterns, self-doubt, obstacles, and relationship dynamics.

The sea witch uses the waning crescent moon’s energy for personal cleansing through ritual baths with hyssop, salt, bay leaves,lavender and the like.

Perform a final energetic cleansing of your altar, tools like tarot decks, crystals, wands, chalices, spell ingredients and sacred space. Remove anything no longer needed. Only retain empowered items reflecting your true self.

Return any borrowed items to the sea or other bodies of water during the waning crescent with gratitude. Sea witches can work with goddesses of the underworld, darkness, death and rebirth during this phase like Hecate, Kali or Persephone as magic turns within.

Rest, reflect on lessons learned, and acknowledge cycles ending as the moon’s visibility decreases before renewal at the next new moon.

  • The waning crescent moon is for winding down, closure, and restoration
  • For the sea witch, perform spells focused on banishing, cleansing, and protection
  • Return any borrowed items to the ocean and beach, with thanks
  • Take a spiritual bath with saltwater and seashells to wash away negative energy
  • Cleanse and declutter your altar, tools, and sacred space

Dark Moon

Every month a few nights exist when no moon is visible, the lunar cycle’s resting phase between the waning crescent and waxing new moon. The dark moon is a pivotal reset and renewal. Magic is inactive now.

The sea witch uses this time for introspection, releasing old patterns and processing dreams. Meditate in darkness on the new cycle ahead. Perform spiritual baths, energy cleansing and aura repair. Tend to your soul.

During the dark moon, avoid performing spells or magic. Instead practice mindfulness, shadow work, prayer and visualization. Light black candles to burn away the remnants of the previous cycle and make way for the new. Take rest, spend time in nature, indulge creatively, eat cleanly and hydrate your body in preparation for the new moon rebirth.

The dark moon allows your spirit – like the tide at its lowest point – to empty completely before rising to full potential again. Only by consciously embracing this darkness within and around you can you wholly embrace the totality, the light creative fullness the new moon soon brings. Rest in the dark moon’s mystery.

  • The dark moon is a time for rest, renewal, and meditation
  • For the sea witch, avoid performing magic and focus on personal reflection
  • Take a saltwater spiritual bath to purify yourself before the next moon cycle
  • Cleanse crystals and tools in saltwater or moonlight
  • Rest, reflect, and recharge for the coming lunar cycle

By understanding and responded to the moon’s phases, the sea witch harnesses the full grace, power and magic innate to nature. Align your efforts with the tides, and soon you’ll notice greater fluidity, not just in your magic but your mindset, goals and connection to the watery world around you. Allow the moon to illuminate your sea witch path.

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