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Scorpio Sun Personality: 12 Facts About This Water Zodiac Sign

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Someone born under a Scorpio sun (October 23 – November 21) is said to be one who has “the power of life and death” in them. The zodiac sign of Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which symbolizes aggression, war, passion, sex drive, desire, anger, violence, courage, strength, ambition, jealousy, revenge, competition, and stubbornness. It is also ruled by Pluto, which symbolizes destruction, regeneration, transformation, occultism, mystery, hidden knowledge, secrets, fear, paranoia, obsession, and insanity.

The Scorpio personality type is characterized by a strong desire for independence, self-reliance, and personal freedom. They are often very secretive and have a tendency to be moody and emotional. They can also be very jealous and possessive of their partners.

According to Britannica, the name Scorpio “comes from the Greek for “rival of Ares” (i.e., rival of the planet Mars) and was probably given because of the star’s red colour and brightness.

Learn more about this mysterious sun sign, including good and bad traits, why they will be a friend for life, and how to succeed in a committed relationship with this astrological sign!


Scorpio sun personality, Scorpio constellation in black and white.

Scorpios Are Rebellious And Like To Do Things Their Own Way

The sign of Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, who is known for his rebellious nature. Scorpios are also known for their ability to hide their true personalities, which makes it easier for them to do things their own way.

They tend to rebel against authority figures or people that try to control them. If you’re dealing with authority figures as a Scorpio, just remember not to take too much offense at what they say or do. You’ll only get yourself into trouble if you let your emotions dictate your actions. Instead, keep an open mind and listen carefully before reacting.

Alone Time Isn’t A Problem For This Water Sign

Scorpios are solitary people that live in their own world and often think they have no need for social interaction. They are also known as “the sign of secrets” because they are secretive and keep their thoughts and feelings hidden.

If you see a Scorpio on their own, don’t assume they’re lonely or need your interference. Chances are they chose to get away from everyone else so they could focus without the distraction of other people’s emotions and ideas.

Scorpio sun personality, Scorpio constellation in black and white.

This Zodiac Sign Is Careful About Everything They Do And Say Because They Are Control Freaks

The sign of Scorpio is ruled in part by Mars, the planet that governs aggression and war. Unlike Aries, the other sign ruled by Mars, Scorpios wage war through psychological means rather than physical ones. Scorpios are known for their ability to control others through manipulation and intimidation.

Scorpios hate losing control of situations or themselves. For that reason they try their best to keep a tight grip on what they do and say, and that may extend out to trying to control others as well. 

That isn’t to say they’re bad people. They just care about damage control and keeping their life peaceful.

Trusting Other People Is Hard For Scorpios

Scorpios find it hard to trust others because they are afraid that their feelings will be hurt if they do. They also tend to keep things inside themselves and don’t share their emotions easily.

The result? It takes time to build up trust with Scorpios.

However, once you’ve established some sort of connection, there’s nothing like having a Scorpio you know and love beside you when times are tough. That’s one of the reasons Scorpios make great friends.

Scorpio sun personality, Scorpio constellation in black and white.

As One Of The Most Misunderstood Signs, They Need To Be Reassured And Loved

Because of their intense sensitivity, Scorpios sometimes get mistreated or taken advantage of by those around them. But despite being misunderstood, these water signs still want to be loved and accepted just like everyone else.

Give your Scorpio loved ones plenty of attention so they know they’re important to you. You’ll see that they appreciate it when someone takes time out to listen to what’s on their mind.

Enigmatic as they are known to be, they will need to be careful to harness their positive energies for the betterment of each other and keep their negative traits under a tight lid. (

This Star Sign Likes To Plan Life Out

Scorpios love to plan everything out. They are highly organized people who enjoy planning things out ahead of time. In fact, they often plan their entire lives out before starting anything new. This makes them very successful once they finally decide to act upon their plans.

They are very persistent people. They will usually stick with something until they succeed. Once they feel like they have chosen the right path, they tend to take off with no remorse. 

The creative Scorpio can tap into their intuitive nature to develop marketing strategies, conduct and apply research, and analyze data to produce one-of-a-kind marketing initiatives. (

Scorpio sun personality, Scorpio constellation in black and white.

Scorpio Might Be The Most Closed Off And Mysterious Sun Sign

Scorpios are known for their secretive nature. From the very beginning, they have been hiding things from the rest of us.

The mysterious nature also makes it difficult for others to have faith in as well as get close to a Scorpio. (

Scorpios aren’t usually the most open people around. They are hard to reach out to because of this. In fact, they often don’t trust anybody completely. This doesn’t mean that they are heartless though. They just tend to keep everything inside.

Scorpios carry a powerful presence that can be intimidating to some but also gives them an alluring and mysterious nature that draws people in. (

One Of Their Best Personality Traits Is Their Ability To Generate Unique And Interesting Ideas

This trait isn’t just limited to arts and crafts (although they excel at those). These people are excellent problem solvers, which often leads to creative solutions.

This creativity shows in everything these people do — whether it’s coming up with a new idea for dinner or solving a complex puzzle.

Being creative doesn’t mean they’re constantly trying to come up with wacky concepts, though. In fact, it’s more likely that they’ll seek out inspiration from the things around them.

When it comes to creative thinking, Scorpios are considered to be among the most talented members of the zodiac. Their natural ability to think outside of the box allows us to produce innovative ideas that often lead to breakthroughs.

This includes inventing things such as computers, cell phones and cars – and the list goes on! Because of their uncanny ability to generate new concepts, they’re capable of tackling problems that no one has ever faced before.

Scorpio sun personality, Scorpio constellation in black and white.

Scorpio Is A Faithful Friend That Loves Small Signs Of Love And Sentimentality

Scorpio is a loyal friend who loves small signs of love and sentimentality. They have the courage to show their feelings and need to be close to someone else. They have deep emotions which are sensitive and fragile.

They are good listeners and are very attentive. Their intuition is highly developed. They understand other people’s thoughts and feelings. They are intuitive and insightful. They are sincere and honest. They are capable and self-reliant.

They make for wonderful lifelong friends once you get past their outer wall. They put up walls to protect their soft inner spirit. But when they see someone they care about, they let down their guard and become vulnerable.

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They Are Terrifying When Angry Because They Are Mysterious With A Quick Temper

Scorpios are known to be mysterious and private when they’re angry because they don’t express their feelings easily and quickly. But they’re also very passionate and emotional beings who need a lot of love and attention. 

This intense sign doesn’t usually say anything unless they feel something strongly enough. That’s why it’s hard for them to show anger. Instead, they tend to act out through their words and actions. When they aren’t feeling happy about something, they may snap at someone else just to try to make themselves feel better.

They can come across as a loose cannon or like a bomb ready to go off. If you cross them, you’ll regret it. They won’t hesitate to use any means necessary to get what they want.

Their temper is quick and hot. It makes them unpredictable and dangerous. They may lash out without warning.

Scorpio sun personality, Scorpio constellation in black and white.

Playing Mind Games Is One Of Their Worst Traits

Many Scorpios play mind games and like to manipulate people. In part because they are competitive, in part because they are paranoid, a Scorpio feels like they need to control everyone around them.

Early in their lives they develop their ability to understand how people tick and what they want and need, and use that to their advantage.

If you’re not careful, they’ll turn your life into a living hell. They know exactly where to push your buttons and exploit your weaknesses. They are masters at playing mind games and using manipulation tactics to win over (or screw over) their victim.

Scorpios Are Sensitive People That Are Possessive And Insecure In Love

Scorpios are jealous and territorial. When they fall in love, they expect to be treated like royalty. Their love is obsessive and like the heat of the sun. This is overwhelming for many people, but for the right person it means they will never have to doubt their partner’s loyalty.

When they meet their soul mate, they melt into a puddle of mush. They are so emotionally attached to their lover that they can’t imagine being with anyone else.

The insecurity of a Scorpio can cause arguments with their lovers.

Scorpio sun personality, Scorpio constellation in black and white.

What Is A Scorpio Woman’s Personality Like?

A Scorpio woman has an intense personality. She is often secretive and moody. She tends to be independent, ambitious, and driven.

She loves her independence and freedom. She hates being controlled by anyone. She likes to take charge and lead. She wants to be in control.

She’s a strong-willed individual who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. She can be bossy and demanding, but she does it all with style and grace.

Her beauty is striking, but she doesn’t let it go to her head. She’s smart and witty. She’s fun to be around and enjoys making other people laugh. She’s always up for a good time.

Her sense of humor is dry and sarcastic. She can be blunt and outspoken. She’s honest and direct. She’s loyal and trustworthy. She’s opinionated and stubborn.

She’s a bit controlling and possessive. She can be manipulative and vindictive. She can be cold and distant. She’s a loner.

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What Is A Scorpio Man’s Personality Like?

Like his female counterpart, a Scorpio man has an intense personality. He’s passionate, sensitive, and emotional.

He’s very intuitive and insightful. He sees through people quickly and he’s able to read situations accurately.

He’s a great listener and cares deeply about those around him. He’s compassionate and understanding. He’s a romantic and believes in true love.

He’s a bit mysterious and elusive. He’s private and keeps secrets from most people. He’s protective and fiercely loyal. He’s a leader and makes decisions based on logic and reason.

His sense of humor is dry, sarcastic, and cynical. He’s quick witted and sharp tongued. He’s intelligent and well educated. He’s confident and charismatic.

His charm and charisma attract women.  He’s seductive, attractive and sexy.

Scorpio sun personality, Scorpio constellation in black and white.

The Secrets Of The Ever Mysterious Scorpio

Scorpios possess many useful characteristics, such as tenacity, ambition, passion, and loyalty. They tend to be driven by their inner desires and goals, rather than seeking external validation or approval.

However, this desire to succeed sometimes leads them to become self-destructive. It is not uncommon for them to seek revenge against others who impede their progress or hamper their success.

Although Scorpios enjoy life, they often feel emotionally drained when they fail to achieve their goal. Scorpios need to learn to channel their energy positively instead of allowing negativity to consume them. By doing so, they will reap greater rewards.

They also tend to be highly intuitive, emotional, insightful, and sensitive. A Scorpio’s sign will show their dominant energy and influence during every single day.

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