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What Do Moths Symbolize In Dreams: Death And Other Spiritual Meanings

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What do moths symbolize in dreams? Are they a harbinger of death, or do they represent something more benign?

The truth is that moths symbolize many things and have many possible meanings when you see them in a dream or even in real life, including representing wisdom, truth, secrets, subtlety, faith, determination, vulnerability, weakness, and even death and fatal attraction.

A brown moth on soil
What do moths symbolize in the Bible? Judgement, destruction, and decay.

Moths Represent Wisdom And Truth

When you see a moth in your dreams or in real life, it is a sign to consider yourself and everyone else around you.

Have you been living a lie? Have others been feeding you falsehoods to keep you complacent?

Consider every relationship in your life. Look at the details, and see who has been leading you to ruin and who has been honest with you.

A moth can also represent a wise figure in your life, someone that you should turn to for advice.

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A moth in black and white with a reflection
Celtic myths about moths state that they represent death in the family.

Moths Symbolize Secrets And Subtlety

We all have secrets in our lives. There are things we hide from others and from ourselves just to get through life.

A moth may be a sign that it is time to reveal one of those secrets to someone. Or, perhaps it is a warning that a secret will be revealed soon no matter what you do.

It can also be a sign of a secret that someone is keeping from you. Have you been trying to uncover family secrets and reveal things that were once hidden?

Be careful what you wish for when you look into secrets. You never know what is lurking in the shadows.

Secrets, like moths, are attracted to the light. They want to be discovered, revealed to others.

A colorful orange moth on a tree
Are moths in the house a sign or meaning?

Moths Represent Faith And Determination

As the moth drives forward to the light, it represents faith and determination even in dangerous situations.

Unfortunately, it also represents the dangers of that faith and determination, as the light bulbs hurt and sometimes kill them.

Seeing a moth is a call to examine your goals and the methods of attaining your goals. Is there something in your plans that is holding you back or sabotaging your chances of success?

Is that light you are flying towards truly something good for you, or is it a false idol that will leave you worse in the end?

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A colorful, pretty moth on a branch
What do moths symbolize in dreams?

Moths Symbolize Vulnerability And Weakness

Moths are fragile creatures that often fly towards their own death. Are you doing the same thing in your own life?

What are the patterns in your life that leave you more vulnerable, instead of stronger?

Or perhaps the moth is calling for you to lower your walls and let someone see your vulnerable side. Maybe you’re even refusing to be vulnerable with yourself.

A moth sipping from flowers at night
In some Native American traditions and superstitions, moths represent sleep and death and rebirth.

Moths Represent Death

In Celtic stories, moths represent death and children were asked to not let moths into their homes.

The Death’s Head Moth, in particular, represented death coming to a family if it entered one’s home.

In Gaelic traditions, moths represented the souls of the dead. Children were discouraged from chasing moths and butterflies, because they might be the souls of a loved one.

Some Native Americans believe that moths and butterflies teach us that death must happen for rebirth to occur.

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Moths Symbolize Fatal Attraction

The moth is fatally attracted to bright lights that burn and kill them. As they hit against those hot lightbulbs, they drive themselves towards death.

Is there something or someone in your life that you are dangerously drawn to? Perhaps it is a toxic lover, or a dangerous habit.

Whatever it is, seeing a moth is a sign to break ties with whatever that toxic thing is. You don’t have to keep hitting against that hot light bulb.

A moth on a dark blue background
There are many moth superstitions in many cultures.

What Do Moths Symbolize In The Bible?

Moths are present in the Bible and symbolize wickedness, frailty, destruction, and judgment.

The Hebrew term for moth means “to fall away”.

Some of the passages in the Bible about moths are:

For the moth will eat them up like a garment, And the worm will eat them like wool, But My righteousness will be forever, And My salvation from generation to generation.


Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal.


Therefore I am like a moth to Ephraim and like rottenness to the house of Judah.


We can clearly see how moths represent decay, judgment, and destruction among other themes in the Bible.

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Dreaming Of Moths

If you dream of moths, this may mean that you feel weak and helpless. It could also symbolize a time when you felt powerless over an unhealthy relationship.

You may need to take some action to break free from such an unhealthy situation. You may also be feeling overwhelmed by all the things going on around you.

It could also symbolize a loss of control, a time of change and transition, or an opportunity to grow and learn.

If you dream of catching moths, this may indicate that you are trying to catch a bad habit before it becomes too late.

To dream of eating moths, this may show that you are being destructive to others.

To dream that you chase after moths, this may signify that you are trying to escape from a difficult situation.

To dream that you find moths in your bed, this may foretell worries and problems.

Dreaming About A Lot Of Moths

If a lot of moths appear in your dream, this may mean that your emotions are running high. You may want to express yourself more freely than usual.

This dream may also mean that you are experiencing feelings of anxiety. If you are afraid of losing control, then this dream may help you gain insight into what you should avoid doing.

If you dream that you catch a lot of moths, this indicates that you are having trouble dealing with a problem.

A large number of moths appearing in your dream may also suggest that you are facing many challenges at once.

If you dream about finding a lot of moths in your home, this may mean that a crisis is coming soon.

If you dream you are chasing moths, this may signal that you are struggling to overcome a negative influence.

To dream of killing moths, this may reveal that you are feeling threatened by someone who has been making threats towards you.

Dreaming About Giant Moths

Giant moths may represent the fear of death. They may also symbolize evil forces. If you dream they are flying around, this may mean that there are people out to get you.

If you dream one is attacking you, this may indicate that someone is plotting against you.

If you dream they are crawling around your face, this may mean that someone is spreading rumors about you.

Moth-like creatures may represent the devil. To dream that you are fighting off these creatures, this may mean that enemies are trying to harm you.

Moth-like creatures may also represent witches. To dream that you see them, this may mean that people are trying to hurt you through gossip.

Killing Or Eating A Moth In A Dream

If you eat a moth in a dream, this may mean you will have to deal with a serious illness. If you eat a dead moth, this may mean you are suffering from a disease.

To dream of eating live moths, you may be tempted by something you shouldn’t do.

Eating a moth may indicate that you are becoming involved in a love affair.

To dream of feeding moths to other animals, this may mean that jealousy and envy are threatening your happiness.

To dream that you kill moths, this may mean that you are going to lose money.

A Moth Landed On Me In A Dream

To dream that a moth lands on you, this may mean that something unpleasant or unkind is happening to you. If you dreamed that many moths landed on you, it could mean that you are being attacked by jealous rivals.

Albino Moth Dream Meaning

If you dream that an albino moth appears in your room, this may mean that some kind of change is taking place in your life. It may also mean that you need to take care of your health.

To dream that a white moth flies around, this may signify that you are worried about your future.

To dream of catching a white moth, this may show that you are concerned about your financial situation.

Are Moths Bad Luck In Dreams?

In general, if you dream of moths, this can mean that you are preoccupied with problems. You may feel overwhelmed with worry. However, if you dream of catching moths, this may indicate that you are dealing with a difficult issue. Does this mean moths are bad luck?

No, not necessarily. The answer depends on how you interpret the dream.

Are Moths Good Luck In Dreams?

If you dream of moths fluttering around, this may suggest that you are enjoying good fortune.

To dream of seeing a large number of bright colored moths, this may bring you success in business ventures.

Big Brown Moth In The House Dream Meaning

If you see a big brown moth in your house, this may mean that a friend who has been absent for a long time is coming back into your life. This person may be important to you. It could also mean that you are having trouble making ends meet.

If you find yourself surrounded by a swarm of brown moths, this may show that there is a lot of work ahead of you. You may also be facing opposition from others.

If you see a brown moth in your room, this can mean that someone close to you is sick.

Luna Moth Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a Luna moth means that you are feeling lonely. It can also mean that you are starting to get over a broken heart.

To dream that your lover catches one of these beautiful insects, this may mean that he/she is interested in you romantically.

The luna moth is connected to the moon, so these moths represent beauty and mystery. They can also symbolize fertility.

Moth Caterpillar Dream Interpretation

If you dream of a caterpillar, this may represent your inner thoughts. It may also symbolize your fears and worries.

To dream of finding a moth caterpillar crawling on you, this may foretell illness or injury.

To dream that someone else finds a moth caterpillar on you, this may signal that you will have an enemy.

White Moth Dream

Seeing a white moth in your dream may mean that you are going through a period of great stress. If you catch one, then you will overcome this problem.

To dream that you kill a white moth, this signifies that you will lose your temper and do something foolish.

To dream that you eat a white moth, it indicates that you will be very happy.

To dream that white moths fly around, this signifies that you are going through hard times. You may even be losing money.

Black Moths Dream Meaning

If you dream of black moths, this may mean that you are experiencing some sort of loss.

To dream of being attacked by a horde of black moths, you may be experiencing some kind of emotional distress.

To dream of killing black moths, this can signify that you will face difficulties in your personal relationships.

To dream that a black moth flies around your head, this may mean that your enemies will try to harm you.

To dream that black moths crawl all over you, this can indicate that you are about to experience financial problems.