Are You A Baby Witch, Or A Novice Witch?

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I don’t write many opinion posts in general, but I wanted to dip my toe into the discussion on the use of “baby witch” to describe witches new to the craft.

This topic came up recently thanks to some trolls claiming to hex the moon, the Fae, and the Sun. I don’t have much of an opinion on them, since it seems pretty clear to me that this is nonsense.

My only opinion on that situation is that we should stop reacting so emotionally to people trying to troll us.

This is the consequence of becoming more mainstream. It won’t be going away, so stop letting it bother you.

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Should We Call A Novice A “Baby Witch”?

What I do have an opinion on, have have had for quite a while, is that we should probably stop calling novices “baby witches”“.

The term makes it easy to disrespect someone new to the craft, minimizing and dis-empowering them.

Sure, most might not care. But we should care about the words we use to describe others.

Words are magick. They create realities. And when you call someone a baby witch, you are subtly willing them to act in childish ways.

Is it so much harder to simply call them novices? Or aspirants?

Newcomer, convert, fledgling, colt, apprentice, amateur, greenhorn, novitiate, prentice, recruit, rookie, starter, student, tenderfoot, or any other synonym of novice?

I have used the term a few times (mostly in trying to improve the SEO of my blog posts, sadly), but I think it may be time to end this fad and choose more respectable terms for the youthful and new witch.

If we want to encourage new witches to come to witchcraft with maturity, we must treat them as if we assume they are mature.

If we cannot afford them this respect, then we certainly have a part in the childish actions of those that would even claim to hex celestial bodies.

We set the tone for new witches. They look up to us, and often seek to emulate us.

Let’s give them a head start in becoming the badass, powerful witches we all wish to be.

Also: Should you even be hexing anything?

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Words are magick, so we should choose what we call each other wisely. Do you want to be called a baby witch? #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca

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