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Metaphysical Phosphosiderite Meaning And Correspondences In Witchcraft

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Phosphosiderite is a calming, expansive crystal that opens your eyes to unseen realities and guides you on your spiritual path. This lavender stone is a must-have for parents of teenagers that need to control their anger.

Phosphosiderite is a rarer healing crystal with many benefits for anxiety, spirituality, relationships, and meditation. While it is rarely mentioned in articles about healing crystals, it is easy to buy online and use in your witchy spiritual practices.

When you first hold this crystal, you will feel it working with your heart almost immediately. It gives calming, loving energy to anyone that holds it.

Most phosphosiderite crystals come from Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, and the US. 

Phosphosiderite for anxiety and other metaphysical correspondences
Purple Phosphosiderite meaning. Is Phosphosiderite rare?

How Phosphosiderite Impacts Your Health

When dealing with insomnia, this crystal can come in quite handy. Place some beneath your bed or pillow to fight off nightmares and to calm a racing mind. The vibrations of this crystal will relax your muscles and turn off the internal critic so you can get some sleep.

Phosphosiderite can ease stomach pain, too. It may help the thyroid and adrenal glands when worn as jewelry.

Emotional healing is made easier by the use of this crystal, which washes away traumatic memories. Its healing properties are gentle but powerful, allowing you to work through your trauma at your own pace.

Relieve stress with the soothing vibration of this crystal.

Phosphosiderite And Spirituality

Open your third eye chakra with this stone, or release anxiety held in your heart chakra. 

This crystal works with many chakras! It will open your crown chakra up to the energies of the universe and even influences your soul star chakra. This can be done by placing the stone on your heart chakra.

You will likely feel phosphosiderite interact with all of your main chakras, energizing them and opening them up. Every time you use the crystal, the effect will be more notable.

Choose phosphosiderite when trying to connect to your spirit guides and ancestors. This crystal makes communication in the spirit realms clearer and intensifies the spiritual connections.

Meditation with phosphosiderite will open you up to messages from angelic forces, too. Or it can be used to reveal your past lives. This is a vital crystal for psychic awareness.

Work with this crystal to improve spiritual healing. You will find you have an easier time understanding divine revelation, and you’ll see a clearer spiritual path for yourself.

Spiritual awakening can be a painful, scary experience. With this healing stone, however, it can be a more comfortable and awe-inspiring experience. It will raise your vibrations and help you to break through spiritual blockages.

Phosphosiderite on a baby blue background
Learn the meaning of Phosphosiderite.

Phosphosiderite And Your Money

If you struggle to reach your goals, phosphosiderite can help. We all have financial goals, but some of us struggle with procrastination, anxiety, and self-doubt. That’s where this stone comes in.

Unleash your inner power so that you can work hard towards your goals! At the same time, phosphosiderite encourages us to be mindful of our limits and helps us to remember we need self-care, too. 

These effects mean that we will be able to work towards our goals with less chance of burning out. 

This is a creative stone that will open your mind and help you to reveal your inner artist. If you want to start a business as an artist, keep this crystal near your art supplies.

On top of that, this is a crystal of confidence. Keep it near you and your self-doubt will wash away, leaving only the confidence in yourself necessary to run a successful artistic business.

Phosphosiderite And Your Relationships

When angry, this crystal will calm your energy and allow you to focus on real solutions. This makes phosphosiderite an essential healing stone for parents, especially parents of teenagers.

The magick of this crystal is that it heals hearts but from a higher spiritual level. Arguments will be solved by properly understanding the situation from all sides, rather than merely meeting in the middle.

If you are ready to break emotional ties with toxic people, this crystal will help to do that. It will ease the pain of losing someone you were close to and help you to remember why this process is necessary.

Sometimes we need to break emotional ties with people that aren’t worthy of our love. That doesn’t mean it’s easy! That’s one reason I love to use phosphosiderite, and I used it a lot as a young adult.

Lavender Phosphosiderite crystals
Use Phosphosiderite beads for healing and learn its magical benefits.

Phosphosiderite Magick Correspondences

This gorgeous lavender crystal helps to relieve stress and eases anxiety. While this crystal isn’t usually in a witch’s collection, witches that deal with anxiety and stress should get one of these for meditation.

Spiritually, phosphosiderite connects souls together. The links are strong, so linking souls should be done with great care. 

As a spiritual seeker, you may be unsure of your path. Carrying this crystal with you will guide you and light the way. It will teach you spiritual truths hidden from others and open your heart and third eye to unseen realities.

In all situations, this crystal will expand your awareness and open you up to psychic revelations. It will also draw peace into your life.

Phosphosiderite can reveal your past life memories when used in meditation. If you need to access the accumulated knowledge of past lives, this crystal will aid you.

How To Use Phosphosiderite

Merely holding this crystal is enough to feel its effects. Stress that you have felt for years can melt away with the help of phosphosiderite!

Make sure to cleanse your crystal before using it. This can be done by leaving it at a sunny windowsill or ringing bells around it. This crystal can absorb negative energy, so you will want to cleanse any energy from its previous homes.

If you seek to connect with angels, put this stone beneath your pillow. You will dream of your guardian angel and will be able to open lines of communication with them.

Hold this crystal when meditating to open yourself up to new spiritual experiences. It is best placed on the third eye chakra.

Combine phosphosiderite with rose quartz, morganite, kunzite, petalite, or rhodonite to increase its healing effects. Other good combinations include tugtupite, pink danburite, lithium quartz, variscite, moldavite, aquamarine, celestite, lepidolite, and selenite.

Wear phosphosiderite to protect your auric field and fend off psychic vampires, curses, and negative energy.

Lavender Phosphosiderite crystals
Phosphosiderite is the perfect meditation crystal
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