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These Moon Magic Crystals Will Blast Your Soul Into Another Dimension During The Full Moon

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Moon magic is often connected with astrology, numerology, dream interpretation, psychic ability, witchcraft, and palmistry. Moon magic is supposed to bring happiness, peace, and harmony.

The moon’s influence on the body and mind is far-reaching. It affects our emotions, sense of self-esteem, moods, and mental health. The moon influences the brain, nervous system, and hormones.

To balance our lives’ masculine and feminine energies, we need to use both sun and moon magic

Moonstone bracelet

Moonstone Crystal Healing

Moonstone helps to break old habits and create new ones. It can help improve your memory and concentration. When worn, moonstone brings clarity, calmness, and balance.

It can protect you from negative energy and psychic attacks. It is also believed to strengthen the aura around your body and enhance your intuition. For these reasons, it is often recommended to wear this stone during times of trouble or stress.

Moonstone is known as the “lucky stone.” You can use moonstone to attract luck and prosperity. In addition, moonstones absorb negativity. If you practice witchcraft, these stones can help banish negative energy.

You can wear moonstone jewelry during rituals involving moon spells. Place a moonstone on your altar and set out candles around it to honor and connect with lunar energies.

You can use these crystals to develop clairvoyance. Some believe that these stones are potent tools for psychic development.

Other users say that moonstones help promote feelings of peace and tranquility. Moonstone is believed to bring balance between masculine and feminine energies. Crystal healers often recommend these stones for energy balancing.

Moonstones are said to cleanse the aura and clear negative thoughts. They are believed to increase intuition. Some people use moonstone jewelry to attract positive emotions.

Moonstones are believed to enhance communication skills and improve mental clarity. Users claim that these stones provide emotional support and spiritual guidance.

Some people think that using moonstones enhances creativity. Others say that moonstone helps calm anxiety.

Moonstones are considered to be a valuable stone for meditation. People use them to focus their minds and reduce stress.

Moonstones are thought to aid in dream recall. Many people believe that these stones can induce lucid dreams.

Opal necklace

Opal Metaphysical Properties

Opals can be used as talismans. The stone has magical properties and can help heal physical ailments.

One way to use opals is to wear them during meditation to gain psychic abilities.

Crystal healers find great use for opals. Opals remove pain and negative feelings such as anger and depression. These are often used together with quartz crystals.

Using these two stones in conjunction helps to balance emotional energies. You may wish to carry opals with you at all times.

You can keep your opals in a pouch made from silk or satin. While wearing the stones, think about the problems you would like to dissolve. Then focus on these problems and imagine that they are disappearing.

When working moon magick, opal is an excellent tool. Wear the stones while meditating. This will allow you to receive messages from the moon gods.

You can place the stones on your altar. Use them to call upon the goddesses and spirits.

Quartz crystal towers

Using Quartz Crystals In Your Magick

Quartz crystals offer protection and improve psychic abilities. They help us understand our spiritual purpose. They help us develop intuition, clear negativity, and achieve higher consciousness.

Crystals are used in spiritual practices such as meditation, shamanism, and divination. Crystals aid in communication between worlds and spirits. They help us connect with our inner wisdom.

Quartz crystal energy improves psychic ability, enhancing mental clarity, increasing insight, and developing clairvoyance. It helps us explore hidden layers of our psyche.

It can also increase concentration, enhance memory, and enhance overall well-being.

Many healers believe that quartz crystals can bring balance and harmony to your life. Crystal healing works by clearing past events, removing negative influences, releasing stress, and balancing the body.

You can use quartz crystals in lunar magic by focusing on the moon and its powers while you hold the crystal. It will tap into the vibrational energy of the moon and draw it into yourself.

Use quartz crystals to protect against hostile forces. Hold the crystal when you sleep and visualize blackness surrounding you.

Place the crystal near your bed so that it protects you from nightmares. Keep the crystal close to your heart when you go out walking.

Holding a crystal to your head will help you to see visions. Hold the crystal to your forehead if you want to communicate with others.

Selenite crystal towers

Using Selenite For Lunar Magic & More

Selenite is another powerful crystal that aids in lunar magick. It is used to attract love, prosperity, and good luck.

Selenite increases psychic awareness and enhances intuitive skills. It helps you to reach new heights and discover new possibilities.

The selenite crystal activates the third eye chakra and opens up psychic channels. It helps us to become aware of other levels of reality.

This stone allows us to communicate more fully with ourselves and others. It assists us in exploring our subconscious mind.

Try holding a selenite crystal under your pillow if you have trouble sleeping. Place the crystal next to your bed. It will absorb dark energies and turn them into light.

Selenite offers increased psychic power and enhanced spiritual abilities during the full moon

Hold the crystal for protection during travel. Place the crystal on your car dashboard.

Labradorite moon magic

How Labradorite Can Help You Magically

Labradorite helps keep your energy balanced and protects you from negativity. When you wear Labradorite jewelry, it brings prosperity and harmony to your relationships. Labradorite strengthens friendships and encourages generosity.

When you wear Labradorite jewelry in stressful situations, it helps calm you instantly. Labradorite helps you reach your maximum potential—labradorite aids in goal setting and dream fulfillment.

It is known that this gemstone provides inner strength through its ability to balance and stabilize emotions. Labradorite can help to heal emotional wounds, including grief. It is said that labradorite brings peace and calmness to a troubled soul. When you wear labradorite, it will improve your outlook on life. You will feel less anxious about anything because of how this stone calms your mind.

Some say that wearing labradorite helps protect you from psychic attacks. In addition, Labradorite wards off negative emotions such as envy, jealousy, and anger.

When you wear this stone, you feel more assured and secure. Your thoughts remain clear; you’re less likely to lose your temper. People will notice your positive attitude.

Wearing labradorite gives you inner peace and balance, even during times of stress. The stone works to help you release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Labradorite brings new ideas and solutions to your problems.

Labradorite can strengthen your intuition and enhance clairvoyance. It promotes inner awareness and opens the mind to higher spiritual planes.

Wear labradorite around your neck or wrist. Place a small piece of labradorite in your pocket. Carry a Labradorite stone pendant.

You’ll get many benefits by wearing labradorite. Wear it every day. Keep it close to you to touch it whenever you need reassurance.

Labradorite is attributed to the moon goddess Selene. She is the protector of travelers, and she wears her crown of moonlight to bring light and hope into the darkest places of our world. The presence of this beautiful gemstone in your home or office would be a reminder of the healing powers of the moon goddess.

A woman holding different witchy crystals

How To Use These Crystals

When we put these stones near our bodies, they vibrate and transmit energy. The vibrations can heal illness and release toxins from our cells.

Crystals work best when placed around the organs or on the body. They may help relieve pain and relax tense muscles. You can set the stone in any position that feels comfortable. Place one next to your bed before going to sleep. Your bedroom should feel like a peaceful temple where you can create magical experiences.

The best way to cleanse the body before using crystals is to shower. Showering removes dirt and grime that accumulates during the day. After cleansing yourself, rub the crystals with your hands. Rubbing the stone will stimulate its energy.

Crystals can be used as amulets. Amulets are objects that are believed to have mystical powers. Use them as talismanic tools. Carry them around with you. Hold them close to your heart. They can ward off evil and attract positive energy.

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