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How can a witch come out of the broom closet?

Very few people enjoy living a secret life hidden from all but the most trusted of friends. Unfortunately for many witches and pagans, this is their reality, especially when they are young.

Coming out of the broom closet is a very popular topic. Everyone has different ideas about how and when to do it, and what you choose to do will be based on your friends, family, and living situation.

Someone who is still underage and living with their parents will have a very different coming out story than an adult who lives on their own.

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How To Bless An Object

Every now and then, we all buy, are given, or own an object with negative energy attached to it.

Sometimes those are items that you had when you received bad news, like your grandma’s ring that you were wearing when she died. You want to keep those objects in your life, but they are painful reminders of bad times.

Other times, those objects came to you with the bad energy attached, like a thrift store scarf that gives you an ominous, negative feeling.

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Are Witches Born Or Made?

Must you be born as a witch, or can one become a witch through practice?

In popular media, the title of “witch” is often seen as something passed on within witch families through many generations. They claim to be descended from a witch that escaped the Salem witch trials, or perhaps earlier witch hunts in Europe.

But is that a realistic representation of witches and witchcraft? Or is there more to it than simple genetics and the random chance of birth into such a family?

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