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Magickally Cleaning Your Mirrors

How to cleanse a mirror used in witchcraft

How often are you cleaning your mirrors? Mirrors get dirty. Sure, they accumulate dust, but that’s not what I mean today. You can clean the toothpaste and dust from your mirrors easily with a wipe down.

But what can you do if your mirror becomes spiritually dirty? How can you cleanse a mirror that is harboring negativity and malevolent spirits?

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How To Read The Symbols On Astrology Dice

how to use astrology dice for divination

I recently started selling a little-known divination tool called Astrology Dice. These dice have astrological symbols on them and give simple but clear answers to questions. That makes Astrology Dice a unique divination tool that leads to different answers than what you will get with normal dice divination.

However, I don’t sell a book that explains the meaning behind the symbols. This blog post will remedy that, giving you the information you need to divine your future with these cool dice.

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Mirror Magick For Beginner Witches

Mirror magick and mirror scrying as a form of occult divination

How do you perform mirror magick or scry with mirrors?

Can mirror magick reveal your future?

Do you love looking in mirrors, or do you avoid them at all cost? How many times have you broken a mirror, and dreaded the years of bad luck? What really makes reflective surfaces so enticing to us?

Humans love to look at themselves, preening and perfecting their outward appearance. Sometimes, some people become so caught up with their outer appearance that they completely forget about cultivating their inner beauty!

So, why do mirrors draw us in, or revolt us, so much?

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How To Hire A Reputable Psychic Online

When you want to hire a psychic online, what do you look for? And is an online psychic reading different from one that’s done in person?

When psychics and mediums first became popular in the Victorian era, a medium that charged for their gifts was seen as a fraud. Those that gave their gifts freely, however, were less likely to be scorned than those who were paid.

Why did this happen? It was a mix of cultural gender norms and the idea that a spiritual gift wasn’t worth payment.

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Why The Pentacle Is The Strongest Pagan Symbol In The World

The power of the pentacle in witchcraft: discover why this symbol has endured for 8000 years.

For those who have never been part of a witch community, or never had a witchy friend, the pentacle might seem scary. Through popular media and religious discrimination, this ancient symbol has been twisted into a symbol of evil.

What does the pentacle stand for or symbolize? The pentacle represents the elements, manifestation, the divine feminine, the human form, celestial power, and protection.

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When A Witch Falls In Love: A Real Love Spell That Works!

This love spell is meant to be used at the beginning of courtship between two people. You are both still trying to figure each other out. The butterflies in your belly are out of control and you are desperate to define the relationship.

This spell works with whatever love is there and simply enhances it a little bit. It’s not going to make someone dangerously obsessed with you like the love spell from The Craft did. It merely takes the emotions that are already there and brings them to the surface, along with a little bit of honesty.

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1 Easy Self Love Spell: How To Have Self Confidence and Inner Strength Even When Mercury Is In Retrograde And Everything Sucks

Why do we need to perform a self love spell?

One Easy Self Love Spell For Tired, Anxious Witches

As we work through this Mercury retrograde, you may be feeling frustrated and sick of it all. I know that I’m not only sick of everyone else, but I’m pretty sick of myself. I keep making mistakes that are easy to avoid, which is just making my whole life absolutely chaotic.

But beating myself up isn’t helping anything. Actually, being too hard on yourself during trying times will only make you more likely to make mistakes! Let’s all take a step back and really love ourselves.

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Lucky Coin Money Spell

It’s time to draw more cash into your wallet! This lucky coin money spell is fun and easy, and it’s a long lasting spell that you can carry with you forever.

Nearly everyone is looking for ways to make more money. This money spell may not bring in a huge sum all at once, but it will make you more likely to come across money on the ground and other simple ways to increase your wealth.

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The Anatomy of a Great Spell

Fill your DIY book of shadows with your own handmade spells. Make your own witchcraft and fill your grimoire with your own spells. Follow these tips to make your own witch's spell book on a budget. You can design your own love spells, money spells, easy spells for beginners, spells for kids, incantations, talisman spells, revenge love spells, manifestation spells, and more. These tips are great for witches, pagans, wiccans, and occultists. #witchcraft #witch #occult #magick #lawofattraction

Do you want to learn how to write spells? Do you have a specific need that no spell has ever been written to address?

Whether you’re trying to learn how to make a spell for love or how to write magick spells to make an original book of shadows, there are some easy templates you can follow.

Do you know what ingredients should go into a spell? What phase of the moon to do a love spell in? You can improve your magickal practice with spells that fit your needs, desires, and your unique symbolic library.

Learning magick is all about doing magick, so let’s figure out how to write a great spell.

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