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Using Moon Water for Powerful Sea Magic (Sea Witchcraft)

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Sea witchcraft and sea magic using moon water will amplify the power of your spells and rituals. As a sea witch, you likely already feel a deep connection to the ocean and the energy of water. By harnessing the magic of the moon through moon water, you can tap into lunar power to fuel your craft. In this post, I’ll explain how to make moon water and provide 15 ways to use it for powerful sea magic.

What is Moon Water?

Moon water is simply water that has been charged under the light of the moon to absorb its energy. It can be made under any moon phase, but is most potent when charged under a full or new moon. To amplify the charging, you can place clear quartz crystals in the water. Store moon water in glass jars or bottles away from sunlight, as it will start to lose its charge over time. For best results, make a fresh batch monthly.

How to Make Moon Water for Sea Magic

To make moon water for use in sea spells and rituals, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Glass jar or bottle with lid
  • Water – spring, rain, or distilled water works best
  • Quartz crystals (optional)
  • Seashells or sea salt (optional, to enhance the sea energy)

Here is the basic process:

  • Collect water in your jar or bottle. Try to fill it to the top to minimize air space.
  • If you want to enhance the sea magic, add some small seashells or a pinch of sea salt to the water.
  • Place the jar or bottle outside or in a spot where it will get direct moonlight overnight.
  • For extra power, set clear quartz points or tumbled stones around the bottom or in the water.
  • In the morning, retrieve your charged moon water and store it somewhere away from sunlight until you are ready to use it.

Now that you know how to make sea-charged moon water, let’s look at how to incorporate it into your craft.

Moon water sea magic

Using Moon Water for Powerful Sea Magic

Moon water charged under the moon’s light with seashells or salt takes on potent ocean energy. Here are 15 ways to use it for your sea witchcraft and rituals:

1. Enhance Potions

One of the most straightforward ways to use moon water is to add it as an ingredient in potions and elixirs. The lunar infusion will strengthen any potion’s effects. Try using it in:

  • Love and lust potions – capitalize on the associations between the moon and emotions
  • Healing potions – promote physical and spiritual wellbeing
  • Visions and prophetic dream potions – harness the moon’s psychic influence
  • Glamours and beautifying potions – enhance your natural radiance

Get creative and experiment with potions suited to your craft! The moon water will amplify their power.

2. Offerings to Sea Deities

Show honor and appreciation to sea gods, goddesses, and spirits by leaving moon water offerings. Some ways to do this:

  • Pour moon water into the ocean as a libation.
  • Fill a seashell with moon water and place it on the shoreline or your altar.
  • Leave offerings in a special bowl or cup designated for your sea deity shrine.

As you present the offering, speak from your heart and align with the energy of the moon.

3. Spell Ingredient

In place of or in addition to ocean water, incorporate moon water into sea magic spells. Use it to:

If you can’t access ocean water easily, moon water is the next best option for spellcraft.

4. Anointing Oil

Mix moon water with essential oils suited to your purpose to create a powerful anointing oil. Dab it onto:

  • Altar tools, wands, crystals, candles (great for consecration)
  • Your pulse points before ritual to align your inner flow with the moon
  • Paper talismans, spell bottles, or jars

Sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, and sage make excellent oil bases for sea magic.

Sea witchcraft lunar water

5. Crystal Cleansing

Let crystals soak overnight in moon water to cleanse and recharge them. It’s perfect for gemstones associated with the sea and moon like:

  • Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Aquamarine
  • Pearl
  • Flourite

Rinse crystals after soaking to remove any residual salt.

6. Purify Sacred Space

Before starting ritual, lightly sprinkle some moon water around your altar or sacred space to purify the area. You can also add it to floor wash mixtures. The lunar infused water will raise the vibrations.

7. Ritual Chalice

Fill your ritual chalice with moon water and place it on your altar to represent the element of water during ceremonies. During rituals, take a sip to internalize the intentions set into the water.

8. Scrying Mirrors

Place a bowl of moon water near your scrying mirror to enhance your practice. Gaze into the water itself for additional divination. The moon’s reflective qualities boost all types of mirror magic.

9. Moon Bath

Add some moon water to your bath tub before ritual bathing to align yourself with the moon’s energy. As you soak, state your intentions. The lunar infusion promotes psychic abilities, intuition, and flow.

For extra power, add mugwort, lavender, chamomile, rose petals, or sea salt.

10. Beautifying Magic

Harness the moon’s glow for beautification magic. Splash your face with moon water or use it as a toner. For enhanced glamour, add crystals like rose quartz or flowers like jasmine and lavender. Apply by moonlight for optimal results.

11. Dream Magic

Place a jar of moon water by your bedside or beneath your pillow to stimulate prophetic dreams and visionary experiences during sleep.

For extra impact, drink a cup of tea infused with mugwort and a splash of moon water before bed. Record dreams in the morning.

12. Healing Magic

The gentle light reflected in moon water makes it ideal for healing spells. Options for use:

  • Drink it for internal healing.
  • Wash over areas of pain or disease.
  • Apply topically with medicinal herbs.
  • Add to baths – esp. with Dead Sea or Epsom salt.

Visualize healing while applying or soaking in the water.

13. Offerings to Nature

Show honor to water spirits and nature:

  • Water outdoor plants and trees with charged moon water.
  • Pour moon water into lakes, rivers, streams, etc as an offering.

Nature will thank you for the liquid light.

14. Manifestation

Write your desires on paper or engrave in candles. Submerge in moon water overnight, then remove, let dry, and bury in earth or burn. The moon energy will help manifest your goals through the elements.

15. Charging Items

Soak crystals, wands, altar tools, shells, or any other items associated with sea magic in moon water overnight to infuse them with lunar power. For longtime charging, keep a bowl of water on your altar.

Incorporating moon water into your sea witchcraft and ocean magic provides a boost of lunar energy to your practice. I hope these 15 ideas inspire you to get creative with how you use this versatile tool in rituals, spells, offerings, baths, and more. Experiment and find what resonates most powerfully for your craft.

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