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Faeries – Lughnasadh Wicca Ritual

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I am currently working on a ritual for Lughnasadh – the celebration of the first harvest. I wanted to incorporate a way to thank the Fae for the abundance they bless us with each year.

During the festival of Lughnasadh (also known as Lammas), we to honor the Gods and Goddesses of the land we live on.

The First of August is the midway point between Summer and Autumn. It is associated with the grain harvest and New Harvest. It is also the time when the sun enters the zodiac sign Leo.

A Celtic God of Light is associated with this festival. Lugh is known as a Sun God and Lord of Light. His mother, Tailtiu was a goddess of fertility and agriculture.

As the sun rises on the first day of Lugnasadh, it heralds the coming harvest. The Sun God has made the fields ready for the harvests of wheat, barley, oats, rye, beans and peas.

Lughnasadh is celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. In North America, it is celebrated by Pagans and others in various new age religions.

In my opinion, Lughnasadh is one of the best times of the year to celebrate the Fae. They will be very happy that you have honored them during this special time of the year.

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Who Are The Fae?

The Fae are nature spirits who dwell in the forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. They are often depicted as beautiful humanoids or winged creatures.

They can take many forms including fairies, elves, pixies, dryads, nymphs, sprites, gnomes, goblins, kobolds, kelpies, brownies, leprechauns, trolls, etc.

Many people believe that there are different types of fae. Some say that there are good fae and bad fae. Others say that all fae are good.

There are many stories about faerie folk. Most of these tales focus on their mischief and tricks. This is because most humans do not want to acknowledge the existence of such beings.

However, some cultures revere the fae. For example, many of my friends believe that the fae are benevolent beings who help mankind. These beings protect the crops and provided food for the people.

Some believe that the Fae were been created by the Gods to help man. However, over time, the Fae became evil and jealous of man’s power.

The Fae are generally friendly towards humans. However, if a person does something wrong, the Fae may punish him/her.

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Why Celebrate Lughnasadh?

Lughnasadh celebrates the first harvest. We give thanks for the abundance of life-giving foods. This is a great time to make offerings to the Gods and Goddesses. You can offer your prayers, praise, gratitude, and respect.

You can also ask for blessings from the Gods and Goddesses for the upcoming season. Lammas is the perfect time to begin planting seeds of manifestation for next year.

The themes of Lammas include :

  • Abundance
  • Growth
  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Harmony
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Good Fortune
  • Wisdom

We can use this time to thank our Gods and Goddesses for everything they have done for us.

What To Do During Lughnasadh

There are many activities and rituals that can be done for Lughnasadh!

Give Offerings

We can give offerings to the gods and to the earth such as:

  • Food
  • Flowers
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Wine
  • Mead
  • Honey
  • Oats
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Harvest Something

Something in your life is probably coming to an end. This is the season to harvest what you have worked so hard for.

This could be anything from a job, house, car, relationship, hobby, etc.

If you have finished a project, then you should thank the Gods and Goddesses and share your success with others.

Celebrate Your Success

It is important to recognize your successes. If you have achieved a goal, then you should celebrate it.

Ask yourself how you feel about your achievement. Do you feel proud? Happy? Satisfied?

Do you feel like celebrating? Why not invite your friends and family to join you?

Make A Wish

On the first day of Lughnasadh, we can make wishes for ourselves and our loved ones. This is a powerful time to do manifestation magic. 

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Prayers And Blessings

During Lughnasadh, you can pray to the Gods and Goddessess. You can pray for peace, prosperity, health, love, friendship, wisdom, protection, fertility, luck, etc.

Send some of those blessings to your loved ones, too!


You can perform a ritual at Lughnasadh. This will allow you to connect with the Gods and Goddesses more deeply.

You can do this alone or with other people. You can use any type of incense, oil, herbs, candles, etc.

You can also create your own ritual. It doesn’t matter what kind of ritual you choose. You can use any type of symbolism that suits you. 

Faerie Ritual For Lughnasadh

If you want to open up a line of communication with the Fae during Lughnasadh, try this ritual.

First, get a piece of paper and write down all the things that you would like to learn from them. Then, burn the paper in a fire safe container.

Next, take out your wand and hold it above your head. Say “I call upon thee, faery folk! I summon thee forth!”

After saying these words, blow three times on the wand. Now, sit back and relax. Let the spirits come to you. They will answer your questions and tell you their stories in whatever way best suits them. Stay focused and let them speak.

When you are ready, put the wand away. Thank the Fae for their answers.

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Prayer To The Fae For Harvest Season

If you want to ask the Fae for help in the harvest during the fall, you can try this prayer.

I call on ye by the name of the fairies, the winged creatures beyond the sky,

For ye have knowledge of the things of the past, of the present, and of the future,

But the mortals know naught thereof; therefore, I pray thee, good fairy, divine,

Of green-eyed beauty, guardian of the harvest moon,

Spouse of the starry vault, bearer of the golden harrow,

Guide of the cornfields, preserver of the crops, giver of fruit,

Keepers of the herds, send down rain for our needs,

Let us rejoice at the coming of the seasons,

May we eat well of the fruits of the land,

And may we live long and prosperously,

In the name of the Lord and Lady. Amen.

Lammas Harvest Ritual With The Fae

This ritual can be done at Lammas (first of August), when the sun has reached its highest point in the sky. The purpose of this ritual is to bring together the elements of nature and spirituality.

To begin, you need an altar. You can use anything you like. However, it should be something special.

Place a picture of the God/Goddess of your choice on the altar. Also place a candle in front of the picture.

Next, place a bowl of water next to the altar. Place a handful of seeds in the water.

Light the candle and say: “By the power of the Sun and Moon, I invoke thee, O spirit of the earth! By the power of the stars and the winds, I invoke thee, spirit of the air! By the power of fire and water, I invoke thee, blessed Faeries! Come unto me now, and be my witness!”

Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself standing outside in the fields. Feel the wind blowing through your hair as you look around. Hear birds chirping. See the grass growing. Smell the freshness of the air.

As you feel yourself getting closer to the Spirit World, see the colors of the rainbow. Feel the warmth of the sunlight.

The moment you feel that you are connected to the Spirit World, stop imagining and start talking to the Fae. Ask them about the weather, the crops, the animals, etc.

Ask them if they have seen any signs of danger. If so, what do they think might happen? What do they recommend we do?

Ask them if there is anything else you can do to improve the situation.

When you are finished with your conversation, thank the Fae for their wisdom.

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Hymn To The Fae For Lammas

The Fae shall come to us,

Mysteriously, mysteriously,

In their hidden ways.

They shall come to us, strangely,

Strangely, mysteriously,

From the secret paths of the wood.

When we call them they shall appear,

Appear, appear, suddenly,

With all their magic powers.

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