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Candle Magic Resources For Beginner Witches

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Witches practice candle magic because it is very easy to set up and perform, it can be done anywhere as long as you have a few candles and a lighter or matches available, and candles are very affordable tools. 

This round up has spells, book of shadow pages, candle recommendations, and information about candle correspondences.

Candle magic for beginners. Black candles.
Why do witches do candle magic, and should you join them?

About Candle Magic

Candles can be used for spell work, or just to set the mood in a room.

There are many different kinds of candles that can be used in candle magic, and there is even a whole industry devoted to selling candles.

You can use votive, tea light, or even simple birthday candles if you’re on a budget.

Candle Magic In Witchcraft

Candle magic is a tradition going back for centuries. In that time, it has evolved to include rituals invoking blessing, prosperity, love, and many other types of magick. 

Candles are useful for spell working because they are readily available and easy to use. They provide a center for your energies and can be used as focus points in meditation. Candles are sources of light, and their colors can be used to represent the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. 

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