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Crystals For The Summer Solstice

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One of the most important sabbats in the pagan calendar is the Summer Solstice. It is celebrated when the sun reaches its zenith and is on either June 20th or 21st (in the Northern Hemisphere), and this festival marks both the longest day and quickest night of the year. Therefore, it is one of the four most important sabbats. 

The Summer Solstice is celebrated by many Wiccans, witches and pagans worldwide on June 21st. In Scotland and Ireland, it is sometimes called Alban Hefin, which means “brightest day.” Wiccans all over the world will be celebrating the summer solstice and making offerings to spirits and deities.

Crystal healing 101: Crystals for the summer solstice infographic.
The summer solstice is the day for the longest period of daylight in the year. It occurs 21 or 22 June, depending on what calendar is used.

The Best Crystals To Use For Summer Solstice

If you want to use crystal healing magic during the summer solstice, I suggest using the following crystals:


This is a powerful crystal which is used in many ritual and spells. It is primarily used to enhance psychic abilities and has been linked to spiritual purification. 


Andalusite is often used when you want to expand your awareness to call in more positive energy. It’s an excellent crystal to use for healing, and it helps when you want to learn new concepts instead of just memorizing facts. It is a good stone used in spells that involve the mind and physical organs, like the brain.

Summer solstice crystals: Andalusite
Spiritually, andalusite crystals represent the male aspects of the divine energies. They are a reminder that we can all be balanced, strong and self-sufficient. Andalusite is a great stone for those who feel their life is out of control, and they are looking to get it back under control.


This crystal is recognized as the “Stone of Courage and Inspiration” and is used to attract prosperity. It is also used to heighten intuition and psychic abilities.


This crystal is best known as the “Stone of Luck,” as it’s said that those who carry it will be lucky. It has also been noted that Aventurine wards off nightmares, anxiety, and stress.


This crystal is known as the “Stone of Love.” It’s used to promote the soul mate connection. Chrysoprase also helps to keep relationships strong. It’s a powerful stone which can help you to make decisions. It helps you be more open-minded when you need to use logic and reason.


This crystal is often called the “Stone of Opportunity,” as it’s said that if you carry it with you, you will have good opportunities for success. It’s also a stone of abundance, and it brings prosperity into your life. Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz.

Summer solstice crystals: Citrine
Citrine represents abundance and prosperity.


This crystal is most commonly known as the “Stone of Mental Clarity” and is also used to promote inner tranquility, harmony, and balance. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, as well as being excellent for meditation. It is also a powerful protective stone.


This crystal is called the “Stone of Heaven.” It has also been used for its healing properties, helping to heal both physical and emotional wounds. It is also said to bring peace and tranquility into your life and to aid with astral travel.

Lapis Lazuli

This stone is associated with the power of the mind and used in rituals to bring mental clarity. It is also linked with ritual magic to enhance psychic abilities (especially in learning new things).


This crystal is called the “Stone of Wisdom.” It’s used in rituals to promote spiritual insight and aids in psychic abilities. It is also said to be a good stone against nightmares

Summer solstice crystals: Obsidian
Obsidian represents the properties of vision, revelation, and wisdom. It is highly protective against psychic attack or black magic when placed under the pillow at night.

Rose Quartz

This crystal (sometimes known as the “Stone of Love”) is an essential stone for those who want to attract love into their lives. It can also be used in spells for healing and protection, and it’s also found to have potent healing properties relating to mental clarity. It’s also great for meditation. It is a pink variety of quartz.


This stone is known as the “Stone of Good Luck” and promotes harmony, balance, truth, and friendship. It’s an ancient stone which was used by shamans in rituals and ceremonies. Today it’s still used for ritual magic, as well as being a popular gemstone for jewelry. 

If you wondered what the best crystals to use for the summer solstice are, this article should answer your question. I hope that you learned something new from this article. And if you do learn something new, please share it with other people so that they can learn something too!

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