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5 Simple Litha Ritual Ideas For A Magical Midsummer

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Litha or summer solstice is the longest day of the year and a time for celebration, reflection and renewal. It’s also an excellent time to do some ritual work that will help you prepare for the dark days ahead.

Pagans and eclectic witches take great pleasure in marking the solstices and equinoxes with special activities, ceremonies and rites.

Summer Solstice is a wonderful time for fasting, introspection and self-discovery. A time to reflect on the past, look forward into future and plan out the next steps into the new months ahead.

In many ways, the cult of the Sun God is similar to the cult of the Moon Goddess. Both deities are associated with the cycles of growth and regeneration, fertility, life giving warmth and nourishment.

Although the Sun and Moon Gods differ in their roles within the pantheon of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, they share many similarities. If we consider the Sun God as an expression of the Male principle, then the Moon Goddess is the embodiment of the Female principle.

Litha is a great time to connect with nature and divine masculine energy. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine! There are other simple rituals you can do during Litha to celebrate, however. Here are five ideas for your magical midsummer:

Love and peace in the sunset

Summer Solstice Meditation

Whether you’re in a coven or you’re a solitary practitioner, you should start your summer solstice outside. Enjoy the sunrise and meditate as the light washes over you.

We encourage pagans to spend at least fifteen minutes daily meditating upon the solstice. This meditation can be done alone or within a group setting.

Summer Solstice meditation is an important part of celebrating the summer solstice. It is an opportunity to strengthen your connection with the Sun, the Supreme Being, the Eternal Light. As such, the Summer Solstice provides an opportunity for each witch to meditate directly upon their own divine powers and potentials.

To meditate for this pagan holiday, simply sit outside under the sun and close your eyes. Envision yourself bathing in the sunlight. Feel it warm your skin and fill your heart with love and joy.

This is not a time to think about anything negative. Instead, focus on all the good things you have going on right now. Think about what you want to accomplish in the coming months. What would make you happy? How could you improve your life? These questions will help you get clear on what you wish to achieve.

Allow yourself to have pleasant daydreams of the rest of the year while you meditate.

Banish Evil Spirits For Midsummer

During this time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, we are in close proximity to powerful spirits. A banishing ritual is performed so that they may no longer interfere with us.

Many witches celebrate the mid summer holiday season as an opportunity to remove all demons from both oneself and others. The purpose of these ceremonies is to free yourself from demonic influences and to protect your home and family against any intrusion from outside forces.

It is important to understand that the demons you have encountered in life are not going anywhere until they are removed from your life. As a result of this, the best approach is to be proactive about removing them.

Demons are beings of darkness and evil and it is important to remember that once we invite them into our lives they have the potential to corrupt us by leading us away from truth and goodness. We need to learn how to prevent these demons from having access to us and our homes.

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Summer solstice table altar with daisies

Grow On Your Spiritual Path With Sunflower Seeds

The act of planting a seed and allowing it to grow is inherently magical. It’s best to start this spell earlier in the year. All you have to do is whisper a wish or goal to your sunflower seed and plant it.

The idea is to plant your seeds early enough so they can get big and healthy before summer solstice. And even though we know there’s no guarantee that anything growing out of the ground will be successful, we still try to make sure our seeds are planted when weather conditions are optimal.

When you plant them, hover your hands over the soil and say “I’m going to see my goals fulfilled.” This spell allows the growth of the plant to strengthen your wish until you finally achieve all of your goals.

Help The Battle Between Light And Darkness

You can help the sun survive the growing night. To do this, we have a few ways to help the Sun survive the darkness. At night time, light fires and torches. This is how you can help the sun to survive the winter even as the night succeeds in overtaking it.

At night time we burn candles and lights to protect ourselves from the darkness that surrounds us, but also to keep the Sun alive.

Burning candles to create light while at night has a long history, from the burning of Incense sticks in India to Catholic Church altars, lighting candles is a powerful act of faith and devotion to both God and Goddess alike, and is a very common practice among Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and pagans worldwide.

For this reason, we offer this candle lighting ceremony after sunset.

We need to keep the Sun alive through the cold days so that it may shine again in the springtime when the Sun returns to Earth after hibernation. 

It is an Austrian tradition to celebrate the summer solstice with lighting bonfires in the mountains. This fire was lit on the mountain Kitzbueheler Horn.
Photo by Lorenz Huter on Unsplash

Speak With The Mischievous Spirits On Your Land

To speak with mischievous spirits is to invite them to occupy your land. In other words, you are inviting them to live in your home, or at least to be present in it.

It should be noted that the spirits of these lands are not necessarily benevolent or friendly to humans, so when speaking with them, do so with caution.

Some of the mischievous spirits that inhabit the earth are more friendly and open to communication, while others are aggressive and require an invitation before they will allow themselves to be spoken to. When speaking to mischievous spirits, always keep in mind that they have their own agendas and reasons for inhabiting the world.

If approached incorrectly, the spirit may attack, or worse yet, trick you into revealing sacred knowledge. To speak with mischievous spirit requires much preparation and forethought. They are territorial and possess no small amount of cunning. Therefore, the best approach is to prepare beforehand. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Know what kind of spirit you want to talk to. Some spirits are more friendly than others.
  2. Prepare yourself mentally. You must be ready to hear what they have to say.
  3. Talk to them in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  4. Make sure that you don’t leave any food or drink unattended.
  5. Speak slowly and clearly. If you’re unsure about something, ask questions.
  6. Be patient. It takes time to get used to talking to mischievous spirits.
  7. Take notes. Write down everything you learn.
  8. Do not attempt to communicate with a spirit if you feel uncomfortable doing so.
  9. Never try to force anything out of a spirit.
  10. Always remember that the spirit’s agenda is different from yours.
  11. Try not to upset the spirit.

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More Pagan Holiday Rituals

Aside from these 5 rituals, there are many more that you can do all summer long to add some magic into your life. Every fun activity has, at its core, a spiritual pagan meaning.

Photo by George Kashcheev on Unsplash

1) Light a Fire in Your Backyard

Start by lighting a fire in your backyard. You can use any kind of wood – pine, oak, cedar, etc. – but if you want to get really creative, try using different woods to symbolize different aspects of yourself.

If you have children, ask them what they think about when they see a fire burning. Ask them what they would like to burn away this summer.

Fire represents the power of passion and ambition, and fire is often regarded as an element of the lower astral plane. It is also used as a symbol of the Sun and the solar deities.

Therefore, lighting a fire in your backyard is used to evoke the Sun and to invite the light of the divine into your own home.

If you live in an apartment or otherwise can’t light a bonfire, consider one of these portable bonfire kits.

2) Make a Mantra List

Make a list of summer solstice affirmations you’d like to say throughout the summer. Choose words that represent things you are working on, goals you want to achieve, or just positive affirmations. Write down the mantras you’re going to say out loud every morning and night.

Many occultists use mantras when performing magic, since they allow practitioners to draw upon their own internal resources in order to achieve desired results.

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

3) Create a Summer Garden

Create a garden full of sunflowers, herbs and vegetables. This is a wonderful way to bring the spirit of summer into your home. Enjoying the fruits of our abundant earth is one of the best ways we can honor the power of the sun.

When you go out into the garden and look at plants, trees, flowers and animals, ask yourself what they mean to you. If you don’t know, then spend time trying to find out. It’s important to connect your mind and body with nature.

4) Have a Family Picnic

Plan a family picnic where everyone brings something special to eat. Try making it a potluck so each person gets to choose their favorite food. If you don’t know what to make, here are some suggestions:

  • Grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Sliced fruit salad
  • Fresh vegetable platter
  • Pizza (with lots of veggies!)
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Coffee cake
  • Mixed nuts
  • Cookies
  • Ice cream
  • Watermelon
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Honey buns
  • Peanut butter
A shot from a photo session that we did a long time ago, the idea was to capture stars and glowing lanterns in the same photo.Website -; Instagram - @wizardworklt; Blog -
Photo by Egidijus Bielskis on Unsplash

5) Make And Decorate With Scarecrows

Scarecrow-making is a great activity for kids who love to create. They can design their own scarecrow and decorate it with flowers, leaves and grasses. It’s a perfect project for kids to do together.

During the summer solstice, scarecrows represent the spirits of the land. When you put up a scarecrow, invite the spirits to come visit you. Be sure to leave a bowl of seeds for them to snack on.

6) Plant Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a powerful plant medicine. You can buy sunflower seeds at most grocery stores, but if you grow your own, you can save money and increase the potency of the seeds. In witchcraft, sunflower seeds represent the power of the sun, which is an important part of the natural world.

Bonfire near the sea during midsummer night
Photo by green ant on Unsplash

7) Visit Ancient Sites

Go to ancient sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury Tor, and other places where people used to live thousands of years ago. These sacred locations hold a lot of energy. Spend time meditating and connecting with nature while you’re there.

8) Go Camping

Camping is another magical experience. There’s nothing better than waking up early and hiking through the forest before breakfast. The fresh air clears your mind and makes you feel alive.

This is especially powerful if you do this on the shortest night, so that you can enjoy the night time magic in the wilderness.

yellow bird on brown tree branch
Photo by Miikka Luotio on Unsplash

9) Celebrate Your Ancestors

Many cultures celebrate the summer solstice with rituals honoring the ancestors. Find out more about these traditions and how they relate to the summer solstice.

When we  embrace this concept, we do so not only to honor our ancestors but also to commemorate our own death so that we may continue to evolve. 

10) Enjoy The Many Midsummer Festivals For Pagans

Your local pagan community might be hosting festivals for likeminded people to enjoy. Hit Facebook or local pagan stores to find out about any you might be able to join!

11) Enjoy The Extra Hours Of Sunshine

At summer solstice, you get to enjoy many more daylight hours. Don’t waste them inside! Go out and celebrate in the beauty of nature.

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