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The Meaning Of The Crescent Moon

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In witchcraft, the crescent moon is very sacred. The moon represents the divine feminine and symbolizes feminine power, intuition, psychic visions, and creation. Witches love to work with the moon phases, so let’s learn more about the two crescent moons in the moon’s cycle.

The waning crescent moon is used for banishing evil energy that is within a person or situation. It is also used to end relationships, break spells, and remove hexes while starting fresh with something new. It is also used to help you remember things.

The waxing crescent moon represents a time of new beginnings. This is a time when you should start new projects or add new things into your life. As the moon becomes more and more full during this time, you will have the energy needed to finish up projects and have a fresh start in life.

Crescent moon symbolism in witchcraft. An illustration of the crescent moons.
Moon phase magick in witchcraft.

What The Waning Crescent Moon Represents 

The waning crescent moon refers to endings; the closing of doors, the end of a relationship, and the end of magic you previously cast. It can also refer to hanging on to something that is no longer worth holding onto. It is supposed to be used in banishing spells and closing doors on bad luck, bad health, or bad relationships.

It represents “lessening,” the lowering of a state of power, lack of movement, and endings. The Waning Crescent Moon is a time when things get more focused and separated into sections. 

In dreams, a waning crescent moon represents endings and what is no longer useful. It brings about feelings of sadness when we have to let things go, the passing of time, and changes in our waking selves.

Waning crescent moon symbolism.
Crescent moon magic and moon phase magic.

Types Of Magic For The Waning Crescent Moon

The waning crescent moon is used for ending things with someone you don’t want or need anymore.

The types of magic you should do during the waning crescent moon include:

  • Removing negative influences
  • Banishing curses
  • Cleansing other people and objects
  • Ending relationships that no longer serve you
  • Cleansing rituals for yourself
  • Ending love spells placed on you 
  • Ridding yourself of bad habits/personality traits (addictions, etc.) 
  • Releasing bad feelings or emotional pain 
  • Breaking things off with someone for good 
  • Getting rid of enemies in your life 
  • Releasing pent up rage or anger in your life 
  • Clearing stuff from your mind and allowing new ideas to enter.
Waxing crescent moon symbolism.
What the crescent moon means in witchcraft.

What The Waxing Crescent Moon Represents 

The waxing crescent moon is a time of patience and change. It is a time when you should make plans for the future or start a new project or chapter in your life. The waxing crescent moon can also be seen as a time for the law of attraction, manifesting new things, positive thinking, and building a better future.

As the moon grows, so can our wealth, health, and happiness. Spend your time focusing on growth with your magic during the waxing crescent moon.

In dreams, the waxing crescent moon represents optimism, increased energy, and a bright outlook for the future. It can also symbolize someone who is beaming with positive energy or a natural-born leader. The waxing crescent moon can indicate pregnancy as well.

Waxing and waning crescent moon symbolism with celestial illustrations.
How to use the moon in your witchcraft.

Types Of Magic For The Waxing Crescent Moon 

In witchcraft, during the waxing crescent moon, you should perform magic that relates to: 

  • Positive thinking and positive action 
  • Increasing your wealth or bringing in money into your life
  • Increasing your health
  • Making new friends or finding better ones 
  • Attracting something in your life that you desire 
  • Building a better future for yourself 
  • Manifesting what you desire or making things happen mysteriously
  • Making changes quickly and successfully in your life
  • Making decisions easily 
  • Starting new projects or business ventures
  • Increasing happiness and joy 
  • Increasing love in your life 

Working with the moon is vital for witches. We are intrinsically tied to its power, and its effect is undeniable. 

We look to the moon for guidance and connection. Take a moment every day to watch the moon and contemplate its symbolism. You will notice more things from your dreams, interactions with others, actions that need to be taken, and more when you have this strong connection with the moon.

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