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Good Luck Gambling Spell: 4 Ingredients For A Jackpot

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I feel a little weird about writing a gambling spell.

I don’t recommend gambling, but some people do enjoy it in a healthy way.

If this is you and you will be doing a bit of gambling on vacation, this gambling spell can bring you good luck.

It doesn’t guarantee you’ll win, but it will improve your chances.

Good Luck Gambling Spell

Get the simplified PDF copy of this gambling spell for printing HERE.

At the end of this spell, you will have two magickal lucky talismans to carry with you.

Keep these talismans on you while you gamble, and your odds of winning will improve.

When done right, it will be good luck to bring these talismans with you to the casino.


  1. 1 poker chip
  2. 1 gold paint marker
  3. 1 white candle
  4. 1 peridot crystal


  1. You will be enchanting the poker chips and carrying both the chip and the peridot crystal 
  2. First, create a sigil for good luck.
  3. Carve the sigil into the white candle
  4. Light the candle
  5. Paint the sigil on the poker chips with the hold marker
  6. Place the peridot crystal on top of the chip and leave them by the white candle until it fully burns out 
  7. Carry both with you whenever you gamble
  8. Good luck!
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Crystals For Luck While Gambling

Below is a table with many crystals suitable for the purposes of increasing your luck, but here I would like to highlight just a few.


Peridot is often worn to increase one’s wealth and power.

This is another powerful crystal for the law of attraction.

Peridot is less popular among modern witches, but I love working with it. That’s why I included it in the spell above!


Citrine is known as The Lucky Merchants Stone.

I love citrine so much, and it was one of the first crystals I started selling in my shop.

I actually have this sunny crystal all over my house and in many pieces of jewelry.

I am a true believer in citrine’s ability to improve one’s finances and luck.

This is a powerful crystal for manifesting and is recommended for anyone that uses the law of attraction.


Malachite can be a tricky crystal to use.

It is a very strong crystal, but has the ability to magnify both positive and negative energy.

Don’t use this crystal when you are in a negative place or worried about losing your money.

If you do, those thoughts will be magnified and your luck will be drained from you.

When you are in a good mental space, though, this crystal is said to protect from misfortune.

It also draws fame and fortune to you.

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More Luck Correspondences

The things in the table of correspondences below will boost your luck while gambling.

As with the spell, it isn’t a guarantee.

Luck is blind and fickle, so don’t expect a huge winning streak.

Still, it can’t hurt to include some of these correspondences when you head to a casino or the poker table.

ThemeLuck Correspondences
ColorsGold, green, purple, silver
HerbsAllspice, basil, bluebell, bryony, catnip, cinnamon, cinquefoil, clover, daffodil, daisy, dill, hazel, heather, high john the conqueror, holly, huckleberry, hyacinth, hyssop, lotus, marigold, mint, mistletoe, nutmeg, peony, rose hips, star anise, sunflower, tulip, thyme, violets, wintergreen, acorns, bamboo, ferns
CrystalsAlexandrite, amazonite, amber, amethyst, aventurine, chrosocolla, citrine, copper, diamond, emerald, jade, malachite, moonstone, peridot, sunstone, tiger’s eye, tourmaline, turquoise
FoodsCabbage, corn, nuts, orange, pineapple, potato, strawberry
TreesAsh, banyan, rowan, fir, cedar, oak

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