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The Beginner’s Guide To Money Spells

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Money spells are focused and clear requests to the universe that drive prosperity into your life. Regardless of your financial situation, you can use money spells to improve your life.

The best money spells are well written, clear, and use money correspondences like bay leaves, gold, and citrine crystals. Financial magic can change your life and enable you to help others, too.

Spell casting for money can be done as simple candle magic or an elaborate spell that can take days to complete. It all depends on your own preferences as a witch.

As a new business owner, I do a lot of money spells. Sometimes for small amounts, sometimes for a lot of money at once.

It’s not that I’m greedy, though I would say I’m impatient to see my business grow. I’m just trying to take care of my family with my website.

We all want to have a steady flow of money, even if we “hate” money (which is a recipe for bankruptcy, by the way. Change how you think about money before doing any of these spells!). 

Since I don’t have a magic wand to instantly send money my way, I need to use ingredients, chants, and the Law of Attraction to increase my chances of manifesting prosperity. If you want to learn how to do that, too, keep reading!

Person holding a one dollar bill
Simple magic like candle spells for money can change your life.

But do money spells even work?

I have successfully cast money spells in the past. These success stories have improved my well being and my life in general. I used a mix of the Law of Attraction and traditional magic.

For instance, once I needed a new laptop after I spilled a glass of ice water all over mine.

It was such a big deal, especially since I had only just started this website and was excited to work on it.

And yet, I couldn’t, because the only computer I had easy access to was drowned!

So I cast a spell.

Specifically, I asked for someone outside of my own family to give me a laptop.

The rest of my family was also dealing with financial issues, so I didn’t want to open the door to harming them.

Did I manifest that laptop?

Heck yeah, I did!

A family friend that runs an accounting business reached out to me and said my grandma mentioned I had fried my laptop.

And he wanted to give me a new one!

instagram: @liferondeau model: @kaleamorgan_
You don’t have to pay for money spells. Free money spells are just as powerful!

It was only a few years old, but they were updating to new computers, and I had helped him in the past with his kids, so he was happy to help me.

The laptop’s model was better than what I had owned, and it really helped me get this blog going.

I also once needed money to pay off some credit card debt that was causing me severe stress.

It wasn’t a huge amount, but it was more than I could pay off.

That money came to me a week after I cast a spell in the form of a massive sale on my Etsy shop. I had never made that much money on one sale before!

Through these experiences and others, I learned a few things about money spells.

I learned that there must always be an avenue through which the money can find me.

If I didn’t have that family friend, would I have ever manifested that laptop?

If I didn’t have that Etsy shop, would I have ever paid off that debt with manifested money?

I also learned that my attitude matters.

Past spells had failed when I was too anxious or angry because my negative energy went into my spells and soured them.

I’d bet those faulty spells actually made things worse for me in the long run.

Money magic can be some of the most challenging spells to pull off correctly.

Manifesting $5 is easy.

Manifesting more than that can be hard and may require multiple spells.

As you read this blog, you’ll find yourself considering a few things:

  • What day is the best day for casting money spells?
  • Why do money spells fail, and how can I stop that from happening?
  • How can I make my prosperity magic stronger and more effective than ever?

Finally, at the end of this post, I will share links to my personal money spells. These are spells that I have used to draw in fat stacks of cash when I needed it most. You don’t want to miss out on those links, so read all the way to the end!

Can You Perform An Instant Money Spell? 

I really don’t think instant spells exist. Certainly not for money.

Oh, sure, the spells get to work instantly… but the results aren’t going to be instant.

And they may be fast results, but again… not instantaneous.

Magic needs time to work. The energy created when doing magic takes time to form, grow, and travel. 

Don’t be scammed by people promising instant results if you just pay them for their secret spell. Put in the work, both mundane and magical. Your spells are much less likely to backfire that way.

People who want instant satisfaction are coming at money magic with very negative energy. And we all know that negative energy makes it hard to manifest anything positive!

Gabbie | Marina Del Rey
You need a positive mindset to manifest money with the law of attraction.

What Day To Cast Money Spells

Each day of the week is tied to a different planet, different deities, and other correspondences.

Wednesday and Thursday are recommended days for manifesting money because they correspond to Mercury and Jupiter.

Both of these planets help with manifesting wealth.

Wednesday is best for when you need quick cash in smaller amounts.

If you need money to buy a birthday present, want money so you can go see a new movie, or just need to buy groceries before payday, cast your money magic on Wednesday.

Thursday, however, is better for the slow and steady accumulation of money. This is when you want to do money magic for heavy-duty purposes.

Cast money manifesting spells on Thursday for:

  • Finding a new job.
  • Getting a promotion at your job.
  • Choosing good investments.
  • Help to develop your own business.
  • Finding clients for your freelancing work.
burned 100 US dollar banknotes
There is no such thing as spells to attract money instantly. You need to put in the work.

Why Do Money Spells Fail?

There are a few reasons that money spells fail.

Firstly, there is the chance that the money spell did work… just not how you wanted it to.

Sometimes money can come to us in undesirable ways.

Suppose money came to you due to a death in the family or through a payout because of a tragic accident leading to serious injury. In that case, you might not recognize that you actually manifested that outcome.

Another common reason is that you only did the spell and think that you can just rely on the magic to make money.

Money spells require more than just magic. They need action and a path through which the money can flow to you.

You must do your spell and then work your butt off to make it work.

Sometimes that means working harder than usual at your job, putting out a ton of applications for a new career, or putting in the long hard hours needed to manifest a positive effect on your freelancing job or your own business.

You may have also ignored opportunities that fell into your lap but seemed beneath you or not good enough.

When you hold out for something better, you’re really telling the universe that you don’t trust it to take care of you.

Finally, you could have miscast the spell, or you may have chosen the wrong spell.

Sometimes, you might not have put in enough energy because you were distracted, tired, hungover, high, drunk, sad, angry, or even too happy.

The energy you put into your spell can change the outcome, and an unfocused mind can wish for something that can ruin a spell.

There’s also the possibility that you chose to use the wrong herbs, oils, incense, or other tools in your spell.

With magic, the intent matters as much as the tools.

You can attract money more easily during the waxing moon, which is a time for growth.

How To Stop Money Spells From Failing

So, your money spell failed. How can you stop that from happening in the future?

Firstly, you need to sit down and get very specific about what you are asking for.

Don’t be vague, and don’t leave anything up to chance.

  • Instead of “I want to make more money,” you should say, “I make $150 a day from my creative business by making my customers happy and fulfilling their needs within the next year.”
  • Instead of “I want more clients,” you should say, “I have 4 more clients that value my work and will pay me on time.”
  • Instead of “I want a better job,” you should say, “I have a job that pays $25 an hour and a boss that doesn’t micromanage me and trusts me to do my work.”

Work hard after casting your spell. This is a way of augmenting your own luck, as well as opening up a path through which opportunities can find you. The universe can only work as hard as you let it work.

Another tip is to only cast money spells when you are calm and clear-headed.

It’s also crucial to learn how to control your own magic and thoughts while performing magic. Improve your focus and concentration skills. 

Meditation can help you to develop these skills.

My last tips are to cast money spells near running water to encourage a flow of energy and consider the moon phase.

Money spells are more potent during waxing moons. Flowing water also helps to connect to the moon. It has the added benefit of carrying your intent off to the universe, possibly speeding up the process of your money spell.

Try these money spells:

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Why does money magic fail? As a new business owner, I do a lot of money spells. Sometimes for small amounts, sometimes for larger amounts. It's not that I'm greedy, though I would say I'm impatient to see my business grow. I'm just trying to take care of my family with my website. #money #lawofattraction #witch #witchcraft