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The Origins And Practices Of Mabon

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Mabon is a celebration of the bountiful harvest during Autumn Equinox on September 23. It’s also known as the “Fall Equinox” and is a harvest festival celebrated by many neopagans and witches. It occurs around when the sun leaves Virgo and enters Libra. It’s the time when the balance between masculine and feminine energies shifts. It’s a time of change, a time of endings and beginnings.

The harvest festival of Mabon marks the end of summer, and the beginning of winter. It is a time of harvesting, and preparing for the coming cold months. While secular American Thanksgiving takes place at the end of the harvest season, Mabon happens around the actual harvest season.

Many people believe that the fall equates to death, but others see this as a time of renewal. Some people choose to honor the goddesses by setting up altars with fruits or vegetables, and others might decorate their homes with autumn colors. Pagans often hold feasts to mark this holiday, and some families share a meal together.

Corn husk witch dolly

How To Celebrate Mabon

Celebrate the Fall Equinox today! You can celebrate it in any way you like, whether it be through rituals, meditations, or just enjoying nature. Here are some ways to celebrate:

Eat All The Apples

Bring apples into your home as fresh fruits, juices or ciders, delicious warm pies or cakes, or even scented candle. Apple Up! Apples are a yummy and essential part of any fall celebration.

Apples are a common symbol during autumn because they symbolize abundance, fertility, wisdom, and joy. 

An apple harvest ritual can be a fun way to bring apples into your witchcraft. Go to an apple orchard with friends or family, thank the gods for the wonderful bounty present in that orchard, and take as many apples as you can! Then use them in yummy recipes.

Bell, wand with crystal, incense, leaves, autumn equinox notes

Apple Cider

Cider is an excellent drink to enjoy at any time of year, but it has special significance during the fall season when we want to celebrate the abundant crops and the bounty from the orchards. Cider is made from fermented apple juice. It can be sweetened if desired. Try making your own cider at home using organic apples.

Dress In Your Favorite Fall Colors

Wear all the colors of fall: reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and purples. Remember the magical associations of these colors, too! Reds will bring in passion, oranges happiness and creativity. Yellow brings sunshine and warmth. Brown signifies earthiness and grounding. Purple represents healing and spirituality. Wear all the colors of fall, and feel good about yourself.

The color palette of your wardrobe can draw magic and abundance to you, if you do it right!

Apple, leaves, crystals, lit candle

Celebrate The Harvest With A Feast

If you have the space, invite friends over for a feast. You could make a pumpkin pie, bake bread, roast nuts, or cook up a big pot of stew. During Mabon, celebrating with friends can add more warmth to the cooling days.

Setting up a feast for family and friends can be stressful, but it’s easier if you make it a potluck! Invite your friends into your home to prepare for the cold winter months.

Don’t forget to drink lots of wine to celebrate the bounty of grapes and the pleasures that they bring.


A decluttering ritual will help you get rid of things that don’t serve you anymore. Start by going through your wardrobe and drawers, and then move onto the rest of your home. If you find something that doesn’t fit into your life any longer, donate it rather than keeping it around.

Invite the spirits that live in your home with you to move on, as well. Some won’t be ready to do so, but regularly inviting them to do so can help lift the energies in your home. This shows you respect the cycle of life even as it extends into the afterlife.

Bell, wand with crystal, incense, leaves, autumn equinox notes

Create A Mabon Altar

Make sure to cleanse your home before you start decorating! Cleaning out the house helps clear away negative energy. Start by cleaning out drawers, closets, cupboards, and under beds. Then, sweep the floors, wipe down surfaces, dust furniture, and vacuum rugs. Finally, light candles, burn incense, play relaxing music, and relax.

Crystals in dark colors, particularly shades of green or brown will add a good vibration to your space. Make it look welcoming and pretty by adding candles or other decorations. Orange or yellow candles on your altar will help bring prosperity into your home. 

Other fall decor will make your altar look lovely, too. Fall decor ideas include: pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, acorns, dried leaves, pine cones, and more. You can use these items to create an altar centerpiece, or simply place them around your ritual space.

Get Outside And Enjoy Nature

Take a walk through the woods, go hiking, or take a drive through a local park. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outdoors. Enjoy the changing seasons, and soak up the beauty of the season.

Seasonal gourds

Gratitude journal

The gratitude journal helps you focus on what you already have and not dwell on what you don’t. It allows you to take control of your thoughts and feelings so you can start living the life you want to live.

You’re probably thinking “I’m too tired.” But trust me — if you write down what you’re thankful for each day, you’ll be more likely to notice things around you that make you smile. And even better, you’ll actually WANT to see them! So go ahead and get started now!

Celebrate With Friends

If you’ve got some spare cash, why not throw a party? There are lots of ways to celebrate with friends and family, including throwing a housewarming party, a birthday bash, a wedding shower, a baby shower, or just a casual dinner with friends.

You can take your friends out to an orchard, explore a corn maze, or just have a fantastic time outside. Stomp on crunchy leaves and watch the death of summer with your friends!

A pumpkin patch

Give To Charity

Giving back is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It will give you a great feeling inside and it’s something you’ll never regret.

You’ve got a lot going on already, but if you want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to help out your favorite causes, consider setting up recurring donations through your bank account. Or, even better, set up automatic monthly payments.

Donating to a food bank or food drive is another good option. You could be helping a family in need set up a delicious meal to celebrate the bountiful fall harvest, too! If you have the means to have extra food stores, it’s important to help those who can’t afford that.

Spirit Work

For those who are death positive or who are exploring the magical aspects of death, this is an important season for spirit work. Spend time recognizing the cycle of death and life and the cyclical elements of nature.

Recognizing death and the spirits that live among us in our daily lives can help us find peace with this inevitable part of the cycle of life and death. 

Cute corn husk dolly

Craft Projects For Mabon

There are tons of fun craft projects for mabon. Here are a few ideas:

Make a pumpkin lantern using a pumpkin from your garden. Use a candle, herbs, and crystals to fill it with light.

Use autumnal-colored yarn and crochet a cozy afghan.

Make a scarecrow using straw, sticks, and old clothes.

Here are some more Mabon craft ideas:

Corn Husk Witch Doll

Corn dollies are popular crafts and represent an archetype in harvest celebrations. What is a corn doll? A corn doll is made from corn husks and straw. The corn husk dolls are often dressed in traditional clothing associated with harvest celebrations. They are used as offerings at rituals and celebrations.

In order to make your own corn doll, first cut off the top of the corn cob. Then, using a sharp knife, carefully slice down the length of the ear. Cut away all of the outer layers until only the silk remains. Now, remove the silk strands from the cob and hold onto the husk.

Using scissors, cut along the edges of the husk to separate it into two pieces. Remove the husk from the cob and then use the husk to form the body of your witch doll. You may need to trim any excess material. Once you have formed the body, add arms, legs, and face. Add eyes, nose, and mouth using black paint.

Autumn wreath

Make A Wreath

Wreaths are a symbol of autumn and of the changing seasons. If you’re looking for a fun project to do during Mabon, try making a wreath.

To begin, gather together materials such as pine cones, dried apples, acorns, and other natural items. Use these items to create a wreath on a wreath form. When you’re finished, hang the wreath somewhere where you can enjoy it throughout the fall.

Create A Cornucopia

A cornucopia is a horn-shaped container filled with fruits and vegetables. In ancient times, people would fill their cornucopias with food before they left home. This was done so that they could return home safely and be well fed.

Today, we still use cornucopias to bring good luck and represent abundance.

Scarecrow in a field

Bake Bread

Making bread is a wonderful way to celebrate Mabon. It’s a simple process that anyone can learn how to do. 

I love making this ciabatta bread recipe. It’s started the night before you’re meant to bake it, and it’s flavorful and filling.

Make A Witch’s Broom

A besom or witch’s broom is a symbol of protection and fertility. These brooms were used to sweep away evil spirits and bad luck. 

I like to keep mine by my front door, ready to protect me against negative energy.

Working With Hekate During The Full Moon

During the full moon, we call upon Hekate to assist us in clearing our past, releasing our fears, and opening ourselves to new possibilities. We ask her to help us gain clarity in our lives, to help us transform our inner worlds, and to allow us to move forward with courage and confidence.

It is said that Hekate helps us to overcome obstacles and challenges that stand in our way, and to achieve our goals. In addition to being a benevolent Goddess, she is also a fierce warrior. When we summon her, we invite her to help us take charge of our lives, to lead us into battle, and to fight for justice.

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