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What Are Planetary Hours And Planetary Days?

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Planetary hours and planetary days are an ancient methodology of choosing the best time to do magic or other activities based on what planet rules that time. It was developed within Hellenistic astrology but likely has roots in older Babylonian astrology. 

You use the planetary days and hours to conduct business, cast spells, and create talismans during auspicious times based on planetary rulerships. The planetary hours and days were used by ancient Hellenists as well as Babylonians to determine when certain events would occur. For example, if you wanted to know when Jupiter would be most favorable for making money, you could look at the planetary hour and day of Jupiter.

Many grimoires like the Hygromanteia include tables of planetary days and hours that can be useful for modern occultists and witches.

Planetary hours on cosmic background

The Planetary Days

The planetary rulership of some of the days of the weeks is very clear. Monday is ruled by the moon, Saturday by Saturn, and Sunday by the sun. Planetary days and hours are based on the classical planets, which includes the sun and moon but not the outer planets like Uranus and Pluto.

Here are the traditional planetary rulers of the days:

DayPlanetMeaningMalefic or Benefic?
SundayThe sunMagically, the sun is a symbol of life and growth. It is also a symbol of our own personal power to grow spiritually. This is a day to set intentions.Neutral / Benefic
MondayThe moonMonday is a day of the divine feminine, the moon, emotions, and mystery. Work with the moon on Mondays to reflect on your life, your goals, and to honor feminine energies. Work on projects that require attention to detail.Neutral
TuesdayMarsAstrologically, Mars represents principles such as strength and aggression. It is associated with the element of fire, which can be seen in its red color. In mythology, Mars was the god of war.Malefic
WednesdayMercuryIn modern astrology, Mercury represents the mind and the intellect. In the ancient world, it was associated with Hermes/Mercury, the messenger of the gods who could travel between worlds as well as communicate with humans on a mental level.Neutral
ThursdayJupiterThe planet Jupiter, and thus the day of Thursday, represents astrological and magical principles such as joviality, joy, good fortune, happiness, luck, prosperity, success.BeneficFridayVenusThe planet Venus represents astrological and magical concepts like the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sensuality, harmony, peace and prosperity.Benefic
SaturdaySaturn Saturn, the most malefic of the planets, represents astrological concepts such as the Devil, sin, death, the old man, old age, sickness, disease, hardship, misfortune, and karma.Malefic

 While the planets are traditionally classified as malefic, benefic, or neutral, each planetary day can have positive and negative influences depends on planetary hours and the type of magic being cast. The following is a list of planetary hours and their effects on spells.

Planetary hours on cosmic background

How To Calculate Planetary Hours

Calculating which of the traditional planets rules an hour of the day is simple.

From Wikipedia:

As each day is divided into 24 hours, the first hour of a day is ruled by the planet three places down in the Chaldean order from the planet ruling the first hour of the preceding day; i.e. a day with its first hour ruled by the Sun (“Sunday”) is followed by a day with its first hour ruled by the Moon (“Monday”), followed by Mars (“Tuesday”), Mercury (“Wednesday”), Jupiter (“Thursday”), Venus (“Friday”) and Saturn (“Saturday”), again followed by Sunday, yielding the familiar naming of the days of the week.

Calculating the favorable times to do something can become complicated, however. Luckily, magicians and witches before us left tables that we could easily reference! 

The Magical Treatise Of Solomon or Hygromanteia by Ioannis Marathakis has the tables from multiple fragments of this old grimoire. The most fully preserved tables come from the Gennadianus manuscript. The tables below will mostly come from the Gennadianus except where it had missing information, which will be filled in from the Monacensis or Harleianus manuscripts.

Planetary hours on cosmic background

Sunday Planetary Hours

First HourSunGiving a speech
Second HourVenusGaining the love of a lord
Third HourMercuryFor addressing lords
Fourth HourMoonFor an encounter with a lord
Fifth HourSaturnFor preventing an encounter with a lord
Sixth HourJupiterFor appearing before a lord
Seventh HourMarsDo nothing
Eighth HourSunFor anything regarding lords
Ninth HourVenusFor anything regarding love
Tenth HourMercuryFor writing a petition
Eleventh HourMoonFor making a speech
Twelfth HourSaturnDo nothing
Thirteenth HourJupiterFor helping friends
Fourteenth HourMarsFor preventing a speech
Fifteenth HourSunFor sending dreams to a king
Sixteenth HourVenusFor sending dreams to a lady
Seventeenth HourMercuryDo nothing
Eighteenth HourMoonWork
Nineteenth HourSaturnDo nothing
Twentieth HourJupiterMagic or talismans for the love of lords
Twenty First HourMarsFor binding and restraining others
Twenty Second HourSunFor appearing before a king
Twenty Third HourVenusFor appearing before a lady
Twenty Fourth HourMercuryRest, do nothing

Monday Planetary Hours

First HourMoonMagic or talismans for buying and selling
Second HourSaturnFor sickness
Third HourJupiterOpening a workshop
Fourth HourMarsFor restraining a workshop
Fifth HourSunMagic or talismans for selling
Sixth HourVenusFor dealings
Seventh HourMercuryFor travel and journeys
Eighth HourMoonFor buying
Ninth HourSaturnFor binding and restraining
Tenth HourJupiterSetting up a business
Eleventh HourMarsFor preventing luck
Twelfth HourSunSetting up a business
Thirteenth HourVenusRest
Fourteenth HourMercuryFor earning a living
Fifteenth HourMoonWork on your affairs
Sixteenth HourSaturnDo nothing
Seventeenth HourJupiterWrite and speak on your own behalf
Eighteenth HourMarsBinding, restraining, hindering
Nineteenth HourSunStart any plan
Twentieth HourVenusRest
Twenty First HourMercuryMove and stir affairs
Twenty Second HourMoonReckon your plan
Twenty Third HourSaturnDo nothing
Twenty Fourth HourJupiterOpen your workshop

Tuesday Planetary Hours

First HourMarsMagic and talismans for war victory
Second HourSunFor taking loot
Third HourVenusFor displaying military skills
Fourth HourMercuryFor going to war
Fifth HourMoonFor going and returning or nocturnal battles
Sixth HourSaturnBe careful, avoid war
Seventh HourJupiterFor appearing before enemies or giving thanks
Eighth HourMarsAsk for aid
Ninth HourSunFor conquering a whole castle and taking loot
Tenth HourVenusFor doing mighty deeds
Eleventh HourMercuryFor making excuses
Twelfth HourMoonDespoiling slain enemies
Thirteenth HourSaturnBe careful
Fourteenth HourJupiterFor discrediting someone
Fifteenth HourMarsAsking aid for your salvation
Sixteenth HourSunUseless
Seventeenth HourVenusFor rising in honor
Eighteenth HourMercuryFor escaping or concealing
Nineteenth HourMoonFor winning over an opponent
Twentieth HourSaturnFor marching against enemies
Twenty First HourJupiterFor keeping concealed
Twenty Second HourMarsPray to God
Twenty Third HourSunFor appearing at war
Twenty Fourth HourVenusEnviable hour

Wednesday Planetary Hours

First HourMercuryMagic or talismans for invisibility and education
Second HourMoonFor resting and cheering
Third HourSaturnUseless hour
Fourth HourJupiterFor practicing alchemy
Fifth HourMarsFor revealing secret things
Sixth HourSunFor killing someone and taking their treasure
Seventh HourVenusFor dominating a woman
Eighth HourMercuryMagic or talismans regarding the decision of a tribunal
Ninth HourMoonFor cohabiting with a woman
Tenth HourSaturnBe careful
Eleventh HourJupiterBegin whatever you want
Twelfth HourMarsDo nothing
Thirteenth HourSunBegin praising someone
Fourteenth HourVenusBegin praying
Fifteenth HourMercuryMagic and talismans concerning dreams
Sixteenth HourMoonFor casting binding spells
Seventeenth HourSaturnUseless hour
Eighteenth HourJupiterFor harming someone
Nineteenth HourMarsUseful for everything and making retribution
Twentieth HourSunUseful for everything
Twenty First HourVenusFor sending dreams
Twenty Second HourMercuryFor teaching
Twenty Third HourMoonHour for success
Twenty Fourth HourSaturnUseless hour

Thursday Planetary Hours

First HourJupiterFor healing men or animals
Second HourMarsUseless hour
Third HourSunFor appearing before a king
Fourth HourVenusFor appearing before a lady
Fifth HourMercuryFor learning of rhetoric
Sixth HourMoonFor changing residence
Seventh HourSaturnBe careful
Eighth HourJupiterGood and blessed hour
Ninth HourMarsFor causing jealousy
Tenth HourSunMagic and talismans to benefit the body
Eleventh HourVenusFor healing women
Twelfth HourMercuryFor emigrating away
Thirteenth HourMoonFor success
Fourteenth HourSaturnUseless hour
Fifteenth HourJupiterHour for every kind of healing
Sixteenth HourMarsFor making a surgical incision
Seventeenth HourSunFor healing a king
Eighteenth HourVenusFor healing a lady
Nineteenth HourMercuryFor not being afraid of robbers
Twentieth HourMoonJoyous hour
Twenty First HourSaturnUseless hour
Twenty Second HourJupiterDo whatever you want
Twenty Third HourMarsFor causing a hassle
Twenty Fourth HourSunMagic or talismans regarding tribunals or lords

Friday Planetary Hours

First HourVenusFor love
Second HourMercuryFor messages of matchmaking
Third HourMoonGood for everything
Fourth HourSaturnFor causing obstacles of love
Fifth HourJupiterFor gifts and pleasant conversations
Sixth HourMarsFor causing jealousy
Seventh HourSunGood hour, beneficial for love
Eighth HourVenusFor love
Ninth HourMercuryFor messages concerning engagements
Tenth HourMoonGood hour for everything
Eleventh HourSaturnUseless hour
Twelfth HourJupiterFor making agreements
Thirteenth HourMarsFor causing hatred
Fourteenth HourSunFor binding a couple with a spell
Fifteenth HourVenusFor binding someone with love spells
Sixteenth HourMercuryFor sending dreams of love
Seventeenth HourMoonGood hour for everything
Eighteenth HourSaturnFor sending dreams of hatred
Nineteenth HourJupiterMagic and talismans towards any beneficial aim
Twentieth HourMarsDo nothing
Twenty First HourSunGood hour
Twenty Second HourVenusHour for love
Twenty Third HourMercuryHour for alchemy
Twenty Fourth HourMoonFor binding and restraining love

Saturday Planetary Hours

First HourSaturnMagic or talismans for harming your enemy or sending illness
Second HourJupiterFor causing a shipwreck or harming someone
Third HourMarsFor setting up enchantments
Fourth HourSunFor making lords fight one another
Fifth HourVenusFor causing hatred between a couple
Sixth HourMercuryFor finding treasure
Seventh HourMoonFor speaking with demons
Eighth HourSaturnFor performing basin divination
Ninth HourJupiterFor performing skull divination
Tenth HourMarsFor causing peoples to plunge into the sea
Eleventh HourSunFor making litigants mad at one another
Twelfth HourVenusFor causing fear and enmity
Thirteenth HourMercuryBeneficial for discovering secrets
Fourteenth HourMoonFor seeing dead people
Fifteenth HourSaturnFor seeing visions by water divination
Sixteenth HourJupiterUseful for teaching
Seventeenth HourMarsVery malign hour
Eighteenth HourSunUseless hour
Nineteenth HourVenusFor gaining money in dice
Twentieth HourMercuryFor restraining every good thing
Twenty First HourMoonHour without virtue
Twenty Second HourSaturnFor causing visions
Twenty Third HourJupiterUseful for profit
Twenty Fourth HourMarsHour for hassle and enmity
Planetary hours on cosmic background

These are just the hours as they were used by the authors of the Hygromanteia’s fragments, and other uses can be assumed based on basic mixing of correspondences. By figuring out the correspondences of the days, planets, and numerology, you can come up with your own system of planetary hours.

With your own personalized tables of favorable times, you can plan out future events and do a basic analysis of events to make your magic stronger and manifest luck and abundance in your life.

A basic understanding of planetary hours and days can help you deep dive into more complex forms of magic or make your spells even more effective!

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