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How To Set Up A Wiccan Altar

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Are you a beginner Wiccan that wants to set up their first Wiccan altar? Setting up a Wiccan altar can be easy, but there are some things you’ll need, and want, to know before you start. But first, what is a Wiccan altar?

A Wiccan altar is a space where you can focus on your spirituality. It is an instrument that helps you connect with your higher purpose and the Divine. Your altar is a sacred space that connects you to the spiritual realm, the gods, and to magic itself. 

An altar is an object of reverence, a place to honor and respect the spirits. It is a place to commune with the gods, a place where all in your household can feel the presence of the Divine. 

The altar serves as a centerpiece for your spiritual practices – including meditation, ritual work, spell-casting, and more – as well as being a space for grounding and centering yourself.

How you set up your altar will depend mainly on your tradition. Still, there are some rules and practices that apply to most witchcraft traditions.

Your Wiccan altar: how to set up your first altar. Pentacles, candles, flames. A glass lantern and black candles. A white doily with a crystal ball, potted plant, and black candles on top of it. An old jewelry box. A pentacle wreath.

Color Correspondences For Your Wiccan Altar Cloths 

There are various ways to set up your altar, but you should try to have your own style.

The color of the cloth you use for your altar can help you focus on the element associated with it and create a connection to different magical correspondences. 

An altar cloth can be any material that you choose. Some Wiccans like to use different colored fabrics representing the elements of nature such as earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. You can also choose a color that represents your favorite god or goddess. You can use your altar cloth to make the area softer and warmer, but its primary purpose is to protect your altar.

  • White: White is the Moon’s color and the celestial bodies, and it is symbolic of purity, light, hope, and spirituality. 
  • Red: Red represents love and passion; it often signifies health, passion, life, energy, vitality, blood, and courage. 
  • Gold: Gold is associated with wealth; it represents power in all forms, including the Sun’s energy. 
  • Blue: Blue represents the spiritual and physical, as well as peace, truth, and serenity; it can stimulate your psychic abilities. 
  • Green: Green is a nurturing color representing growth, fertility, and abundance; it signifies healing and life. 
  • Black: Black represents the unknown, mystery, and magic. 
  • Brown: Brown represents the earth and the physical realm.
  • Purple: Purple is a mix of red and blue, representing spirituality, communication, and deep emotions.
  • Yellow: Yellow represents intellect and learning; it is the color of the Sun and wisdom.
  • Orange: Orange is a sign of good luck, happiness, and the Sun.
  • Teal: Teal is a mix of blue and green, symbolic of water and the Moon.
  • Pink: Pink represents love, femininity, attraction, emotion, and passion; it can stimulate your psychic abilities.
  • Grey: Grey represents neutrality, tranquility, and patience- it can stimulate your psychic abilities. 
  • Silver: Silver is the color of the full moon, water, metal, and all things that are of the light. 
Herbs hanging against the wall to dry. Herbs bottled in witch bottles. Lit candles. A woman holding a black magic book with wings and occult symbolism. Color magick when choosing an altar cloth.

Traditional Wiccan Altar Tools 

Wiccans use their altars for spell work, rituals, and other magical practices. They will place the tools of their craft on their altar to help them with their practices. Altars frequently contain the following: 

  • A knife (also known as an athame). The athame represents masculine energy.
  • An incense burner or censer to burn incense during your rituals and spells
  • A bowl or cauldron for holding water, salt, or other ingredients during rituals and spells 
  • A chalice to keep your celestial water, wine, or other liquid during a ritual. The chalice represents feminine energy.
  • A wand to aid in directing energy and projecting spells.
  • A boline for physical cutting and carving. 
  • A bell or ringer to call in the directions during rituals (In traditional Wicca, you will often have a chime). 
  • A besom or broom for cleaning your sacred space. 
  • An offering dish for items to give to the gods. 
  • Incense of various kinds for use during spells and rituals.
  • Candles for lighting during spells and rituals, as well as providing light to your altar area. 
  • Dried herbs for use in spells and rituals. 
  • Crystals to aid in your spells and rituals. 
A pentacle made from sticks and twine. Black candles. A feather. A window and windowsill. Parchment with old occult symbols. Dried herbs in bottles and hanging on the wall. Succulents and cactuses. Altar tools: what to place on your altar.

Crystals For Your Wiccan Altar 

Crystals are a great addition to the tools on your Wiccan altar. Crystals help you to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires. They can be used for healing and spell work.

Many Wiccans feel called to use crystals in their practice because they believe it brings them closer to the Divine. Some Wiccans put their crystals on the altar to help with their spell work and spell casting. Other Wiccans will choose a favorite crystal and place it on the altar as a reminder of that crystal’s purpose in their life. 

Of course, you aren’t required to work with crystals if you practice Wicca. But Wicca does often involve crystal magic.

Crystals have many uses in Wicca, and for that reason, they are a very common addition to many altars. The stones listed below are just a few of the common ones used by Wiccans.

  • Rose quartz: Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love; it helps you open your heart and become more loving. 
  • Turquoise: Turquoise is the stone of truth, communication, and abundance. 
  • Pyrite: Pyrite is the stone of transformation and protection from negative energy.
  • Amethyst: Amethyst helps you gain psychic powers by clearing your mind; it also protects you from psychic attacks.
  • Ruby: Ruby can aid in finding lost items and helps you to manifest your dreams into reality; it also protects against negative energy. 
  • Carnelian: Carnelian is the stone of motivation and drive; it keeps you moving forward on your path.
  • Rose Gold Hematite: Rose gold hematite can be used to balance the chakras and aid in releasing negative energy and feelings. 
  • Black Onyx: Black onyx helps you gain control of your emotions and energies and relieve stress. 
  • Tiger’s eye: Tiger eye is the stone of protection and physical energy, helping you be assertive.
  • Fluorite: Fluorite helps with dream work, intuition, and psychic abilities. 
  • Agate: Agate is the stone for wisdom and knowledge; it promotes inner growth. 
  • Obsidian: Obsidian can aid in channeling, as well as in protecting you from mystical attacks as it absorbs the negativity directed at you. 
An ornate mirror. Occult symbols. The judgement tarot card. Crystal balls. A white candle. Black candles. Crystal towers. A feather. An occult coin necklace. Witchy crystals: which crystals to put on your Wiccan altar.

Dried Herbs And Flowers For Your Wiccan Altar 

Dried herbs and flowers can enhance your Wiccan altar. They are used in both your spells and your rituals, as well as for decorating your altar space. They also are appropriate offerings to deities and spirits that you might work with as a witch. 

Dried herbs can be used in spells and rituals. Their use is entirely personal and depending on the individual’s beliefs and practices. Dried flowers help beautify your altar and provide you with beautiful colors to work with for your spells and rituals.

Many Wiccans will choose an herb or flower that they feel represents them on some level or another and will place it on their altar as a symbol of their spirituality. Herbs are very magical tools and are especially important for green witches.

  • Angelica: Angelica, also known as a herb of protection, can be used to keep negative energy and unwanted energies away from you. 
  • Bay: Bay is used in charms for protection; it can also be burned to drive out negative energy. 
  • Blackberry: Blackberry’s wild form and dried form can both be used in magic and spells; it is also used as a calming herb to help you focus on the task at hand. 
  • Blessed thistle: Blessed thistle can be used to encourage spiritual growth and help you connect with nature. 
  • Coltsfoot: Coltsfoot is used in spells and charms for protection; it also helps ease pain and is a useful herb for those in physical discomfort. 
  • Echinacea: Echinacea helps you achieve your goals; it can also stimulate your psychic abilities. 
  • Elder: Elder can be used in protection charms and is a traditional herb of the Wiccan community. It helps you to connect with nature and the gods. 
  • Fennel: Fennel is used in protection charms and spells; it also helps to clear both physical and spiritual energy. 
  • Figwort: Figwort is used in spells and charms to bring abundance into your life. 
  • Fumitory: Fumitory is used in protection charms and spells; it also brings spiritual growth and peace, and serenity. 
  • Horehound: Horehound can be used in healing magic and help you relax during spells and rituals. 
  • Mandrake: Mandrake is used in spell work for increasing things like energy, prosperity, and luck and helping you connect with the earth. 
  • Mistletoe: Mistletoe is a symbol of love and protection; it can be used in spells and charms, as well as burned to clear the energy of a space. 
  • Mullein: Mullein is known for its ability to banish evil energy; it can also be spread around your home to clear negative energy from it. 
Dried herbs in bottles, jars, and hanging from the walls. Lit black candles. Fake plants. Herbal magick for your Wiccan altar setup.

Where To Put Your Wiccan Altar 

Your altar should be in a sacred space where you can regulate your energies and focus on your spiritual offerings. Whatever room you choose, it should be set up in a way that allows you to feel safe and calm. You might decide to dedicate a space in the home or workplace. Your altar cloth is usually placed on top of the area surrounding it.

Your altar doesn’t have to be in any specific place, but it’s best to have one site dedicated to it. It is essential to place the altar in an area of the house that is quiet and safe from interruption. 

A sacred space is anywhere that you can close off from the rest of the world to focus on your spiritual offerings. For many people, their sacred space might be outdoors. However, it is essential to not allow any unwanted energies or negative feelings into your sacred space. 

It is also vital that you cleanse the altar area before you begin to work in this area. You do this because you don’t want outside energy to interfere and cause complications for you while casting spells or when working with spirits and deities. 

An animal skull that has been cleaned and bleached. Purple candles. Black candles. A crystal ball. Rune stones. A natural pencil. A pentacle wreath. Crystals and flowers. A black book of shadows journal. Sacred spaces: Where to put your Wiccan altar.

How To Make A Portable Altar 

Making a portable altar allows you to take it with you wherever you go. This can be very beneficial, especially if you wind up in situations where you need to make an offering or do a spell. You can, if you want, make your portable altar part of your main altar. If you do this, you should dedicate it in the same way you would your main altar. 

How To Make A Portable Wiccan Altar

assorted-color stones and pillar cabine on gray surface


  • a small candy tin like an Altoids tin
  • matches
  • birthday candles
  • a small pencil
  • small pieces of paper
  • a small pentacle
  • dried herbs
  • Paint
  • Pictures
  • Mod Podge


  1. Decorate the inside and outside of your tin to reflect your own aesthetic taste
  2. Use pain, pictures, and mod podge for the decorating
  3. Then add all of the other tools into the portable altar
  4. Because they are so small, you can make altars dedicated to specific deities or types of magic
A witchy woman lighting white candles with an herb in a black robe. A pentacle drawn with chalk on wood. A candle wrapped in jute twine. A feather. Small candles. Large candles. Portable altars: How to make a tiny Wiccan altar.

Tips And Tricks For Setting Up Your Wiccan Altar 

  • You might want to choose an altar cloth that ties all the colors of your altar together, or that helps blend the colors together somehow.
  • If you have decks of tarot cards, you could add those to your altar as well.
  • Candles can be placed on your altar as a source of light and color, as well as for use during spell work and rituals.
  • Your money bowl and spell jars can go on or under your altar space.
  • You can also place a small statue of a deity or their sacred animals on your altar to add more life and energy to it.
  • Your altar doesn’t have to be a table! It can be a dresser with many drawers, which will be useful to hold all of your ritual tools. Really, your altar can be any flat surface.
  • You can keep pictures of your gods and goddesses and their sacred animals in your altar area, too.
  • Your altar doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can have a simple candle and a rose, or you can have a full-fledged altar with many colors and candles of different sizes.
  • Having a permanent altar helps create a daily practice as a witch, but a temporary altar may be necessary for certain life situations.
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